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First of all I would like to wish you all a merry christmas, and wish you all
to read this with some proper thinking before commenting or judging it.

After some criticism about punishing, we had a sit around the table (figuratively)
and talked about policies on punishments and their consequences, aswell what
we would like to achieve with these decisions.

With punishments we try to enforce the rules, but the thin line between too
harsh and too soft is sometimes hard to achieve so we hope the players can
understand that even as we can't hit the spot perfectly, we tend to aim at
it. Some people might think that the policy has got softer, and I can assure
you that it has not. We just don't think it serves nobody to force players to
retire by banning them from their favorite guild/playstyle, so better
punishments need to get implemented.

This new policy will be affecting in these ways, but not limited by:

- All previous game blocking features get removed and in the future these
will not be put on in the future. (E.g. momentum bans, or mastery bans)
(Ps. Does not affect actual bans)

- Players who have been pardoned so far are Thakkrad, Deles, Kraven
and Dragone and have received some other punishments for their deeds.

- Banning from the game will be kept as last resort, but the amounts will
get increased

- Punishments no longer are necessarily instant, and can be added/modified
as late as necessary by the administration. This will hopefully help us
to discuss them more openly with eachother to think best suited penalty.

- If you are limited from some features because of some evil deed you did
in past, please contact me directly or another administrator.

Ps. Sorry for bad grammar, it's after six in the morning afterall O;)

++ Terces, the mortal loving entity
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