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The tale

A tale about shapeshifting by Rhuwyth, gaesati wolf cub:

I feel an animal spirit that is an integral part of my being, affecting how I interact with others, what I do, where I go and in that sense, I am a shapeshifter. I exist mentally and in spirit as both wolf and human but not separate, I am one person, one character, one being. Even without a shift, there are several facets in my mind that are pure wolf thinking and make me definitely different than people around me.

Shifting itself is something that's almost impossible to explain to someone who isn't a shifter himself, but I'll try to give you some idea what this is about. My being is truly integrated, both human and wolf co-operating to do what I have to do, to say what I want to say, to live my life, trying to find one that best suits me as being part human, part non-human. Some other feel this differently, having made a clear separation between their human and animal forms, but for me, this is the way it is. Most of the time, to be able to go on mostly unnoticed, I have to let the main "line" of my life being led by my human side, to adapt to human civilization, to "blend in" so to say. When shifting, I let the wolf side take more control, let the animal control my actions and thoughts more. Shifting can be triggered either by will or when the situation I'm in gets really dangerous or life-threatening even and the wolf gets me in a state of heightened awareness, being able to cope with whatever will come my way at that moment. Then, although my human side is still there, my thinking has gone almost purely predatorial.

When Gaesati assumes the form of an animal, he gains immense strength and other abilities of the animal but still has his own mental powers. There is a bad side in this combination of spirits and it is the bloodlust of the spirit of the animal. Sometimes this bloodlust is so strong that it overpowers the mental control of human spirit and Gaesati succumbs to the bestial instincts of the beast inside him. Gaesati starts to rage and attacks everything in sight until his bloodlust is over. The human spirit has only minimal control over the body when this happens and it usually tries to control the body to flee from fights and tries to run somewhere where it is safe until the bloodlust goes away.

There is also another bad point in shifting. As you shift you can wear clothes and armours but they are shifted along with you and do not provide much protection. Though some of their protection is turned into natural skin of the corresponding animal and give some minor protection in this way. This means that every part of your body is badly exposed to hits of enemies but legends tell that some elder shapeshifter have become almost immune even to the hits of deadliest magic weapons and magic. Also they aren't able to use any weapons but their own natural weapons like fangs and claws.


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