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Big things are brewing in the background as the conversion of 2008 is crawling closer to your doorsteps. Many major changes are coming and this post is to inform you about the coming conversion and to allow you have small sneak peeks to things to come. Keep an eye on this post as it will be updated regularly with new bits of information as they are finished and ready to be unveiled.

Conversion has been decided to be put into game on 3rd of May. The game will be shutdown and locked from mortals during the duration of the work required to put in the changes. Whole weekend has been reserved for this work and the game will open when the changes are finished, the latest on the monday 5th of May. This conversion date could still change if something major happens during the development process that requires more time.

But without further bullshit talk here is the first new thing coming in the conversion:

1. Profession levels
Profession levels are additional levels you can take in addition to your normal levels that you gain by advancing in guilds normally. These profession levels allow you to take totally level and advancement cost free levels from non-fighting related open subguilds like you would take normal levels. This allows you to take part in many of the crafting, survival and other skills without spending precious experience to get the levels. You will start gaining these levels very early and keep getting them all the way up to level 100 at steady pace. So whether you are a new player or a battle-hardened veteran of Icesus there is good things coming to your way. Only drawback to this is that you will not get the stat bonuses from those levels. You can also choose to take those levels with your regular levels and spend exp if you choose to or do combination of both, taking the levels you want as profession levels and others with normal levels.

2. New herb system
Everyone who has ever made potions or poisons knows what a pain looping (and botting) 'use herbalism', 'gather mushrooms' or 'cast grow herb' for hours can be. In the conversion will be introduced a new way of collecting herbs and mushrooms from outworld. Instead of using some obscure skill or command that magically poofs you a pile of herbs or mushrooms out of nowhere the herbs and mushroom will start to grow in the actual outworld rooms. These herbs and mushrooms can be found by anyone walking in the wilderness; a new extra line in room's description will tell you if you have noticed something growing nearby.

When you find such herb or mushroom you can easily collect it with changed 'gather' command that will quickly pick up the things growing in the room and tuck them into your bags. This command is usable by all players, even without having any skill in herbalism, plant lore or knowledge of mushrooms. Naturally having those skills will help you when gathering herbs and mushrooms, especially if you are need of larger amount of them. Also the herbs and mushrooms will continue growing there if you do not pick them up. They will not magically go poof and disappear. They will be there if you or someone else comes there even a day later and when you come back there might even be some more growing there than there was previously.

3. Guild structure changes
Along with the profession levels there will be a larger change to the structure of guilds and how their levels are distributed. Main changes will that every main guild will be exactly 60 levels. For most guilds this means getting the current things they have in more compact and accessible package as the most useless levels are being taken out and skills and spells redistributed to the new level changes. Some guilds will still though have an option to take more than 60 levels, for example rangers who can either go sixtyish with either melee or archery side but are also allowed to take both of them if you wish to. Biggest change from this will be to the Priests of Air as they currently only have 48 levels in total in their guild. The missing 12 levels will not be stretched from the existing content in the guild and they will receive 12 brand new levels in form of a sub guild that will be aimed towards more offensive magic than to an additional healing magic.

Not only will the main guilds get a change in their levels but also the secondary guilds will have their levels changed from 20 levels to 15 levels allowing more choices and variety for you to choose from. In total these changes allow you to take your main guild to 60 and two 15 level secondary guilds to reach 90 levels leaving you with 10 levels to use freely to open guilds of your choice in addition to the profession levels. Also there might be even more secondary guilds to choose from...

4. Gaesati shapeshifters secondary guild
Not only are the humans of Gaesati descent able to shapeshift. They are the masters of shapeshifting but nearly all other races also have persons with natural talent in shapeshifting. These people are called changelings as many believe them to be monsters that have been swapped with their real babies.

These changelings are not able to assume animal forms but they are change their physical form in multiple ways like increasing or decreasing their size, making themselves stronger, more dextrous, sturdy as trees, alluringly beautiful and making their skin strong as steel for example. They are also able to rapidly regenerate their wounds and stop bleeding. These traits make them feared and shunned in most communities around the valley which makes them usually choose the life of an outcast.

5. New races: Ciloss
Ciloss' upper part of the body contains the sensory organs, for example the eyes of a ciloss that are like two single-coloured oval-shaped orb-like jewels. Vertically in the middle of this upperpart goes a small eminence that races down from the top of the head and ends into a small sharp beak that serves as a mouth. On top of the head in this eminence is a gem-like bodypart that looks like it would have been embedded into it but it really is real part of their body. This weird "gem" is formed from special kind of cartilage that is very hard. They vary in colour, mostly being different shades of blue. Some people value these gems a lot and have slaughtered many cilosses because of them. This upperpart of the body forms the head of these mysterious creatures, while the lower part, that contains the various organs associated with the circulatory systems, digestion and so on, forms the body. Cilosses seem to possess both gills and lungs thus allowing them to live both in many large lakes of the valley and on land. Both the upper part and the lower part of the body are supported on a framework of cartilage, that is at the same time strong and elastic.

They have four powerful tentacles, two to each side, that a ciloss may use to move itself about or to grasp things. Mostly they are used only to move around. In addition they have two tentacle on each side, bit upper than the rest of the tentacles. These two tentacles are not as long but they are small and, apparently, more flexible. These tentacles are used preferentially by the ciloss for manipulating things. Weird make-up of their body seems to render them immune to coldness brought by harsh weathers of the valley and they seem to survive very well in cold water too.

Cilosses are masters of magic and politics, two skills that go very well together. In the ruler's courts, nobles are supposedly chosen by merit, but with a little magic and a little deceit almost anyone can rise to power. In the end, those who do control what goes on in the ciloss society tend to be unscrupulous and understandably paranoid though only the smartest and most cunning ciloss' rise to the top. This single-mindedness serves them well in government, where rank is everything.

Warriors are rare in the ciloss society because of their tentacles are unable to handle delicated weapons and thus they mainly use spears, staves and other similar kind of weapons. Luckily cilosses are unmatched in magical skill and they have even hints of possessing some mental abilities like telepathy and some rumor that they might even possess other more greater mental abilities. Eventhough they are amazingly good in magical skill cilosses prefer to scheme in the background, using their mystical talents to jockey for position and power. Because of this many other races see them as cunning, unscrupulous and very mysterious race that are feared and hated. Mostly because of their unnatural appearance.

Wisdom: intermediate
Dexterity: minor
Size: medium
Constitution: minor
Intelligence: high
Charisma: mediocre
Strength: minor

Starting alignment: mischievous
Ability to see in light: average
Ability to see in dark: MAXIMAL
Experience gain rate: high
Spell point regen: exceptional
Endurance point regen: average
Hit point regen: intermediate

Special abilities for cilosses:
Major 'water breathing'-ability

They have a lifespan of approximately 200 years.
Cilosses have basic natural vulnerability against fire damage.
Cilosses have adequate natural resistance against cold damage.

Slots: 1 amulet slots, 2 finger slots, 1 neck slots, 1 head slots, 1 belt slots, 1 cloak slots, 1 miscellaneous slots, 1 clothes slots, 6 arm slots and 1 torso slots.

6. New riding open subguild
This new subguild offers you an opportunity learn basics of riding and horse care to maximize the potential of your mounts while travelling and fighting on a mount. Also while the subguild is somewhat combat oriented it will be still available with the new profession levels!

Here is help info on one of their new skills:

Horseback archery is a complete sub-section of your standard marksmans, requiring both skill in shooting itself, but going far beyond that. A great synergy between one and his mount is needed - not to fire - but to actually hit and to inflict damage. This skill is a collection of knowledge that is seriously impaired without experience in such areas as 'rural concealment', 'animal lore' and 'mounted marksmanship'. Using mounted encirclement an archer utilises his knowledge of the opponent as well as his mount and commands the mount to start and encircle the poor opponent at a safe range, allowing the archer to fire shots continuously, a feat that would be impossible under normal circumstances. With skill in 'riding' and 'dodge' the archer is able to guide his mount out of a charging opponent's path, oftentimes remaining unharmed completely. Needless to say, encircling an opponent indoors is impossible, and only very effective against animals. The momentum is immediately broken should another opponent enter the combat.

7. Haunt spell for Earth priest
Both the main guild and the secondary guild will receive this new spell in conversion. With this spell priests of earth are able to destroy the mortal corpse binding the wrecthed spirit of their undead minion and turn it into a ghost-like spirit entity. Traditionally some priests have used these entities to haunt and guard places by binding them into them but now they figured out a way to haunt themself with the spirit entity. This allows a priest to tap into the spirit energies and to the nether link the spirit has to empower the priests own magical powers and to adopt some of the abilities that the spirit possesses, for example magical resistance of a strigoi.

The effects vary depending on the minion's type and level. Higher level minion leads to stronger effects and bonuses while gained effects relate to the minion's type. These bonuses are for example increased health and resistances, increased spell damage, changed damage types (for example zombie minion changes your damage type from some of your spells to poison) and even some of the abilities carry over to the spells of the priest. Good example of this is the fear ability of a lich or wraith's wail that can happen when the haunted earth priest casts his spells.

8. Surnames
Players will be able to acquire surnames for themself after conversion. There will be an office where you can register your new surname for a price. In addition to its price there will be experience and explore requirements for the surnames. Surnames will last only for your current reinc and need to be re-acquired after each reinc but if you wish to keep your old surname you can register it for lowered price. You may also change your surname in your current reincarnation for a cost if you wish to do so. Surnames will have a name policy for them and failure to follow the rules will lead to removal of your surname and inability to use them ever again.

Army members with surname may go to meet Grurg and apply for Symbol of Nobility.

9. New races: Reed
The Reed, as other dwellers call them are quite mysterious, and rarely seen outside their natural habitat, the marshlands in the southern edge of the valley. They have almost no contact with other races, preferring to stay in the deepest reaches of the swamplands, in solitude, gathering together only at rare festives and feeding sprees. Only at those rare gatherings they can be observed, their eerie rituals creating much wonder and amazement and to say simply, horror.

Physically, they differ from most races quite a lot, their body is reed-thin, thus their name, the original being too difficult to pronounce by most other races. They have normal, or at least mostly normal limbs, arms and legs, their fingers and toes longer than you'd imagine and thin, seeming almost to be in verge of breaking apart at any time. Their bodies have absolutely no fat, nor much meat in them, only thin bones and thick greenish grey skin, their eyes almost burning with green gaze. Their face is very narrow and teeth long and sharpened, with moss-green hair, usually uncut and flowing free around their narrow shoulders and far into their back. They are extremely tall, but being thin as they are, their bulk is not greater than any medium-sized race.

The Reed are rarely in contact with most other races, but those few contacts have all been violent. Considering their strange body structure and inability to store little energy to their bodies they have evolved into new symbiotic ways to regenerate. They usually bind nutritious materials, most often corpses, humanoid preferred, to their back and start to merge with them, the rotting flesh becoming construction material and nutrition source, allowing them to regenerate at normal speed. This need for rotting flesh greatly concerns other races, and they are often killed in sight, if one is able to.

Wisdom: minor
Dexterity: high
Constitution: poor
Size: HUGE
Intelligence: high
Charisma: adequate
Strength: minor

Hit point regen: petty
Ability to see in light: average
Starting alignment: vicious
Ability to see in dark: MAXIMAL
Experience gain rate: good
Spell point regen: moderate
Endurance point regen: petty

Special abilities for reeds:
Major 'merge'-ability
Major 'carnivorous digestion'-ability

They have a lifespan of approximately 12 years.
Reeds have adequate natural resistance against psionic damage.

1 miscellaneous slots, 2 hand slots, 1 belt slots, 1 cloak slots, 1 clothes slots, 1 neck slots, 2 foot slots, 1 torso slots, 1 amulet slots, 2 finger slots, 1 head slots, 2 ear slots, 2 leg slots and 2 arm slots.

10. New races: Avan
The Avans are peculiar, rarely seen creatures that live far in the northern reaches of the valley. They can usually be seen flying in the morning breeze, dancing around mountain tops in the unseen currents. It is said that seeing them dance is the most beautiful sight one can see.

The avan's body is strangely structured, it consists of four limbs, connected to the trunk that is the main body. The head is small and child-like. What is so peculiar about them that their bodies are almost see-through, almost completely transparent, only their silvery skeletal structures are in view, their flesh and organs being quite translucent. Their hues vary from clear red to yellow and pale blue, with few golden ones and purple avan's around. The colour of their translucent body usually presents their rank in the avan society, the golden ones being the leaders. For any observer, the first sight of a flying skeleton, surrounded by haze-like body that emits it's own pale light is a strange and peculiar happening indeed, but once the dance starts, they would give anything for it never to stop.

Wisdom: adequate
Dexterity: adequate
Constitution: poor
Size: small
Intelligence: minor
Charisma: high
Strength: poor

Hit point regen: considerable
Spell point regen: good
Endurance point regen: mediocre
Ability to see in light: average
Ability to see in dark: intermediate
Starting alignment: neutral
Experience gain rate: exceptional

Special abilities for avans:
Major 'charming dance'-ability
Major 'fly'-ability

They have a lifespan of approximately 25 years.
Avans have moderate natural resistance against cold damage.
Avans have moderate natural resistance against lightning damage.
Avans have moderate natural resistance against fire damage.
Avans have moderate natural resistance against acid damage.
Avans have insignificant natural vulnerability against physical damage.

1 miscellaneous slots, 2 belt slots, 1 neck slots, 1 amulet slots, 4 finger slots, 1 head slots, 4 ear slots and 4 arm slots.

11. New races: Saerka
The Saerka are strange creatures, usually living very near the main volcanos of the valley. They are slightly taller than humans, and have tan, quite thick skin, black piercing eyes, crimson red hair and in their back, two great leathery black wings. They can be seen flying around the volcanos at night-time, guarding their territory and attacking anything that comes close to their habitats in the edges of these fire-spitting pits. In the process of living close to the hot flames, they have grown to be quite resistant against fire. Their bodies are quite lean, with clawed hands and feet.

A rumour goes by that the Saerka were once the guardians and creations of the great dragon Alzurienchamal, but apparently if you suggest so to one of the Saerka, you will probably end up dead, they are very secretive about their origins, but it is written that they appeared around the same time than the great dragon was finally defeated.

The Saerka's weapon of choice is a bow, usually a short recurve bow that gives them ability to shoot accurately while flying. Training of young Saerka in the art of archery starts very early and thus every Saerka has a great ability with the bow, their rituals making them the best archers in the valley, despite their fairly mediocre physical abilities.

Size: somewhat large
Wisdom: minor
Dexterity: adequate
Constitution: mediocre
Intelligence: poor
Charisma: minor
Strength: mediocre

Hit point regen: moderate
Spell point regen: mediocre
Endurance point regen: useful
Ability to see in light: basic
Ability to see in dark: MAXIMAL
Experience gain rate: good
Starting alignment: wicked

Special abilities for saerkas:
Major 'fly'-ability
Major 'carnivorous digestion'-ability
Major 'uncanny precision'-ability

They have a lifespan of approximately 40 years.
Saerkas have adequate natural resistance against fire damage.

1 miscellaneous slots, 1 belt slots, 1 neck slots, 1 torso slots, 1 amulet slots, 4 finger slots, 1 head slots, 2 ear slots, 2 leg slots, 2 hand slots and 2 arm slots.

12. Air strikes
People on flying mounts with 'air combat' feat or flying through other means are able to do sweeping attacks from low altitude at the creatures on ground. In practice this means you are able to attack creatures on land with commands like 'kill', 'shoot', 'throw' and 'cast'. When you are casting a spell or shooting or throwing you start the process in the air and just before you finish it you land next to your target and let it go at the target. When you attack directly to melee from the air with 'kill' command you will receive some free attacks thanks to the surprise factor. Important thing to note is that this forces you to land and if you wish to get back to air you need to get out of the combat first.
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