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The watcher in the shadows had always known that there was something secretive about this part of the city. For nearly a month now, he had been trying to follow the dark-clad gentleman and each time the man had vanished without a trace after reaching a certain side street. How frustrating. Tonight would be different.

The man in dark clothes glanced around surreptitiously and walked up the dead-end street, unaware of his stealthy follower. Then something happened... The watcher in the shadows spied eagerly as the man hopped once, twice and landed next to a stone wall. The man seemed to inspect the wall for a brief while, then touched the third stone on his left-hand side and pressed it long and hard. A quiet *click* was heard and the stone wall rotated, taking the man with it.

"So this is how it is done", pondered the man in the shadows and went in after...


It is time for Icesus Area Creation Contest 2013 to start. The theme this time is: 'City Secrets'.

Your goal is to design and create a set of characters/areas which could be linked to the City Secrets theme. It can be a secretive thieves hideout, a cult in the deepest catacombs under a city, or just a sewer full of rats. Anything that gets your balls rolling. As long as it's a City Secret!


Anyone can participate, regardless of their experience. You can work by yourself or with a partner.

Your area should consist of no less than 15 and no more than 40 rooms.

Your area needs to have a quest incorporated into it.

No "big" monsters and no "great" equipment.

Please read following helps for information about each city:
help vaerlon
help graemor
help cenedoiss
help atherton
help mahrakc

Your area should either not be thematically linked to any specific city so wizards can place it where it fits best or if it is going to be linked to a city you should discuss about your area plan with Belannaer to figure out where your area would suit best thematically and what elements it could be include to make it feel like part of the city/world.

The completed areas will be scored based on originality, theme, and how well they work in general.

Submissions need to follow hereunder template and are to be sent via mudmail to Mumzy.

AREA NAME: (your area name)
BACKGROUND OF THE AREA: (short story of the area)
NPCS: (description of what monsters and characters you will be making)
QUEST INFORMATION: (description of the quest involved. E.g. bring a bag of potatoes to the leader of the thieves)
ROOMS: (the number of rooms and description of how they are laid out)

Once these are filled, send your plans and they will then be reviewed and commented. If accepted you will be granted access to the dev site where you can start your work on the areas. Note: submitting a good and detailed plan highly increases your chances.

Deadline for the areas: End of October 2013 (plenty of time)


1st: 1000 PDF and a powerful, customized equipment.
2nd: 750 PDF and a moderately powerful, customized equipment.
3rd: 750 PDF

All others participating and who eventually get their area through quality check will receive 500pdf.
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