Developers' Coding Corner

Demon Like the demons of the abyss, coders of Icesus
are dedicated to their tasks.

Icesus is created as a hobby by many people. We call these developers wizards or immortals. We are constantly looking for new keen and talented people to become a part of the developing team.

Icesus is created with LPC programming language. LPC is basically simplified C with object oriented extensions, and it runs on a MudOS platform.

The development itself consists of many tasks. The wizards are led by The Wizard and each have certain responsibilities. There are also students and Wizlings who have not yet gained full wizardhood.

Majority of the development work is done at Ice-dev, a sort of a parallel universe to regular Icesus. It has everything Icesus has, except the players. Independent development environment makes it possible for players to practice area creation and coding before becoming fully privileged wizards.

More information on becoming a wizard at Icesus can be found from the open positions page.


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