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As most of you have probably noticed in past year or so I have been away more and more and in last 6 months or so been totally away from the game. It has been due to my waning interest and real life plus other hobbies starting to take more and more time from my life.

When other things in life move on and start to take more and more time from you and you have to neglect something you have been part for last 16+ years (more than half of your life) it really affects your mental health. Even after being away pretty much for a year Icesus is one of those things I think about when I wake up and go to sleep and it puts immense stress and frustration into my head from not being able to do things as I used to. And this mental stress is affecting my other life very badly to the point of depression where I seclude myself from rest of the world and 100% focus my attention to something else to espace and start to neglect everything else in my life.

This has been going on for several years already and I have tried different ways to deal with it like being around part time and working on stuff one day a week and couple people have been really helpful with it and it momentarily sparked my interest again but after a while it didn't last and something else needed to be done. I need to retire totally from the game to get peace of mind. There is no other reason for this than that I need to do this for myself or it will just get worse as it has progressively gotten over last couple years.

So here it is. I am stepping down as a project leader of Icesus effective immediately and Fimvar will be filling the spot as acting project leader for the time being.

I have met hundreds of amazing people through Icesus, some who have become really close friends of mine and some who are practically childhood friends at this point. There has been of course ups and downs as well but in the end it has been really amazing time being part of the game and I really hope it keeps being as awesome in the future for everyone.

If you wish to contact me you can send me email at I will not answer any other communications.

Good luck everyone and may the experience and loot be plenty,
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