The Mages of Valkor

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Magic, although very restricted in the Valkor after the wars, still thrives in one place of the capital of Valkor. Inside the large tower in the east side of the city of Vaerlon is located the guild of mages who have promised to protect the city against its enemies but who are also forced to limit their spells to not so destructive ones. Once the magic was free but dwarves of Vaerlon were afraid of offensive magic and they decided to ban the most ultimate ways of offensive magic. Thus they are only able to teach the basics of magic inside their tower due the magical restrictions that don't allow them to teach more. Even though the offensive magic was restricted there still is many who are expert in the offensive magic. Source to this knowledge is taught inside the Ring, small remote island in the far south.

Nobody but older mages know how to enter it as it is surrounded by huge mountains that aren't climbable. On that island is rumored to be located many different places that teach different aspects of offensive magic. One of them being the arcane sanctuary of knowledge where one can learn more destructive offensive spells than those of taught at the mage guild in Vaerlon. Once mastered those spells one can become a true seer of arcane wrath who control the most destructive spells known in the valley.

Mages are also rumored to have four different schools which teach different types of offensive spells. These four are corrosion experts, lightning experts, brothers of heat and chill touch association. They teach the ultimate ways to handle magic, ice, acid, lightning and fire together in offensive means. The mages aren't fully devoted in destructive spells as they also gain knowledge about many miscellaneous spells that help them to survive in wilderness and also in battle.

The tower of mages is located on the west side of the city of Vaerlon.


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