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A party of ranger scouts report to have found a previously hidden trail to the mountains in southwest from the kingdom of valkor. The trail seems to lead to a small and empty valley. The valley seems to have previously been habitated, there are some ruins and remains of civilization still in sight, though most of them are ruined and badly decayed. The valley seems to be a place of power, raw elemental energies of two element, air and water, seem to be very evident, by far stronger there than almost anywhere else. The place seems to possess a wicked aura, the clear hostility between the two elements seem to be
as strong as ever, even the dead can't rest freely there. There has clearly been a major battle once, the souls of the slain seem to haunt the valley during the night. The atmosphere feels almost like the whole place is still holding it's breath, waiting for the final clash. The leader of the scouting party reported also that some beast or being of terrible power seems to still be in the valley, it's mere presence is making even the trees to wither and even animals are clearly trying to avoid the valley.
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