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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 04:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Kaltan tells you 'You really should just kill yourself after you murder any children you've created. You are far too stupid to breed.'.

^ Yes, it's not a joke and done in anger.
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We used to have a harass-command, but it was removed.

Now, probably the easiest option available is to use ignore.

help ignore
Ignoring is the recommended way of dealing with harassing players,
spammers and their ilk.  To set which players you want to ignore,
you have to use the ignore command.

        ignore add <name> [flags]
        ignore remove <name> [flags]
        ignore reason <name> <reason>
        ignore level <level>
        ignore multitell <number>
        ignore list
        ignore clear

By default, you will not see tells, bells, channel messages, speech,
emotions, or mail messages from the ignored persons.  You can also
choose whether you want to ignore only certain types of communication
by specifying flags.  The following flags are available:

        T - tells, bells
        C - channel messages
        M - mail messages
        S - say, whisper, emotes

The level argument specifies the minimum level of the player you want
to receive messages from.  The multitell argument is used to block
tells to multiple persons.

But I saw the conversation on chat, you were drunk as hell and called him stupid etc, so don't act all innocent. Being a general headache to the staff has been known to grant special vacations from Icesus in the past, no matter what rights one claims to hold.

Internet tough guy

Icesus is not just my life - it's the lack of it.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 15:52 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I was fooling around and I never said I didn't, but as you had seen my messages at that time - was any of my words even close as harsh? My harshest parts were more like "please be quiet as you don't know what you are talking about".... Yet he suggests suicides, childkilling and claims me to be racist (which made even less sense)
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 19:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Luckily, my backlog still had the whole chat-side conversation, so I can copy and paste it here, in case anyone missed it and wants to know what this is related to.

But if you read it, your head will start hurting, but don't blame me for it. You chose to read it, even after this warning.

Anyhow, shots were fired from both sides.


Iluth [chat]: have green glow rates been nerfed with leatherworking, or is it just me?
Nyi [chat]: do you mean frequency?
Iluth [chat]: yep
Iluth [chat]: 40 skins would usually net me a couple, but i haven't seen one in a few days
Grathlek [chat]: you need to learn about RNG
Grathlek [chat]: and statistics
Iluth [chat]: yeah i've only been leatherworking for like 10 years
Kaltan [chat]: In a less dickish way of saying the same thing - no, it's just you.
Kaltan [chat]: It's a random coincidence, there's been no nerf.
Kaltan [chat]: Sorry Grathlek feels the need to be a jerk though. :(
Nyi [chat]: you dont know that for certain!
Kaltan [chat]: No publicly stated nerf.
Grathlek [chat]: im a jerk for stating the obvious fact?
Kaltan [chat]: You're a jerk for your phrasing, don't be dense.
Grathlek [chat]: i've been drinking and you making accusations
Kaltan [chat]: Shhhh.
Grathlek [chat]: this means war!
[chat]: Kaltan yawns tiredly.
Iluth [chat]: anyway with 101 leathercraft adeptness, you are pretty much guaranteed greens with 40 skins, 3-4 sometimes. so a few days without one is pretty unusual
Grathlek [chat]: guarenteed? ;))))
Iluth [chat]: outside of comments like "learn 2 rng" just wondering if anyone else had noticed the drop in greens
Grathlek [chat]: now, even on chat channel - lets dont lower ourselves to lying
Grathlek [chat]: lets not lower*
Grathlek [chat]: its RNG, its the "same chance" to get glowies 100x in a row than 100x nonglows in a row
Grathlek [chat]: i can say the same thing rudely too, but it wouldnt change anything
Kaltan [chat]: That is not true.  They are just all discrete events.
Grathlek [chat]: ...
Kaltan [chat]: There is a much lower chance of the discrete events all being glows than there is of the discrete events all being failures.
Kaltan [chat]: However, one event does not effect the next, which is the definition of a discrete event.
Grathlek [chat]: ever heard of lottery?
Grathlek [chat]: go check the chances
Grathlek [chat]: between 12489172348917 and 12354678
Kaltan [chat]: I don't think you understand math.  So I'm going to step out of this conversation.
Grathlek [chat]: right, so im the one not understanding
[chat]: Kaltan yes.
[chat]: Kaltan calmly says 'Yes.'
Grathlek [chat]: simply: go fuck yourself and be quiet
[chat]: Kaltan says calmly 'No.'
Grathlek [chat]: i bet you do the lottery with same number every week and think your chances get higher each week
Kaltan [chat]: No.
Kaltan [chat]: That's not what I said.
Kaltan [chat]: I'm sorry you fail to understand the English language as well as math.
Grathlek [chat]: you said your chances to get glowie changes per skilluse
Kaltan [chat]: Do let me know if you need help.
Kaltan [chat]: No I did not.
Grathlek [chat]: i said the chance is the same to get 100 in a row as 100 nonglows
Kaltan [chat]: I very specifically said that they are discrete events.  Which means one has no effect on the other.
Grathlek [chat]: _the chance_
Kaltan [chat]: That is incorrect.
Kaltan [chat]: What you MEAN to say
Kaltan [chat]: Is that there is the same chance on each attempt at success.
Kaltan [chat]: Not that there is the same chance for 100 glows as 100 unglows
Grathlek [chat]: what i mean to say is in caveman terms: "my dagger, your back. URGH!"
Kaltan [chat]: I'm just trying to help illuminate you.  Since you are so woefully misinformed.
Grathlek [chat]: great, i've doctorate in math AND I have coded LPmuds for over 20 years, clearly I'm clueless
Kaltan [chat]: Then is it English that is giving you trouble?
Kaltan [chat]: Because I can help with either area.
Grathlek [chat]: like I said I'm drunk
Iluth [chat]: if you don't have any experience with leatherworking, your input is pretty much invalid even if you're some autistic math genius
Grathlek [chat]: I was archer hunter leatherworker 2 reincs ago
Imrael [chat]: Wow.  Its fucking nothing
Grathlek [chat]: ALSO i did the statistics and maths there
Kaltan [chat]: So let's just drop this Grathlek.  Right now you're being unclear to the point of factual distortion.
Grathlek [chat]: as i like to twiddle with triggers and stats
Grathlek [chat]: yeah, how the fuck can it be my english that is unclear
Kaltan [chat]: Because you're drunk.
Grathlek [chat]: when I'm trying to say it as simple as possible
Kaltan [chat]: You're not saying it correctly.
Grathlek [chat]: 100 glows in a row chance === 100 non-glows in a row chance
Kaltan [chat]: That is incorrect.
Grathlek [chat]: right, correct my grammer and subside the topic
Kaltan [chat]: What you're intending to get across.  Failing 99 times does not 'guarantee' the 100th to be a glow.
Grathlek [chat]: you admitted you understand what I'm saying, but focusing on grammar
Kaltan [chat]: The same as, succeeding 99 times does not 'guarantee' the next to be  glow.
Kaltan [chat]: Well, I'm assuming that you know what you're talking about.
Grathlek [chat]: I won't be drunk tomorrow, but you'll still be douche tomorrow
Kerral [chat]: I'll still be ugly
Kaltan [chat]: Aw, look, Churchill quotes done poorly.
Grathlek [chat]: succeeding 99 times does not guarantee the next one to be glow
Kaltan [chat]: That's what I said.
Kaltan [chat]: And what I assume you're attempting to say through a haze of cheap vodka.
Kaltan [chat]: But it is not what you said.
Kaltan [chat]: You -said- there is the same statistical prevalence of 100-glow runs as there is of 100-notglow runs.
Grathlek [chat]: the french would slap you in the face for calling grey goose cheap vodka :(
Kaltan [chat]: Which is untrue.
Grathlek [chat]: thats just lame try to insult without knowledge
Grathlek [chat]: Kaltan, study statistics and you will find it true.
Grathlek [chat]: the chance for 1-1-1-1-1-1 is the same as 1-2-3-4-5-6
Imrael [chat]: w:math channel for sperging
Grathlek [chat]: multiplying it with 100 doesnt make any difference, chance is still the same
Kaltan [chat]: That is not a factual analogy.
Grathlek [chat]: if the 'rolls' would 'discern' previous 'results', the game would change
Kaltan [chat]: Grathlek, that's not what is happening here under the hood.
Grathlek [chat]: but if the rolls always start with 'ground zero', the chances are thge same
Kerral [chat]: Only if you're counting the order of the rolls, otherwise you're a bit off Grathlek
Kaltan [chat]: Each event has, let's say, a 90% chance of being a fail and a 10% chance of being a glow.
Kaltan [chat]: So 1 and 2 are not equal, so 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 is not the same as 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2
Grathlek [chat]: ....
Kaltan [chat]: These aren't straight numbers.
Grathlek [chat]: yeah, and automobiles and motorbikes are not the same
Kaltan [chat]: This is an event with its own probability.
Kaltan [chat]: Are you literally retarded IRL or just that drunk?
Grathlek [chat]: or should I say running shoes and unibicycle
Kaltan [chat]: I don't even know what you're blathering about now.
Grathlek [chat]: Each time you use the skill, it calculates the chances
Grathlek [chat]: understand that?
Kaltan [chat]: That's the part I keep trying to tell you.
Grathlek [chat]: you have x% chance to roll ze glowie
Kaltan [chat]: That you are not getting.
Nyi [chat]: you two, last chat, take it to tells your flooding with shit that no one cares about
Kaltan [chat]: Yes!
Kaltan [chat]: Please do not try to operate as a channel moderator, as per the rules, Nyi.
Grathlek [chat]: ignore add grathelk C
Kerral [chat]: Yes, lets talk about shoes
Kaltan [chat]: You are free to turn off the channel
Nyi [chat]: im not operating as a operator im telling you two to shut the fuck up
Imrael [chat]: Are Pumas hipster now?
Kaltan [chat]: No thanks.
Grathlek [chat]: Kerral, what kind of shoes you got?
Kerral [chat]: I've never worn a cat
Kerral [chat]: Slippers atm
Kaltan [chat]: Anyway.  Grathlek.  You're misunderstanding.  If you can accept that we're cool.
Grathlek [chat]: I can't be cool with anyone from the southern USA and below the average IQ pool :(
Grathlek [chat]: I would be mocked for courting someone like that !
Kaltan [chat]: You make no sense.
Kaltan [chat]: An example.
Kaltan [chat]: We're rolling a die.  On this die there are six sides.  Result A is sides 1-5, Result B is side 6.
Kaltan [chat]: A,A,A,A,A,A,A, is more likely than B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B
Kaltan [chat]: Because of the weighting of the results.
Kaltan [chat]: Does this help you understand?
Grathlek [chat]: but that is not totally random factor
Grathlek [chat]: so its not valid argument
Kaltan [chat]: It is as random as successrolls in leatherworking.
Grathlek [chat]: but it is nto ?
Kaltan [chat]: There there is a lower percentage for success than failure.
Kaltan [chat]: where not there*
Kaltan [chat]: It is literally the exact same.  You've just dug your heels in.
Kaltan [chat]: I'm sorry you fail to see reason.
Grathlek [chat]: i wish i wasnt too lazy to dig through the meaning of literally
Grathlek [chat]: though the use of that word has been abused for so many years
Kaltan [chat]: Well in this it is the original, intended use.
Grathlek [chat]: ok lets admit that I fail to see your reasoning, and you admit that you are totally clueless about the topic
Kaltan [chat]: I'm not though, so I can't admit that.
Grathlek [chat]: go back to school and ask your non-religious math teacher about the lottery number chances
Grathlek [chat]: (religious people tend to say that god decides them :S)
Kaltan [chat]: I don't understand your suggestion that I'm religious.. nor does the lottery accurately portray a parallel phenomenon.
Grathlek [chat]: the thing is, that if you reset the circumstances each time you 'roll the dice' - the chances are exactly the same
Grathlek [chat]: see? I event tried it talk about the dice!
Grathlek [chat]: (which had nothing to do with leatherworking)
Kaltan [chat]: Ok so Result A each time has a 5/6 chance and REsult B EACH TIME has a 1/6 chance.
Kaltan [chat]: Do you agree?
Kaltan [chat]: Where a = 1-5 and B = 6
Grathlek [chat]: A chance === B chance
Kaltan [chat]: Incorrect.
Grathlek [chat]: know the difference between == and === ?
Imrael [chat]: 8==D 8===D
[chat]: Grathlek giggles inanely at Imrael.
Imrael [chat]: Bigger is better
Grathlek [chat]: not necessarily
Kaltan [chat]: === is strict equality.
Grathlek [chat]: as the other is loose and other is bitwise strict
Kaltan [chat]: == is comparing two values.
Kaltan [chat]: A chance does not equal B chance.
Kaltan [chat]: A chance === 5/6.  B chance === 1/6
Grathlek [chat]: nothing to do with math tho, but C-alike coding languates
Kaltan [chat]: At least from my memories of Javascript forever ago.
Kaltan [chat]: That's accurate.
Grathlek [chat]: A chance is 1/6 and B chance is 1/6
Kaltan [chat]: No.
Grathlek [chat]: yes, on six-sided dice
Kaltan [chat]: A result of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 is A
Kaltan [chat]: So it is 5/6.
Grathlek [chat]: all of the numbers are 1/6 chance
Kaltan [chat]: Right, so then 5 results out of  6 equal result A
Kaltan [chat]: It is a 5/6 chance.
Grathlek [chat]: only if you remove the chance for rerolling the same number
Kaltan [chat]: No?
Grathlek [chat]: otherwise the state resets and you can roll the same number
Kaltan [chat]: Yes.
Kaltan [chat]: And thusly each time you roll the die, A === 5/6, B === 1/6
[chat]: Grathlek bursts out in tears.
Grathlek [chat]: this isnt' leading nowhere
Kaltan [chat]: You're refuing to admit basic mathematics as being true.
Grathlek [chat]: no wonder USA is going in a fucking downspiral
Kerral [chat]: So we're making progress?
Kaltan [chat]: So it's kind of hard.
Kaltan [chat]: You're not making any sense Grathlek.
Grathlek [chat]: You are clearly uncapable to understand percentages and fractions, things that _children_ learn and understand in Finland
Kaltan [chat]: I don't think I'm the one incapable.
Grathlek [chat]: (And sorry, I don't mean all USA citizens - just "too many")
Kaltan [chat]: If you think result A, of which any number  1,2,3,4,5 on a 6 sided die is 1/6.
Grathlek [chat]: one a six sided dice - each throw has 1/6 chance
Grathlek [chat]: (rounded up is 16.67% chance)
Kaltan [chat]: I don't think you understand what I'm saying with Result A and Result B.
Grathlek [chat]: on a six sided...*
Kaltan [chat]: Each NUMBER has a 1/6 chance.
Kaltan [chat]: That is correct.
Kaltan [chat]: Each NUMBER has a 1/6 chance to show up.
Kaltan [chat]: However!  We're not searchign for the odds of the NUMBERS showing up.
Grathlek [chat]: sure if 1-5 is A and 6 is B, A has 5/6 chance
Kaltan [chat]: You understand!
[chat]: Kaltan lights fireworks!!!!
Grathlek [chat]: but that logic makes no sense
Kaltan [chat]: What...
Kaltan [chat]: How does it make no sense?
Grathlek [chat]: afaik, we were talking about leatherworking adeptness
Kaltan [chat]: Yes!
Kaltan [chat]: And a good parallel to success rolls on a MUD is dice rolls.
Kaltan [chat]: So we're going to extend my dice metaphor.
Grathlek [chat]: where there is X (TBD) sided dice, and a single number gives you glow item
Kaltan [chat]: Omg.  You're understanding almost.
Kaltan [chat]: We'll wall it a 1d100
Kaltan [chat]: Where 100 is a glow
Grathlek [chat]: RNG (Random Number Generator) makes it that it is possible to get 100000000000 unglow items unless your X is 1
Kaltan [chat]: And 1-99 is a notglow.
Kaltan [chat]: Of course it is possible.
Grathlek [chat]: so how the fuck can you say that with X% skill you have _guaranteed_ glows ?
Kaltan [chat]: I didn't say that.
Kaltan [chat]: I never said that.
Iluth [chat]: no i did
[chat]: Grathlek wraps her arms around Iluth and hugs him warmly.
Iluth [chat]: and yeah you're guaranteed glows with enough skins
Grathlek [chat]: blaming kaltan atm
Kaltan [chat]: You're not Iluth.
Iluth [chat]: yeah you are
Grathlek [chat]: afaik, only thing guaranteed in this game is treasures and that is based on exp value
Kaltan [chat]: There's a point where it's almost a mathematical certainty.  But no you're not guaranteed glows.
Iluth [chat]: well fuck maths
Grathlek [chat]: almost != certainty
Kaltan [chat]: I just said that Grathlek.
Iluth [chat]: try grinding instead
Imrael [chat]: 8====D !
Grathlek [chat]: i grind against my wife when I'm needy, does that count?
Kaltan [chat]: Anyway.  Grathlek, I'm glad to see you admitted you were wrong.
Kaltan [chat]: Let me know if you need any more schooling.
Grathlek [chat]: I will let you meet my dagger
Grathlek [chat]: All I'm admitting
[chat]: Kaltan yawns tiredly.
Grathlek [chat]: You still didn't understand the numbers 1-6 in a dice, so we shouldn't talk about math with you.
Kaltan [chat]: I did understand.
Kaltan [chat]: You did not understand.
Kaltan [chat]: I'm confused as to what you're even talking about.
Kaltan [chat]: I was discussing Result A and B, not individual numbers.
Grathlek [chat]: yet you were referring to 6 sided dice
Grathlek [chat]: saying 1-5 == A and 6 == B
Kaltan [chat]: Where result A was 1-5 and result B is 6.
Grathlek [chat]: which made no sense when the concept was about leatherworking glow procs
Kaltan [chat]: It absolutely did as an easier to grasp example of a similar phenomenon.
Kaltan [chat]: You're still incorrect in your assertion that a,a,a,a,a,a === b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b
Grathlek [chat]: I wish I had the 5/6 chance to get glow items - I bet everyone else would want that too
Kaltan [chat]: A was a failure.
Kaltan [chat]: B was success.
Kaltan [chat]: Obviously in leatherworkign the odds are lower for B
Kaltan [chat]: That does not make failfailfailfailfail ==== successsuccesssuccess
Kaltan [chat]: ===*
Grathlek [chat]: I said a,a,a,a,a,a _chance_ === b,b,b,b,b,b _chance_
Kaltan [chat]: Incorrect.
Grathlek [chat]: the chance never changes because the state resets
Grathlek [chat]: the chance never chances
Grathlek [chat]: changes*
Kaltan [chat]: You're misunderstanding something fairly simple.
Kaltan [chat]: In the analysis of each roll, the odds for A and B never shift.
Kaltan [chat]: No matter how many rolls.
Grathlek [chat]: I understand taht chance for A can be 60% and B 40%
Kaltan [chat]: However, when examining a series of rolls (typically called a run) the odds for a,a,a,a are higher than b,b,b,b
Grathlek [chat]: but what I'm trying to induce, is that those chances never change
Kaltan [chat]: I am not arguing that A and B ever change their odds on a per-roll basis.
Grathlek [chat]: so when you go enough far away, the chances mathc
Kaltan [chat]: Each roll of the die has a 5/6 A and a 1/6 B
Kaltan [chat]: Incorrect.
Kaltan [chat]: That only applies if the odds are 50/50
Kaltan [chat]: You're literally not understanding the phenomenon of percentages.
Kaltan [chat]: Like, the idea that a % represents seems to elude you.
Grathlek [chat]: if you go enough far away, the chance match :>
Kaltan [chat]: Wrong.
Kaltan [chat]: Except in the case of 50/50
Grathlek [wanted]: This to be a valid pkill reason: Kaltan tells you 'You really should just kill yourself after you murder any children you've created. You are far too stupid to breed.'.
Grathlek [wanted]: Personal insult encouraging killing of RL children AND myself
Reizar [chat]: welcome to icesus
Grathlek [chat]: That would be several month ban in batmud
Imrael [chat]: Batmud sucks
Reizar [chat]: or welcome to internet
Vess [chat]: its sad the lengths you both go to demean others, you fail at humanity
Grathlek [chat]: mud and humanity don't coop
Grathlek [chat]: cope*
Kaltan [chat]: The truth should not be a viable reason for a pkill.
Kaltan [chat]: Sorry.
Solar {chat}: fuck me, I read that whole stupid discussion through :<

Internet tough guy

Icesus is not just my life - it's the lack of it.
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