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Tier 1 abilities:
Call of the wild: Random animal attacks opponent and fights for duration of the combat. Outside combat summons random huntable monster.
Dryad's caress: Heals, removes poisons, wounds.
Greener pastures: Increased skills while outside.
Gigantism: Allows changing size at will.
Master of avians: Birds attack feral child's opponents.
Thrill of the hunt: Gain ep after kill based on level of the monster.
Force of nature: Calls special mount.
Wanderlust: All terrain is considered as road for whole party in which the feral child is in.

Tier 2 abilities:
Aegic's might: Strength educe. Instant 1-3 attacks, cooldown.
Lightning reflexes: Dexterity educe. Allows avoiding damage.
Nine lives: Allows cheating death.
Strength of the wilds: Immunity to stun.

Tier 3 abilities:
Marked for death: Target takes 20% more damage for small duration.
Unseen stalker: Can flank with any guild.

Tier 4 abilities:
Ultimate predator: Brutality (chance for double damage on every melee hit).
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