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What happened on 2005...

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 04:32 am    Post subject: What happened on 2005... Reply with quote

...well LOTS of things I suppose. Lots of things happened in game but I'm not going to talk more about it than say that is great to see more and more people from all around the world enjoying the game. What would be more enjoyable than new features and yes, this post is about what was coded and added to the game on year 2005 so without any more of my meaningless babbling, here's the list:

- Artisans and all things related to them
- Re-done Army of Vaerlon
- Melee branch for Psionicists
- New content for Unification of Dhubr
- Evasive combat methods and stun powder for Rangers
- Weapons and 5th aspects for shapeshifers
- Hive for cancuns and thri-kreens
- Teaching of elements priest sub
- Quest chain for Earthpriests

- Green dragon and Leprechaun
- Army outpost
- Enlarged Village of Adroal
- Tavern of Winter
- Caverns of slime
- Gale's berry farm
- Cinder Scale Village
- Gnomish trading post
- Preran's fishshop

- Player gallery
- 2 new wizards: Misrobo and Zaec
- Jää Ry membership bonuses
- Treasure maps
- Updated hunting
- Bounty system
- Curses
- Light sources visible
- New version of battle code
- Newspapers
- Flying mounts, saddlebags, summonable mounts
- Secondary characters
- Prestige
- Revamped trap system, magic trap

Plus thousands and thousands of other tunes, changes and additions including lots of groundwork for future code and of course I have probably forgotten many many things.
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