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The random boots that have been happening for past several months were caused by a faulty piece of server hardware. Today we were moved to a brand new, much more powerful server, which hopefully will get rid of the random boots and also make boots and everything else run a lot faster. If there are some new problems now that we have moved let me know about them.

So now that this problem is gone it is actually sensible to reimburse lost things. I've been informed by the higher powers that I will receive training in reimbursing at some point in February and also Fimvar might do some of them.

Everyone who has lost something and needs a reimburse should write a mudmail to me (even if you have mailed Fimvar already) with following details:
1. As detailed as possible information about what was lost.
2. When you lost it and when was the last time you certainly had it.
3. Where was it located when you lost it (eg. locker / booth / inventory / house etc.) and where it was when you last saw it.

In most cases I hope that we are able to find it from backups but if we don't we need to reimburse it manually, which is why we need as detailed information as possible. If your stuff needs to be manually reimbursed and you have a ton of worthless crap that was lost you probably will not see them again as it takes a lot of time and effort to get them back and we will mainly focus on the important stuff. Also there are quite many people needing some sort of reimbursement so more detailed information makes it faster to everyone.

I will start reimbursing the stuff as fast as possible (when I know how to). In case of mounts/booths/shrines etc. I can try do them immediately but the other stuff will likely have to wait till end of February or later.
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