Priests of Water

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The Magic gone awry

Priests of Water worship their god, Albila, lord of the depths. In the early times Albila was allied with the god of magic, Okka, and they fought against Zrammas, the goddess of fire. From this alliance followers of Albila learned many secrets of magic from the priests of magic, even some that are now long forgotten by the mages, successors of now gone priests of Okka. After the death of Okka the plane of existence was greatly changed. Previously only magic was from the elemental gods, given to their servants and some individiuals.

Now the death of magic god had spread the godly essence throughout the plane and allowed mages to relearn their lost art and become what they are today. Water priests on the other hand, not going mad from the Okka's death like priests of magic, still knew the old ways of using Okka's magical essence from the ancient alliance and were able to channel it almost like nothing had happened, thus having greater control over the world around them. Also Albila's success in the elemental warfare made their powers even stronger. Many old beings still hate water priests for this, stealing the powers of the dead god and bringing immense destruction to the Aegic.

The Priests of Water can be found in the Grand temple of Water in Cenedoiss.


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