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After long years in self-proclaimed exile the time has come for the Conclave of Sorcerers to make their presence known again in the world of Aegic. The Masters of the Conclave think that the time is right to recruit new members from the ranks of races mostly suited for their craft, no longer only dark elves may enter the guild but the recruiters have approached representives of the other, closely aligned races. Even if several other races may join and study in the guild only dark elves are allowed to become masters of the craft.

The chaotic events which just tipped the balance of power in the valley make it easier for the Sorcerers to make their re-appreance to the world. Maybe enough time has passed since their departure or maybe they have grown powerful enough so that they are able to meet their opposers from the ancient times with equal terms. Nevertheless their appreance has caused great debate and disorder amongst the ranks of other magic-user's in the valley.

Entrance to their guild is rumoured to be somewhere in the southeastern part of the valley, far from civilization though no-one knows the actual location of their center of training, the Stronghold.
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