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The Goddess

The priests of Air are kind-hearted priests devoted to bringing goodness of Pthuule, their goddess, to everyone around them. They are devoted on healing spells and spells that can even purge the deadliest of diseases like the dreaded black plaque. Joining the Initiates of Air is necessary if one wishes to become a fully qualified priest of Air one day. This is

the first step towards becoming a priest of Air. Soon after the initiation a priest initiate becomes a neophyte of Air who is able to control the healing power of Air considerably well. After successfully training as a neophyte one can finally become a fully qualified priest of Air, one of those who devote their life to worshipping Air. The priests learn to use its power to heal people better than previously and cure them from poisons and diseases, but also to use it as a weapon.

The different uses of Air are further studied in smaller, devoted subguilds before going on to become a revered high oriest of Air. These two subguilds are called the followers of mercy and the followers of fury. The followers of mercy dedicate their lives to healing and curing other people while the followers of fury dedicate their life to master more destructive ways of Air, teaching mostly offensive powers, such as bladed wind and call lightning. After a priest has mastered both the healing and offensive aspects of the Air he is finally qualified to become a high priest of Air, who are more close to Goddess of Air, Pthuule, than any other people.

Some of the priest also seek inner peace through the road of Temperance in the cloister of The Brotherhood of Temperance and in exchange some monks come to learn the ways of Air in the temple of Air.

The temple of Air is located in the northwest part of the city of Vaerlon.


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