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Rangers are woodsmen and hunters, but also weavers of moderately powerful nature-related spells, and they have been known to surprise their opponents with a combat trick or two. Those who are willing to dedicate their lives to the exploration and protection of the world may start their quest for understanding the nature by joining the ranks of Ranger Candidates of the Elements.

After training enough in the candidates one can join to subsequent guilds like scouts of Grahm who are a small group of seasoned ranger candidates who have rejected the magical side of being a ranger because spells might actually damage the elemental forces and nature, at least in their minds. And to use nature's powers to help yourself would be against all laws of natural harmony. So instead this group has decided to hone their physical abilites to compensate the loss of magical power. And they are not faring badly at all.

A ranger can also become a well-trained archer and hone his skills in the Royal Archers who are a group of professionals who travel around the continent to compete in all kinds of archery contests. Some of them even make their living in this way, though the prizes of the contests are far from amazing.

One can also join the Nightstalkers. Members of this guild would be famous for their ability to sneak upon unsuspecting victims and hide into their surroundings if someone had witnessed such an event. The origins of this guild are unknown, but some gossip of connections to different spy organisations that have been going on for many years. Nowadays these dexterious rangers gladly teach their skills to other rangers, for they hate the disturbing sounds the untrained make when traveling through the woods and these skills are very valued when trying to shoot someone from a hiding place. Rangers are famous of their impressive handling of blades while whirling them in the air. It is also rumored that very skilled ranger can even make his blades sing a tune while he whirls them in the air and obliterating his opponents.

The solitary rangers have established a center of training southwest of the city of Vaerlon, in a dense decidious forest next to a lake. They currently accept anyone into their ranks and teach herbal lore and combat skills alike.


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