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Added 6 new stats to eqs that work on both armours and weapons. They are:

Celerity: Increases your attack speed of each of your attacks.
Alacrity: Increases your promptness at defending.
Thaumaturgy: Increases your casting speed.
Prowess: Increases your chance of gaining a special hit.
Defiance: Increases your hardiness against mighty foes.
Infused with <type>: In melee every time you hit you have a chance of dealing extra <type> damage based on amount of stat you have, when throwing or shooting you will each time deal the bonus damage, for casting this stat functions same as spell damage stat but with lowered effect per point.

They will not appear on random items but can be found as a shards. Some older items might get defiance added to them later.

Noteworthy about all these stats is that they all cap their effectiness at 50 points. So having over 50 in total in your equipment is not really useful.
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