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Resize hut is back up and running, there was a day delay (due to dev being down) between backups so if your item is missing I am deeply sorry (I can't reimb you as there is no record).

The good news is that while it was away it got an upgrade. Player smiths are now required to do a quota depending on the amount of items in the hut in a 24 hour period, this way as long as a player wants to use a public forge there will be some circulation of resizes.

There is now an item value minimum of 8k for it to be resized in this hut. For those of you who leave their item in the hut for more than 3 days (after it has been resized) you will start to incure a fine, if the fine grows larger than the items worth it is placed in the donation, which is located in the hut and is free game for newbies.

For ease of identification for player smiths all items need to be uniquely named, also new commands 'resize list <leather|metal> [all]' will also assist in which you can resize.

Once again if you lost your item, I am very sorry for your loss, but the reality is you will just have to take it on the chin.

Last remark, if there is any harassment of player resizers because they don't want to resize your item for _any_ reason this with be met with min of several weeks banishment up to deletion of character. Harassment is not tolerated in Icesus. For those who are being harassed 'help harass'.
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