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First two apartments to go up for sale will be three room flats in Vaerlon.

Here's the schedule:

1st - 11.3.2011 - Sale starting around 18:00 server time
Update: The apartment was bought by Dracu and Regnad.

2nd - 12.3.2011 - Sale starting around 21:00 server time
Update: The apartment was bought by Lume.

Sales beyond the first two aren't likely to be scheduled, and will rather just appear on the sales channel when a wizard has made a new apartment and is willing to sell it. Once there's surplus of apartments, they will most likely cost a static amount, perhaps the average out of past sales.

Bidding rules:

* Anyone who already has an apartment in Vaerlon cannot place a bid. A flat in any other city isn't grounds for being excluded.
* People may bid in groups, but all the buyers must be declared so I can make sure you can really afford the bid, which brings me to the next point:
* You must have the money on you when you place a bid. There will be absolutely no "for fun" bidding or "just raising the price" bids at all, withdrawing a bid isn't allowed for any reason.

Fine print: Things like network outage or monkeys raining out of the sky might cause for the auction(s) to be delayed
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