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You can support Icesus by becoming a supporting member of Icesus Association (Jää ry). By paying the yearly membership fee you can help us to maintain and develop the game.

By transfering the membership fee and contacting Fimvar you confirm that you have read the Jää ry's rules and accept them in their entirety.

The membership begins immediately once the board of the Jää ry has approved the application. You will be informed of the approval or rejection of the application.

Jää ry keeps a register of its members. See the register details.

Becoming a supporting member of Jää Association

Bank transfer

1. Transfer 50€ to Jää ry's bank account. Please mention your character's name in the note field.:

    Banking connection:
    Sampo bank, Finland
    IBAN account number: FI9080001170535877

    Banking connection in Finland:
    Sampo: 800011-70535877
2. Send a Mudmail to Fimvar. Remember to include the date of bank transfer, your name, email address and your postal address.

3. Fimvar will reply usually within the next couple of days.


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