Coven of the Derelict

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The powerful ways of Magic

Not much is known about the Coven of the Derelict. It is told to be a loose band of brothers in despair, a coven of people who have no other place to be or are for some reason shunned or banished from their own homes.

The members of the Coven aren't all powerless refugees, there are plenty of magic-users amongst the ranks of the coven. Every now and then a terrifying warlock, witch or a thaumaturge rises from their ranks and starts an amok in the world outside.

They are told to be skilled in destructive poisons, defiling the nature, and in several other evil crafts. Faint whispers also tell that the members of the Coven are able to force people to obey their commands and to follow their lead mindlessly. Some say that the coven teaches skills to penetrate other peoples minds, to affect their dreams with their terrifying commands. The fact that everyone knows is that if a member of the coven has cursed you, you won't get away alive.

The Coven of the Derelict can be found in the middle of the swamp, north of Vaerlon.


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