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Mages of Valkor have started to teach skill called 'magical defences' to the elite members of the Army of Vaerlon. With the teaching of the mages in the skill they have made some good progress and by combining the knowledge of the skill with the shield training in the army they are now able to block magical projectiles, like arrows, with shields.

To block magical projectiles you need to have some knowledge in both of the skills and higher these two skills are the bigger projectiles you are able to block. Of course the shield itself affects a lot too as it is relatively hard to block an incoming large ball of acid with a tiny buckler but a skilled elite militia with a large shield is able to block, at least partially, even the huge swarms of magical projectiles that mages are able to conjure up sometimes. Also magical resistances in the shield have some impact against the damage of the spell.

Those who have already maxed the elite infantry must take the new level to gain the skill and to be able to block spells with shield.
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