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The Gladiator Arena of Mahrakc has always had gladiators fighting gladiators,
but recently the arena administration has started looking into bringing
monstrous beasts to the Pits, where they will liven things up. Some
members of the audience have voiced out their disgruntled opinions of how
stale it is to only be able to see gladiators match against other gladiators.
The governing powers behind the arena have tasked Ziirdulixe, the senior
administer of the Pits, to reach out to the beastmasters of Graemor to
enlist their services for capturing and bringing ferocious beasts of the world
in, for the gladiators to one day fight once all the bureaucratic paperwork
has been processed and all the stakeholders have been heard regarding
this matter. A rumour has it that even though the beasts will not participate
in public matches so far, the dark side of the arena will still use them in
their 'underground' matches. Naturally, the Arena denies the existence of
such matters, but the certain observant citizens have noticed that the
beastmasters steadily bring in new beasts, even though the Pits would have
exceeded their capacity so far if all the beasts that have been brought in
were to be contained in there. Coincidentally, Mahrakc nobility has hosted
more dinner parties lately, some of which have served some very rare and
exquisite meat and some of the professional gladiators who have been
spending an evening in the various establishments of Mahrakc have been
seen bearing some very peculiar scars, some of which have clearly not
been scored by man-forged weaponry.
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