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New breeds of cancuns and thri-kreens have been emerging from the woods near the Volcano in the northern parts of the valley. These new breeds sport variety of racial mutations that are result of countless generations of fighting between these two races and only the fittest have survived. They are stronger, bigger and meaner than their other relatives. For example some cancuns are as tall as a grown man, having two enormours and deadly reaperclaws and covered from head to toes by thorny spikes, some thri-kreens have grown their carapace more thicker and to cover vulnerable parts of their body, especially their abdomens, and some of the cancuns and thri-kreens are even rumoured to wield magical powers with ease and few of them have even mastered the powers of the mind, abilities which are previously unseen in both of these races.

These new abilities come in form of a 5 level sub guild, The Hive, that is available for both of the races. If you ever wanted to modify your race yourself, now it's the time.
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