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Unfortunately this was an April Fools joke, although it probably didn't fool anyone ever for a second Sad

Dragon Knights

New main guild

This guild got green lighted in last Jää ry meeting held last week so I'm posting now some of the main attributes that this guild is formed around.

Dragon Knights are a prestigious order and thus require 'aura of prestige' to join, meaning that only secondary characters can be part of the guild, also Dragon Knights are both a guild and a race in one so you don't have to fret over the race selections. Also they have a fixed starting point and cannot choose any kingdom affiliations or home towns

Dragon Knights are basicly a high defense guild with elemental specialization and they can act as amplifiers for other elemental based attacks that party members use.

(depending on the element you choose to worship)

Fire = Fire
Water = Ice
Air = Electricity
Earth = Sonic (some think that this should be acid, but Acidic breath weapons resemble vomiting too much which is just gross)

Defensive abilities : Physical
Defensive capabilities of a dragon knight are somewhat unique and different from other classes. They are in a sense juggernauts, they dont dodge, avoid hits, contact reflexes or block nor weapon parry at all, since dodging is for wussies.
They mitigate damage with their skin alone. They have a skill and a special mastery which improves their skin (consisting of tiny dragon scales.) At the beginning their skin is equivalent of normal leather but with maxed out skill and mastery the skin will be equal to adamantine armor. Also (and this is the unique part) the dragon knight has a chance to deflect blows with his skin, weapons made of weaker material than the skin has a greater chance to be deflected. Natural weapons are scaled with the monsters level to compensate for the inferior attack type. (We wouldn't want Dragon Knights to be nigh-immune to animal attacks now would we?)
They can also use gemstones to temporarily increase their natural armor, gem is destroyed in the process, more valuable gem, more armor gained.

Defensive abilities : Magical
Dragon Knights have an aura ability (personal only) which is attuned to their element. Not only are they immune, they are actually rejuvenated when attacked (by others) with the element in question, restoring Hp, Sp and Ep. Their aura ability also improves with a mastery, increasing the rejuvenation coefficient factor to the damage received and increasing resistances to other elemental types.

Offensive abilities : Physical
Physically extremely strong and agile, Dragon Knights are paragons in unarmed combat, what they lack in technique they compensate with supernatural combat prowess. They literally tear their opponents into bits and pieces with their bare hands. Weapons are for cowards so they refuse to wield them. Unlike weapon wielding classes, Dragon Knights strength is multiplied in combat code depending on their mastery in physical combat, resulting in quite interesting results, They don't actually reach the monk levels in pure damage dealt but they are quite formidable indeed to manage on their own.

Offensive abilities : Magical
Each elemental type is different but they all share the 4 basic breath attacks.
They have instant single target, instant area, continuous single target and continuous area breath attacks.
Instant single/area attacks are used with Spell points, they instantly deal elemental damage of your type + chance for secondary effect.

Fire : fire damage + chance to ignite foes resulting in damage over time effect.

Water : Cold damage + chance to cause blindness, hypotermia or freezing effects resulting on greatly diminished combat abilities and interrupting spellcasting/skill use

Air : Electric damage + occasional muscle spasms + can be chained with 'AND' command to affect multiple targets

Sonic : Sonic damage + pletora of wounding effects

Continuous breath attacks make Dragon Knights the party animals they are.

Continuous version uses EP and lasts (with mastery) upto 30 seconds at a time.
The attack itself is pretty weak (Sonic being an exception here). If during this time other party members may attack the Dragon Knight with an spell with same elemetal type as the Dragon Knight the spell doesn't cause rejuvenation, instead it is amplified and converted into an energy pulse sent through the breath attack resulting in increased damage (upto 300% with proper masteries) Downside being that continuous breath weapon can only be used in front row. All breath attacks have a short cooldown period, usually 5-10 seconds between uses.

Sonic being the exception here, since the game is in shortage of sonic attacks there are 2 possibilities here, either amplify psionic attacks or just boost the damage to formidable levels (since they don't really have a chance to benefit from the rejuvenating effect)

Special quirks :

Dragon Knights share a special attribute with regular dragons, they are greedy as hell. They can carry only 500 gold coins at any time. Every piece of money they loot goes straight into their hoard which resides in their mansions' vault (if has one) or their Lair. Size of the hoard increases their will to live, meaning that they can avoid dying with sheer willpower and crawl away from combat where other people would have died for sure. This also means that Dragon Knights cannot use banks but can vendor stuff normally (except buying anything, greed prevents it)
The 500 gold they can carry around should be enough for tolls.

Dragon Knights dont drink and they can only eat gold coins or items.

Dragon Knights do not have access to DF blessings but can use PDF blessings. Dragon Knights get divine favours from killing stuff and utilize their class' special blessing selection, also some attacks consume divine favours. If you die, your current divine favours are halved.

Dragon Knights don't hold inferior species in any regard so they occasionally let attacks get past them to hit the person standing behind him in party formation.

This is just a sneak peak and prone to some tweaks and changes

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So, I just make a secondary, get my friend healer to stand in the room with me. Go defensive, and attack some weak mob and keep some heal over time spells up to raise my natural armour mastery to 100%?

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torvus wrote:
So, I just make a secondary, get my friend healer to stand in the room with me. Go defensive, and attack some weak mob and keep some heal over time spells up to raise my natural armour mastery to 100%?

Or take a look at your calendar
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You've got too much free time.

But the secondary-only guilds would rule, secondaries are quite useless now with the changes to reinc taxing.
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