Guilds of Icesus

The guilds determine the profession of the character. They are divided into main guilds and subguilds. A player can only have one main guild, but the number of subguilds is not limited. In addition to these two guild types high level players may also have up to two secondary guilds that allow them to learn skills and spells of an another mainguild to a certain level.

Main guilds


Army of Vaerlon
The militia is the primary defence of the City of Vaerlon. It is easy to find and thus attracts many of the newcomers to arrive the city. The training itself offers good skills for weapon and armour use.
Located at: West side of the City of Vaerlon
Recommended for: Everyone interested in learning melee tactics
Mages of Valkor
Mages are remains of a once-active priesthood of Magic. Since the death of their god they have harnessed the power of remaining magic into offensive use.
Located at: Near the market square in Vaerlon
Recommended for: Every promising magic user
Priests of Air
Air priests are adept in using the power of Pthuule to heal and help others. They are often welcomed companions in adventuring parties.
Located at: Temple of Air, City of Vaerlon
Recommended for: Every worshipper of Air
Priests of Earth
Earth priests are fervent followers of their deity, Dhubr. They are known to possess power over the living and the death.
Located at: Temple of Earth, City of Graemor
Recommended for: Worshippers of Earth. 1M+ of experience required but having more is recommended.
Priests of Water
Water priests are devout followers of the god of Water, Albila. They are specialized in stabilizing the ravaging wild magic in the world by channeling the elemental energies. They also study ways to defend themself and others with both magic and steel.
Located at: Grand temple of Water in Cenedoiss
Recommended for: Every worshipper of Water. 1M+ of experience required but having more is recommended.
Templars, The
Templars are holy knights fighting against chaos. They posses unique abilities to cast spells of any element. They uphold law and justice in Vaerlon.
Located at: Temple of All Elements, City of Vaerlon
Recommended for: Every human, elf, dwarf thri-kreen and centaur is welcomed to join.
Fellowship of Rangers, The
Rangers are woodsmen and hunters, possessing nature-related spells and adequate melee skills. They also make excellent archers.
Located at: In the woods, south of the City of Vaerlon
Recommended for: Players level 10+
Infecti Psionicists, The
Infecti psionicists are a small group of mad men who are rumoured to hold an unbelievable power of mindcraft.
Located at: In a mansion, which used to be an old mental asylum, north of Astug's fishing hut.
Recommended for: Players level 15+
Conclave of Sorcerers
Secret society of some of the most powerful magic users in the valley. They are very secretive about their craft and location of their stronghold.
Located at: The entrance is rumoured to be somewhere in the southeastern part of the valley. The exact location of their stronghold is known only to the most senior members of the guild.
Recommended for: Very experienced dark elves, snakemen, trolls, cancuns, chitines, derros or humans. The less experienced members of these races should possess lots of patience if willing to join the guild. Only dark elves are allowed to become masters of the craft.
Gaesati Shapeshifters, The
Mysterious guild of humans with the ability of taking animal form.
Located at: In the woods, west of Atherton
Recommended for: Players level 15+
Brotherhood of Temperance, The
The brotherhood consists of meditating monks who master the art of melee. They wield no weapons and are the true masters of martial arts.
Located at: Far away, near a mountainside in the centre of the Valley
Recommended for: Levels 20+ with a tranquil playing style
Shadowdancers, The
Shadowdancers are a secret society of assassins.
Located at: Graemor
Recommended for: 1M+ of experience required. A good night vision is a plus.
Coven of the Derelict
Coven of the Derelict is a band of vagabond magic-users which are rumoured to posses several different ways of doing magic. Their crafts are quite secretive and only a few know what they actually are able to do. The rumours tell of powerful warlocks that cause great havoc around them and force others to follow their lead. But how much is true in this remains unknown.
Located at: In the middle of a swamp north from Vaerlon.
Recommended for: Everyone interested in bringing death and destruction or is otherwise feeling a bit bored.
Wilders of Aegic
The Wilders of Aegic are wild brutes who crawled into the valley of Aegic from the surrounding frozen wastes. Now after surviving for generations in the wastes they are faced with new challenge of finding a new home in a valley filled with races hostile to new outsiders coming to their lands.
Located at: Outside the southern citygates of Vaerlon
Recommended for: Everyone feeling a bit wild inside.
School of Survival, The
Every brave adventurer who is going to see the wonders of the world and to survive through it seek the teachings of this small school. In here one can learn skills ranging from first aid to reviving unconcsious person to building camps and fireplace and to skills needed in combat and hunting. After expertising these skills one can join the furthers schools of expert hunters and fishers, which teach fishing and hunting related skills.
Located at: Little bit North-East from the city of Vaerlon inside of a natural cave.
Recommended for: Every eager fisher and hunter
Expert Fishers, The
This school gives you the most extensive course in fishing that you can get in the whole world. Although it cannot surpass the skills learned by oneself in the wilderness. Fishing is very fun way to pass time and in the meanwhile hone your skills as a fisher. Fishing is not a easy skill to master but when you are master of fishing you are able to catch even the largest of known fishes, the gigantic sturgeons, with a mere fishing rod and worms!
Located at: Inside the School of Survival
Recommended for: Fishing fanatics
Expert Hunters, The
Hunting, one of the most basic instincts of living creatures, is widely used amongst the intelligent part of the fauna. When going on a hunt, the hunter can use any weapon he wishes. After a successful hunt, it has been a tradition to take the meat and the skin apart from the corpse, eat the meat and sell the fur, which can provide living for many hunters and their families.
Located at: Inside the School of Survival
Recommended for: Every hunter
Chronomancers, The
The world consists of several planes. The place of our existence, the material plane, is the only one of them. Outside of all planes is the Void. The Void surrounds everything, and it is possible to use the Void for travelling great distances in a snap. As of today, the only method known for reaching the Void is through the dimensional rifts. The rifts create a subdimensional annomaley around the material plane. The Chronomancers can open these rifts upon their will. Entering a rift in the material plane will cause the person to end up somewhere in the Void. If a rift is created in the Void, it will open an exit somewhere in the material world. It is virtually impossible to navigate in the Void without proper training.
Located at: South-East parts of the valley of Icesus
Recommended for: Spellcasters of level 30 and higher
Royal Archers, The
The Royal Archers are a group of professionals who travel around the continent to compete in all kinds of archery contests. Some of them even make their living in this way, though the prizes of the contests are far from amazing. Most of them are hunters in royal courts, and sometimes they have been accused of assassinations, though these accusations have never been proved correct. This guild serves as a training place for honing one's skills and teaches all there is to archery, and some bowyer and fletcher skills too.
Located at: East of the City of Vaerlon in a small grove surrounded by nearby hills.
Recommended for: Players of level 25 and higher
Guild of Merchants, The
This is where a normal shopkeeper learns the tricks of true shopkeeping. He or she is taught how to appraise the item correctly to know its true value and, of course, how to keep his booth clean and in good order. Every member of the guild receives a special booth to be used for starting a business of his own. Merchants who are also devoted in magic have developed a spell that can summon the booth to caster's vicinity so that he doesn't have to haul it from place to place. If you have always wanted to start your own small business you have come to right place.
Located at: Atherton
Recommended for: Players of level 25 and higher
School of Alchemy, The
As an alchemist one can learn to create many different kinds of potions. He also receives teaching in many various skills needed to gather the necessary ingredients for the potions. In time he learns all secrets of different ingredients and how to use them efficiently and learns to recant and decant the potions if he needs to do such task. The alchemists are also rumoured to be able to enchant items, weapons and armours with different kinds of abilities by alchemically altering them. Some of these abilities being making an item to illuminate light or suck light into itself and ability to harden armours to such lenghts that such hardness is beyond reach of any smith.
Located at: Town of Atherton
Recommended for: Players of level 25 and higher
Masters of Throwing, the
The Masters of Throwing are people who have trained arts of throwing for years near the Broken Oak Inn, even before the fire destroyed the previous inn. This bunch of old geezers is willing to teach the true art of throwing for anyone with already some experience in throwing and with steady hand eventhough their hands might not be so steady anymore because of age and years of drinking at the inn. But what they lose in dexterity they make up in skill and experience.
Located at: Outside the Broken Oak Inn
Recommended for: Everyone who wishes to use throwing weapons in the right way
Logger's Hall
The Logger's Hall is where one can learn the skills required to identify quality trees, being able to chop them down, hew them into timbers and saw them into lumber. Whilst the initial skills are easy to learn it takes time and patience to become a real expert. Whilst some may look down upon this profession those who have any common sense realise the importance of the timber industry.
Located at: East of Vaerlon amongst some trees.
Recommended for: Those who have a strong back and enjoy swinging an axe.


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