The Shadowdancers

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Shadowdancers are the secret society of assassins who are being trained to be the most efficient killers. They learn the use of various combat and hit styles more efficiently, and also learn the dreaded shadowdancer skills: backstab and shadow strike, which in expert hands are the most devastating instruments of death. More exact info isn't known about these mysterious dancers, who use shadows as their tools for assassination. They are also rumored to be ranked by how many and how dangerous people they have killed during their assassination career. Many horribly mutilated corpses are left after their visit and it is suspected that this is how they mark their kills. Many would wish to become a shadowdancers but only few selected are chosen by the current guild leader who has the power to decide who is able to join the guild and who is not.

The guild leader tends to change very often as there is lots of fights and challenges happening inside the guild and almost anyone can challenge the currently leader and become a leader in his place... if he manages to defeat him first in one-to-one battle. Another possibility to join the guild is to pay one 150 000 silver to Ceawin who will then allow you into the guild.

The dark mansion of shadowdancers is located on the west side of the dreaded city of Graemor. You shouldn't go there unless you have been invited and you really know what you're doing.


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