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Followers of Dhubr

The priests of Earth are stern and fervent followers of Dhubr, their deity, and devoted to bring his words and help to everyone. The religion of Earth is somewhat divided religion where there are followers who shun to other religious groups of the Earth. Their god holds power of dead beings and their souls, while he also upholding the nature and giving life. This dual nature of the religion is too much for many invidiviuals who decide to only follow one of the paths of religion, which Dhubr accepts willingly. Nevertheless a true priest of Earth follows both the path of earth and path of necromancy, becoming familiar and mastering both aspects of the religion.

Path of earth is another one of the paths of religion of Earth, other being the path of necromancy. The path of earth teaches priests the lore and rituals of earth which they need in their every day practice of their priesthood. It also teaches them various ways to shape land and nature as they will, even for offensive purposes but not being limited to just that.

Path of necromancy is a path where priests of Dhubr learn to raise and control undead minions to do their bidding along with many various ways of dealing with the death and the netherplane. Commoners usually call these priests necromancers but they are merely normal priests who wish to master all aspects of their religion. Many non-religious people who have practiced the art of necromancy have stained the reputation of all people who practie necromancy with their vile deeds and thus the priests are also shunned and feared in almost all communities. Because of this their main temple is located in the city of Graemor, where people have accepted them.

The temple of Earth is located in the city of Graemor.


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