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Abstract: a new subguild for maxed Sorcerers and Earthpriests

The Conclave of Sorcerers and the leaders of the Priesthood of Earth have decided to deepen their co-operation. After all there are strong ties between the two guilds, there are many dark elves in the Priests of Earth and in the Graemor's city council who are somehow related to the sorcerers in the Conclave. Firstly the Conclave decided to give insight about their spirit manipulation skills and thus provided some skills for the Priests to use. After all the Sorcerers' god is dead and they aren't as strict as they used to be in views of worshipping some other god. After all most of their relatives and friends live in Graemor which follows the god Dhubr.

It was time to take a new step. The Conclave asked the Priests of Earth a teacher to teach skills to control undead. The co-operation quickly become more than just teaching, the Sorcerers and a Priest of Earth, Vorkul, quickly discovered new ways to combine the skills: Priests' skills for controlling the undead and Sorcerers' skills for breaching wards to the elemental planes. The guild 'Unification of Dhubr' was founded. The guild takes studends from both of the guilds though there are some requirements: the Priests require that the members of the guild are worshipping earth and have ties to graemor, while the sorcerers require the students to be dark elves. Naturally the students of these powerfull arts must be true masters of their own guild's magics. The guild is temporarily situated near the entrance of the sorcerer's stronghold.
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