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Here is a collection of hints and tips that beginning adventurers might find useful. If you have more hints, please post them on the Forums.


It's a good idea to read the following help files:

help starting
help newbie areas
help faq
help living
help rules
help settings

When the help for a command uses "<", ">", "[", "]", or "|", do NOT type those in. "<...>" means to replace "..." with whatever is appropriate (usually), "[...]" means the "..." is options, and "|" means "or". See 'help help' for more information.

TipCommand list

To see a list commands, enter 'help commands' and 'help topics' to see a list of help topics.


When in a city, you can use the 'map' command to get an idea of the layout of the city. The map has marks for important places in the city. If you explore the city a bit, you might find some hidden areas.

It is very dangerous to attack the citizens in Vaerlon.


The upper room of the Double Dragon Inn is a common sleeping hall. It is one of the few places in the game where you can safely leave the game and get your experience and equipment saved. When you're done playing for a day, just return to the upper room of Double Dragon and enter leave game to save your character and all his possessions.


- It can be very dangerous to wander in the outworld during the night. Staying on the roads and paths makes traveling safer, but even there you can meet nasty things of the night.

- Use the time command to see how long it is till the sun rises or sets, or add the "[hour]" argument to your prompt (read help prompt). Read help hours for an explanation of the hour names, and help calendar if you are want to learn about Icesus' calendar.

TipCommands for game time
help hours
help calendar

Object handling

- Use the keep command so you won't accidentally drop, sell, or sacrifice items that you want to keep.

- You can eat the hearts of slain enemies, but it might be more useful to sacrifice them for divine favours. To do so, you must worship an elemental god, and to worship a god, you must find an altar and worship it. There is an altar of Air in Vaerlon, and altars for the other three gods in the outworld close to Vaerlon; look for the blue dots (elemental altars) on the zoomed in map given at the top of this help file. More information is available in the Elements help page.

- You can name objects, to help distinguish between otherwise identical items, and to make notes on individual items; read help name. Note that anyone can change the name of any item, so this is no good marking an item as belonging to you.

- You can loot all corpses easily with the get command. There is also a global alias loot for this. Read help get.

- You can buy flint and steel from the general store to light campfires.

- Sleeping bags are also sold at general store to help increase regeneration while you sleep.

- Have you noticed that you can extract torches from campfires every now and then?

- Remember to refuel your campfire. Use camp build command to rebuild existing camps.

TipCamping related commands
camp build
camp build fireplace
extract torch

- Denso the furtrader will offer training in skinning and curving and money for skins. Or you can also train leatherworking from him to make armor out of skins, which should be more valuable to sell, especially if you're lucky enough to make a magical one.

- Meat you get off of animal corpses using carving can be sold to caravans on the road for a little silver.

- Hauling equipment left behind by high level players in areas, such as Shanty Orc town west of Vaerlon and Avian's area a good way east from Vaerlon, can earn you good money when sold. This is especially useful for big races such as b'roghs and firbolgs.

- Putting equipment into containers will generate more space in your inventory.

- Depositing money in the bank will save space and weight, but it will cost 10% to withdraw. However, training can use funds directly from the bank without charge.

- There exists a black market in Vearlon which is always open. Look around town for someone who will know how to get you in.


- You can use combat maneuvers even without the corresponding skill. Typing

battle -m list
shows the available combat maneuvers. Also read the combat help.
help battle
help combat

- If your mud client supports ANSI colours, you can use them with the command colour on, and change the default colours using the lite command.

- Don't hesitate to report bugs, ideas or anything else you think we should know about; you can even get awarded PDF for reporting bugs and typos. Read help reporting.

- The note command allows you to write down brief notes which are saved and can be viewed later with the same command.

- Some races have special commands. To see if your race has them, type race.

TipFaster travelling

When traveling on roads, you can use the walk command to move much faster; you can use capitalized abbreviated directions ("N", "NE", and so on) to do the same thing.

- Try to interact with NPCs (Non-Player Characters), especially the ones that appear unique. You might find out something useful. The ask command is the best way to interact with them.

- Ereldon, ('ere' for short) is a common meeting place for adventurers. He is located s, e, and s, from the Double Dragon Inn, at the fountain. Ask him about quests if you're interested.

- If you have a problem or question, players will generally be nice enough to help you over the 'newbie channel'.

- Certain spots around the world of Icesus (except in the outworld) will grant experience for reaching them. There are numerous ones in Vaerlon, so exploring the town will be a good start for getting experience.

- There are many skills that are learnable just be doing, such as hunting, trapping, skinning, and carving. If you try to use them hard, you'll eventually learn something. It's best to first try by trial and mistake than to train the skills which are relatively easy to learn by doing.

TipNewbie hint

Vizra, the owner of the warehouse in town, will offer good money for rats, which a fairly easy to kill. The corpses will disintegrate after a short while, so it'll be wise to collect your bounty after 2 or 3 kills.

- Fishing is a relaxing way to spend time as well as earn some experience.

- Hunting is a good way to get experience because if might get lucky and hunt and kill something bigger then you can normally kill with just one shot.

- If you are hungry and can't afford food, fishing is a good way for food, as well as skinning to get meat from hunted animals.

- The Double Dragon inn sells cheaper food at their tables then the bakery in Vaerlon.

- Partying is a good way to adventure. See partying guide.

- Races who can't see in daylight can buy an amulet of darkness from magic shop.

- Feeling lucky? Try playing lottery, keno, or roulett, all located within Vaerlon.

- Be sure to check out player's booths in town. Use booth at any booth to see commands.

- Join the Jää RY association for some special benefits, including 250 pdf to use in game. See the Jää Association pages for more information.


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