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A new topic 'Something wrong? Something missing? Suggest!' http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1807 topic to forums.

* Nomads of the wild. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1805
* Smiths. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1808

* Added new helps 'treasure'.
* Added more charms.
* Exp rate, spell damage and special infusions are now visible in score.
* Added alchemy mastery to general masteies.
* Added new command 'target'. It will target your attacks at a specific opponent.
* Added 'set kill_autotarget'. Setting this will make you automatically target the monster you attack with kill command.
* Added a new main road that goes from south of avian area to east.

Almost all races were changed somehow. For details see: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1806

* Raceinfo now shows better info about special abilities of races.
* Experience rate now visible as number in raceinfo.
* Fixed spell weaver hp and ep regens.
* Chitines are now naturally poison infused.
* Orcs no longer discriminate elves and dwarves with their hatred. Now they equally hate all humanoids and get bonus offensive points, special attack and avoid against them.
* Beholder have 'fly' racial ability now.
* Leprechauns now have a 'treasure finding' racial ability.
* Mold man 'plant life symbiosis' now gives 0-10 more all regens depending on room type you are in.
* Halfling now have racial ability 'gourmet', improves heartbeat by 1-2 for some time after eating food.
* Gnomes now have racial 'identify' ability that allows them to identify items.
* Firbolgs now have racial ability 'earthsong' that increases heartbeat of all players in the room for 3 minutes. It has 15 minute cooldown to use and also to receive the buff. It is more powerful during the phase of earth.
* Cancuns now have racial abilty 'lightning speed' which makes some of their attacks impossible to parry and dodge.
* B'roghs now have a racial ability 'giant weaponry'. It increases attack speed with all weapons larger than 1m similarly how the recent dagger/knife tune does, although less effectively.
* Brownies now have racial ability 'greenthumb', which allows them to instantly grow random herbs and mushrooms. Effect depends on the room type you use it in.
* Brownies now have racial ability 'natural healer', which gives them some base bonus to healing spells.
* Orcs can now join templars.
* Dwarves can now join league.
* Leprechauns, dark elves, centaurs, orcs, shadowpersons and thri-kreen can now join city dwellers.
* Beholders, cancuns, trolls and saerkas can now join slumdogs.
* Humans can now join nomads and devourers.

* All races now have new tick rates, which are visible in raceinfo. Scale is very fast, fast, average, slow, very slow. Races are generally categorized under certain tick rate based on their size etc. For example all huge races are under very slow.
* Sp and psp regen are now considerably more powerful.
* Tuned all effects affecting heartbeat rate (racial abilities, eqs, spells, roars etc). Effective after reboot.
* Heartbeat rate is now visible in score -e. Scale is hummingbird's, exceptionally fast, extremely fast, very fast, slow, average, slow, very slow, extremely slow, exceptionally slow, barely any. Effects affecting it will be visible on it.
* Haste now doesn't affect heartbeat anymore.
* Regens in items now use scale of 2 instead of 1.5 (so 2,4,6,8,10 instead of the current ones).
* Changed scale of regens in score -e so that you won't always have maximal regens and actually see some difference in them.

* Shard/boon/charm drops are now personal. They are now checked for each opponent of the dying monster. Your own treasure finding chance and other bonuses (karma boosts etc.) affect how likely it is to drop for you. If you happen to get one you will get a message about it and the treasure will be automatically moved into your inventory. Party leaders get a small bonus to drop chance based on the size of the party.
* Pitiful opponents no longer drop treasure. Worthy opponents now have higher chance to drop treasure. Monster level also now scales a bit better so higher level monsters have higher chance.
* Pitiful limit for treasure drop is about half exp value of the real pitiful limit for you. So for example if 10k and below monsters are pitiful for you you can get treasure from 5k monsters and upwards.
* Couple of loot related changes. Added a new 'misc' category of loot that can drop from monsters. Only loot in it at the moment are treasure maps that can drop from all humanoids/undeads now, instead of just some specific monsters with random stuff added to them.
* Added a 'Ghir feature' where your monster kills are tallied up and after you reach certain amount you will get a guaranteed loot drop. It resets if you get certain 'good' loot drops before reaching the amount.
* Added a new misc loot that can be found from corpses like maps.
* Misc treasures that are restricted to certain monster types (like treasure maps only from undead/humanoid) can now always drop from prestigious monsters regardless of what race/species/etc. they are.
* Monsters can now drop holy symbols of air as a rare misc loot.
* Added a new imbueable loot item.

* Look now uses 'more' for containers so that containers with ton of crap in them should no longer produce print errors.
* Throwing in front row in combat is now slower (about same speed as most combat maneuvers).
* Throwing in front row in combat now does reduced damage, doesn't affect throwing daggers/darts/knives.
* Throwing momentums only happen from backrow/out of combat throws now.
* Disabled throwing non-weapons as they don't work properly and the code doesn't really support them at the moment.
* Prowess stat now affects your infusion attack chance.
* Fixed a bug where wearing items that had celerity/thaumaturgy/alacrity/prowess/defiance collided with other things that gave same stats, such as racial guilds/charms, and overwrote their effects.
* Leadership of party now moves always to viceleader if the leader dies and not just if the vice leader is in the army.
* Reloading bows costs more ep now.
* Added some messages to shoot and reload when the racial abilities affecting it happen.
* Flankers now work from third party row also.
* Celerity should now work a bit more often and added a message to it when it happens.
* Caster infusions now randomly pick a weapon from your wielded weapons for the effect.
* Potions should now show in effects.
* Race descs in raceinfo shouldn't wrap all over the place now.
* You can now use set command to set 'no_infusions' which stops you from using infusions if you need to for some reason.
* Cleaned archery code and re-wrote few parts of it. Most of the changes are only visible under the hood but main visible change for players is that shooting now does damage types properly so that death report should now show real type shares instead of just physical.
* Removed some materials from smiths.
* New black leather bandoliers are now actual bandoliers and not just misc slot items.
* Increased base damage of javelins.
* Damage reports should now show more accurate data as killing hits will now only add the damage they did to it and not the overflowing damage too.
* Players now have humanoid species set for them.
* Aoc'hĂșin's special hit now does a bit more damage. Effective after reboot.
* Kick now does more damage and has a chance to stun the target.
* Headbutt does a bit more damage now.
* Bank transactions now remember last 50 transactions.
* Fletchery is now faster.
* Ghir can now join monster spotting event.
* Yellhayari stone and ice dragon vial no longer spawm the room. Effective after reboot.
* Tailoring now uses new formula to calculate the price of resizing (same as refit armour). End result is that resizing with tailoring is now more expensive.
* Downtuned regen etc. potion effects.
* Renamed changeling and devourer guild items.
* You can now keep guild items.
* Fixed a bug in potion containers that reseted the duration of potions to their default durations. All your current potions are fucked so you need to make new ones with fixed/new containers to get the proper durations.
* Enhancement shard now shows in identify.
* Downtuned wrath's, grief's and deathblade's base damage. Downtuned and capped wrath's attack haste effect. Downtuned deathblade's release special's effectiness on eqmonsters. Grief's special hit is now at same power level as soulseeker's special hit.
* Added karma charm for charm re-rolling. Also reduces cost of all karma re-roll abilities.
* Your active charm collection is now bolded and has a * in front of it in charm collections list.
* Charm collections can now have up to 25 charms.
* Brand charms now affect throwing.
* Charms affecting hpmax etc. should now work properly.
* Charm collections can now only have single type of brand charms in them.
* Combat analysis now shows if an attack heals the mob.
* Monsters with over 99% of fire resistance will not catch fire anymore from fire damage. If some other special makes them burn it will also stop burning before doing any damage (or healing).
* All damage type specials (frozen, acid stun etc.) no longer work on monsters with 100%+ resistance on that type. Also monsters with 100%+ physical resistance can't be wounded now.
* Wounds on monsters should now just go away instead of healing it if monster's resistances somehow change and it ends up with 100%+ resistance.
* Wounds now tick a lot more damage and faster while in combat but less outside of combat. They also last a bit longer again. There is also a cap now. If the wounds would do more damage per tick than the cap they will bleed out the overflowing damage instantly in a massive shower of blood.
* Added new shape messages and changed the scale. Each shape adjective is now 10% of the monster's health except two last ones (almost dead, dead meat) are 5%.
* Added 'set shape_percents'.
* Eq monsters now lose their 9+ opponents slaughtering ability at dead meat so you don't need to leave members out of the kill.
* Surprisingly, a number of very prestigious monsignor's and monsters fumbled critically and found that all their equipment dropped into their inventory. Poor them.
* Powerful prestigious monsters suddenly noticed that they can damage players much more, unless they possess sufficient hardiness against mighty foes.
* Man-shaped shadow got its resistance-related specials fixed to somewhere where they were supposed to be and has new loot.
* Monster's species will be visible in look after boot. 'It is a squirrel (animal) and small of size.' for example. Some monsters probably won't have it set properly.
* Looking at monsters now shows 'bugging' instead of race or species if it is missing those.
* Looking at a monster now automatically reports it if it's missing race or species.
* Fixed race and species from all outworld creatures and fixed and changed many short descs.

* Added 'daywalker' ability to Slumdogs.
* Slumdog ability 'death touch' now costs only 1 point.
* Abilities affecting thaumaturgy/prowess/celerity in Slumdogs and Civilized are now flat +bonuses instead of multiplier to your existing amounts. Relog/reboot to change.
* Scandalmonger racial ability should now work properly (had some typos in it). Quit&re-enter to fix.
* Changed 'blessed by umbra' ability. Instead of giving you an another spell impulse when you use spell impulse it now just does the effect twice when you use spell impulse.

* Mastery of shields from army secondary now gives a bit of natural armor when wielding a shield.
* Capped effect of shields/shield parry on army natural armor to 100% and some other balancing.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to get some natural ac from the 'shield feature' even without wielding a shield.
* Fixed a bug in grandmaster of shields army secondary effect that prevented it from working in some cases.

* Added a couple of percents of vessel of sacred flame to early levels of fire priests.
* Incendiary stigmata's secondary effect now uses the stigmata's caster as the damage dealer for the special effect.
* Incendiary stigmata's secondary effect should now work properly with shooting.
* Incendiary stigmata now lasts longer and if it's about to run out in the middle of combat and you are still in combat with the monster it will automatically refresh
* Vessel of sacred flame now turns the weapon in to caster weapon so you can cast while wielding it. Works only on spears for the main guild fire priests. itself.
* Antimagic halo is now affected by triumph over magic mastery.

* Added a new instinct for shifters.
* Shifters can train pathfinding higher now at the main guild.
* Added a message to when monster dies and you learn about gaesati instincts.
* Fur gnarl pack tactic should now work properly.
* Gaesati status command now shows if your roar is on cooldown. Sheltering growl now properly resets its duration if you do an another growl while the previous one is still running.
* Shifters should now work with special evades like cloak and dagger, brand etc. effects.
* Size changing things (racial guilds etc.) should now work with shifters.

* Psi spells are now affected by dual cast effects (funnel etc.).

* Spell damage is now more effective on mage spells.
* Mage swarms now do full damage per projectile instead of only partial damage.
* Mage spells now use your highest elemental spell damage as bonus damage to your spell against eq monsters.
* Replicated mage swarms now do reduced damage (about same damage as before the uptune).
* Mirror image casted mage swarms also do reduced damage now.
* Fixed bug in mirror images that caused it some times choose wrong damage type against prestigious monsters.
* Spells casted by mage mirrors shouldn't eat rite of power.

* Bows shouldn't cause any problems with some monk abilities now.

* Ranger lords now teaches the missing 30% of enchant arrow.

* Necrosis is now less effective but it works with all damage types, not just physical damage.
* Haunter of the dark's healing effect now works even if you are an undead.
* Checked through scions spells so that both magic and nether spell damage now affects them where they should.

* Shadow strike is now a bit faster.
* Uncanny throws now do full damage instead of halved damage.
* Backstab now can hit an actual slot instead of generic 'back' if the target has suitable slots such as head, neck, torso etc. Chance to do so is based on your anatomy mastery.

* Spell impulses now won't happen for sorcerer torments.
* Reduced sp cost of many sorcerer spells.
* Few changes for seize the day: soul's sacrifice now affects critical chance and critical hit strenght a LOT more than it used to do, torment of the correct type affects damage a LOT more than it used to do, base damage is slightly higher, magic, nether and correct spell damage type now affect damage more and high charisma gives a huge boost on base damage.
* It is now noticeably easier to get first few bastardos out of seize portals, and easier to get bigger bastardos with moderate masteries, also portal crit chance is a lot bigger and more effective now.
* Sorcerers' seize got new mastery effect 'manasurge' which reclaims some of the caster's spellpoints, depending of 'pressure control' mastery.
* Chitines can now once more join sorcerer and also the guardians of blood subguild.

* Instrument of the gods now doesn't break other throw specials if the weapon happens to have some.
* Mastery effects for 'blow of justice' are now stronger, also 'to judge' costs less sp and is more effective
* 'blow of justice at to judge' is now slightly faster
* Blow of justice 'to judge' now scales much better with wisdom, also the chance to have mastery effects with it is about 8x higher with high masteries.
* Blow of Justice now uses less ep.

* Added some elemental warfare to early levels of water priests.
* Downtuned spell damage amount gained from vessel of divinity.
* Downtuned spell damage amount gained from elemental funnel also.
* Infusions now work with offensive channeling spells.

* Bind wounds now gives karma.
* Wilders can be flankers now.
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