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Tier 1 abilities:
Child of woods: Travelling in all terrains is effortless to fay descendants and all terrain is considered as roads for ep cost.
Entrancement: Similar ability to transfixing glare but works on all non-undead creatures, instant + cooldown.
Fay knowledge: Allows identifying any item instantly.
Fay resistance: Magic resistance against offensive spells.
Fay wings: Fay descendants can sprout immaterial translucent wings from their back that allow flight.
Leywalker: Usable ability that allows to draw massive amounts of mana from the surrounding lands.
Invisibility: Can turn invisible at will.
Wisdom of the woods: Wisdom educe.

Tier 2 abilities:
Dazzling beauty: Charisma educe and passive defensive ability that blinds attackers.
Purifying touch: Removes all harmful effects, wounds, poisons etc. from target. Instant + cooldown.
Spontaneous magic: Usable ability that makes your next spell instant when used out of combat. In combat gives instant spell impulse.
Sprite troupe: Group of sprites dart around you constantly, making random attacks and spells at your opponents.

Tier 3 abilities:
Sidhe nobility: Allows befriending any animal in outworld. Can be summoned to help in combat. Leaves after combat.
Trickster's guile: Ability to reflect next spell that hits the fay descendant. Allows also to see detailed info about all spell casting in vicinity.

Tier 4 abilities:
Fay magic: Allows double spell casting passively, at will on cooldown.
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