The Infecti psionicists

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About the guild

The Infecti are very mysterious, and are known to have unbelievable power. The source of their power is also a mystery, but it has been nicknamed an 'infection'. These Infecti are said to control various psionic powers, and are greatly feared by both good and evil creatures, thus making them shunned everywhere in the valley.

The Infection, purposefully and rarely given from one Infecti to one of his choosing, is both powerful and frightening at the same time. Whilst the infection grants the person extraordinary abilities, he or she will be plagued with terrifying thoughts, hallucinations, internal voices, and seizures for the rest of their lives. Every each of Infecti are more or less insane because of this. The best word to describe an Infecti is a walking nightmare, both to his victims, and to their tormented selves.


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