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The Templars are a hierarchical order of holy knights formed to fight against chaos. Templars are unique in their ability to cast spells of any element, except magic, and they use this power to protect others and uphold law and justice. Since chaotic forces are relatively weak in the world right now, templars have lost a lot of their importance and reputation among the common folk. The lack of people to protect has made the order into more and more a mercenary unit, even though a very powerful one at that, selling their services to anyone willing to pay enough. This in turn makes the situation of templars difficult, forcing them to clean sewers and stand guard at city gates. Several other communities are also interested in hiring the powerful army of templars, and this may provide a lifeline which the order can hang on to. Without a reason for the order to exist, it is doomed.

Once you have passed the initiation phase, you are ready to become a true templar. Here, in the Knightly Order of Templars, you will be given your first lessons of the elements and faith. You will continue your combat training as well. Before you can join the Knightly Order of Templars you must worship one of the elements as your main element. Pagans aren't allowed to join the order. After becoming a full knight templar in the order one can become an archknight. Archknights are champions of justice and law. Being very well-trained in combat, a group of archknights is a force to be feared, should you be among their targets. The members of the order are the main force from which templars are selected into military tasks. Archknights concentrate on offensive combat, mastering the secrets of 'blow of justice' and 'scales of justice'.

The order of templars also contains holy orders dedicated to each of the four elements, studying the use of their energy. In a combat situation their mission is to reduce and nullify the effects of any cold, lightning, fire or physical-based attacks and spells inflicted and cast at friendly troops.

The order of templar knights is located at the city of Vaerlon in the Temple of the Elements near the south gate.


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