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Fire priests are now open for everyone!

Priests of fire are fairly controversial in the eyes of common people and other faiths. Many consider them to be utter madmen who like to burn and destroy everything. Non-believers view fire as an instrument of destruction, a tool to eradicate the living, things and cities leaving nothing but a smoldering ashen wasteland in the wake of it. True believers of fire know that the fire is also the source of life, warmth and compassion while acknowledging its destructive side also. Followers of fire are extremely passionate in their faith and tend to give everything for it and aren't afraid to sacrifice themselves to defend their faith and are even known to use self-flagellation in their religious rituals. In combat they are relentless and prone to fly into religious fervor fueled by the righteous fury. When this happens there is bound to be smoldering corpses lying around to be turned into funeral pyres after the fight.

Majority of the guilds features make use of the guild's own unique resource system called Righteous fury. It works somewhat similarly to the blood system of Water Priests and Scions of the Cursed Blood, but instead of draining the resources from your opponents in some way you gather it by performing well in combat. This means anything from normal melee attacks to casting and using guild's own combat maneuver called Spellblade. Other means of gathering is to do self-flagellation, preach or burying corpses with proper rites.

This resource system is then used mainly for the key mechanic of the guild called Religious fervor. It is a form of spell casting that allows you to convert your righteous fury into religious fervor that will hasten your spell casting. It will and is meant to make some of the guild's own spells, which can be only cast through religious fervor, instantaneous. This means that a fire priest who is meant to be a melee caster hybrid in fight will be able to use all his combat points for offence and does not need to have any points in casting but will still be able to cast his spells when needed. This spell hasting mechanic is not only limited to the fire priest himself and there are different methods of granting your party members greatly hasted spells or even instantaneous spells that work kinda like "spell momentums".

Another main mechanic comes from the guild's own combat maneuver Spellblade. Help for spellblade:

Fire priests have developed their own method of combat which is fusion of spell casting and melee prowess that culminates in form of this combat maneuver. Many of the fire priests' spells do not do anything on their own except create few sparks, embers and some sulfuric hazes that linger around their victim. Spellblade works as a catalyst to these spells and causes them to erupt into anything ranging from clouds of sulfuric fumes to
volcanic fallout that causes molten boulders of lava to rain down from the sky in the worst case.

Spellblade maybe used in conjunction with certain spells, for example wilting heat spell, to cause additional spell like effects such as damage and to gain righteous fury with the maneuver in case of said wilting heat spell. When used this way the spellblade will not trigger spell effects from the target.

Lastly the spellblade has also different effect when it is used as a combat momentum instead of using like in the above examples.

An important mechanic and main focus for eq making ability of the guild is throwing with Lance of the goddess. This spell makes the target weapon become flaming. This transforms the weapon's damage partially into fire damage and increases the melee and throwing damage. The main feature in it though is that it will turn throwing basically into ranged version of the spellblade maneuver, allowing the fire priest to trigger his guild's own spells through throwing, use the special effects of the spellblade and also to gather the needed righteous fury that he isn't getting from the melee and maneuvers being in the backrow. It also makes the thrown weapon to return to your hand instantly after the throw, whether it was a hit or miss, allowing you to either continue throwing without extra hassle or you can begin combat by throwing your spear and then proceed to melee your opponent. It also naturally comes with its own throwing related mastery attached.

Preaching also plays important role for the fire priests. They do not use any books for the preaching as they study the decrees to the point that they can recite the sacred words from memory. These decrees have several different effects based on decree used like hasting your party members, making your spells stronger, damaging unnatural beings, regening faster or damages opponents based on their spell casting abilities and reduces effectiness of their spells and removes ill-effects from your party.

The Grand cathedral of Fire is located in the southeast part of the city of Atherton. The guild is joinable by any race and requires you to worship Fire but does not require you to live in Atherton.

For full preview info (which might not be 100% correct anymore) see

Report bugs and other things directly to me.
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