We have written a number of how-to documents for your convinience. Each of the how-to document focuses on a single aspect of the game, attempting to provide you with with in-depth information regarding the particular matter.

Gnome The hard-working gnomes are small
in size, but big in their achievements.
Armours HOWTO
Teaches you all about armours in Icesus game world, the benefits of each type of armour as well as their restrictions.
Combat HOWTO
Everything related to combat explained in a single document.
Lockers HOWTO
Learn how useful the lockers in Icesus are.
Elements HOWTO
Elements are the religion of Icesus. The document explains the relations between the four elemental gods and gives a glimpse of their history.
Newbie Hints
As the name suggests, this document is meant as a helpful resource for newbies who've not yet accustomed fully with the game mechanisms.
Partying HOWTO
Soloing won't be profitable for long, as the more demanding adventures are more dangerous than those meant for newbies. Thus it is beneficial for players to group and battle their way through the adventures together, combining their strengths to overpower their enemies.
Weapons HOWTO
Introduction to weapons and their use and importance in Icesus.


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