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    Gameplay Changes and Tunes

    [Items] (Sat Jan 1 16:35) Zaltaiz: rescaled masteries in "blue dragonscale trident", the maximum potential is greater and there are more steps in the way, fully effective after reboot
    [Monster/Area] (Sun Jan 2 16:39) Zaltaiz: Cramlen, the fearsome man of the woods was picking some wild mushrooms a while ago. One of them must have been quite magical as when he put it into a stew at calluin's bachelor bash, it seemed to have strange effects, which still lingers. The men got stronger and the woman got hotter. Plain english: new balance for some beings in the ye olde avian place, *this is experimental tune, if it sucks I'll change it back*, effective as rooms update.
    [Coven] (Tue Jan 4 17:46) Zaltaiz: due to popular demand, illusory doom now costs more sp and psp, and takes longer to cast, the damage is just as juicy as before, though
    [Coven] (Fri Jan 14 18:02) Zaltaiz: covenite tunes: doom costs a bit less sp/psp, fleeting images costs a bit more sp/lot more psp, necrotic fields costs somewhat more sp, entropic fields sucks more, silent scream rocks more
    [Coven] (Fri Jan 14 18:12) Zaltaiz: withering now ticks slightly more leisurely pace
    [Items] (Sat Jan 22 19:30) Moraq: Dawnstar special feature no longer works when the weapon is not wielded.
    [Monster/Area] (Sat Jan 22 22:07) Zaltaiz: Certain tavern got yet another hole you can worm your way into in search of plunder, pillaging and ra... ravenous monsters. The strongest inhabitant is not quite yet home, but the lesser beings can have some very very rare, very nifty items too!
    [Coven] (Tue Jan 25 18:15) Zaltaiz: coven touches are now unabusable
    [Coven] (Tue Jan 25 18:26) Zaltaiz: also includes withering
    [Monster] (Thu Jan 27 17:08) Zaltaiz: Oh woe, this morning krepis got up from the bed with the right foot for a long long time, and seemed to gain back some of his former glory.
    [Area](Sat Jan 29 15:56) Ginjeet: Thanks to Cromin, the Hillside Opera area received a few changes that may improve your gameplay.

    [Items] (Tue Feb 1 20:32) Moraq: Disabled the leadership boosting special feature of decorated mithril ring until someone with enough mental endurance goes through and fixes it.
    [Coven] (Sun Feb 20 20:49) Zaltaiz: added skills 'spears' and 'two-handed weapons' to coven's last master guild, changed some race bonuses a bit.
    [Coven] (Sun Feb 20 21:00) Zaltaiz: one more: only main guild covens can cast zeal with full efficiency
    [Coven] (Mon Feb 21 13:19) Zaltaiz: races with too many hands have found it hard to keep concentration while wielding the unearthly item for jarring souls, and thus have lesser ability to get full effect from it
    [Coven] (Mon Feb 21 13:54) Zaltaiz: withering crits now work as they should, and max sp costs scale a bit better
    [Coven] (Mon Feb 21 14:00) Zaltaiz: it's now considerably harder to raise masteries with spell 'entropic fields' and especially with spell 'necrotic fields'
    [Coven] (Mon Feb 21 22:01) Zaltaiz: horse races got a major hidden bonus to coven spell 'silent scream'
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Feb 21 23:04) Zaltaiz: some random and completely unplanned love for sorcerers and all other sorcerous wannabes, soul's sacrifice cast on mob now causes seize crits proc more often and with greater power, using any elemental type torment on a mob causes seize to make additional damage of that type (torment's type, despite the realm of the seize monster) to the mob, the effect is even greater on prestigious mobs. Magical seize mob now does magical damage.
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Feb 21 23:25) Zaltaiz: malevolent spells are now less expensive to upkeep, also word of command mastery works better for them, ethereal form is back in its former glory and beyond, plus cheaper to maintain. Sorc guilditem is now the melee tool of mayhem it should have been and guardians in obsidian got skills to match it. Plus some more chances I forgot.
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Feb 21 23:28) Zaltaiz: reeds, derroes, trolls and orcs can now join guardians in obsidian, also sorcs have no longer any leads
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Feb 21 23:36) Zaltaiz: trolls now gain hidden spezial regenerative effects from regenerative vortex
    [Air Priest] (Tue Feb 22 00:11) Zaltaiz: amber cradle now heals a bit more and is a bit more lenient to combat point reduction
    [Sorcerer] (Tue Feb 22 12:40) Zaltaiz: sorc scepter can now be wielded while casting
    [General] (Wed Feb 23 18:47) Zaltaiz: effect that casting masteries had on reducing sp costs of spells is now lower, effective after reboot
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 19:13) Zaltaiz: Rangers, the allmighty treehuggers of aegic gain some special efficiency while using bows, due to their dextrous capabilities. Also their projectiles are more effective against undeads than other less perfect shots. Also, some icing on the cake: shockwave now rocks the wårld.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Wed Feb 23 19:16) Zaltaiz: oh forgot to say, damage potential on all archers is a bit higher too, but rangers got the most suffelis
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 21:36) Zaltaiz: Rangers got some juicy +skills at the last sub, including the long awaited maces skill. As a balancing act, the outdoors combat bonuses are somewhat smaller.
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 22:08) Zaltaiz: four handed races find it devilshly difficult to use the extremely demanding skill whirling blades, and thus their speed of performing it is noticeably slower and they are more prones to fumbles and fails
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 22:24) Zaltaiz: two-handed races might find fumbles a bit more rare, also all mastery effects on whirling blades now do additional damage
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 22:40) Zaltaiz: there is a new whirling blades special "elemental shockwaves", which requires extremely high dexterity
    [Ranger] (Wed Feb 23 22:46) Zaltaiz: also, high dexterity now benefits whirling blades more
    [Ranger] (Thu Feb 24 16:19) Zaltaiz: ranger archery mastery shots are now more juicy, also sniping works better
    [Coven] (Thu Feb 24 16:24) Zaltaiz: necrotic fields now heals with somewhat lesser efficiency
    [Army] (Thu Feb 24 19:27) Zaltaiz: Players with high strength and two-handed weapons skill got a new tier of effects for strike skill, known as 'two-handed strength', effect also scales well for less experienced players. Effective after I actually code it, so phaps in an hour or two.
    {Army] (Fri Feb 25 14:37) Zaltaiz: forgot to say from yesterday, skill "strike mighty blow" is used to determine chance of getting two-handed strength effects, so guilds without the skill still get some but armys get a lot more.
    [Items] (Fri Feb 25 21:08) Moraq: The strength of an item's glow should no longer affect its resize price.
    [Army] (Fri Feb 25 22:44) Zaltaiz: made some slight changes to elite light infantry skill percentages

    [Army] (Tue Mar 1 21:28) Zaltaiz: Few chances to strike skill: chance to trigger devising mastery effect for strike in light infantry/shield was lowered, heavy/shield works as before. It now works with 2h wield too, high chance on light infantry.
    [General skills/Weapons] (Tue Mar 1 21:55) Belannaer: Weapon maintenance should be now visible on weapons.
    [Army] (Tue Mar 1 22:31) Zaltaiz: Due to their high intensity of training, the two-handed weapon masters of light infantry of vaerlon have become more hardy, almost one with their magnificent blades and other weapons they wield, and thus the high-skilled ones gain some natural armour while using only one weapon, wielded in all limbs.
    [Thrower/Shadowdancer/Fire Priest] (Thu Mar 3 11:58) Zaltaiz: Changes to throwing: only players with high skill percentage of uncanny adroidness or fanaticism can get the previous full damage potential.
    [Thrower/Fire Priest] (Thu Mar 3 12:02) Zaltaiz: Make that skill Zealotry, rather.
    [Thrower/Shadowdancer/Fire Priest] (Thu Mar 3 12:58) Zaltaiz: Re: last tune, the effect is greater on frontrow throwers than bacrow.
    [Items] (Wed Mar 16 16:35) Zaltaiz: 'silent wave' is now a lot faster than it used to be
    [Items] (Wed Mar 16 16:45) Zaltaiz: reaverblade and warped sword are now ungettable, the unmentioned baddie will get new weapons to replace them in a bit
    [Items] (Wed Mar 16 16:45) Zaltaiz: expect it to be nastier too
    [Items] (Wed Mar 16 16:47) Zaltaiz: spear 'icicle' is now juicier and the rapier is a bit less random too, affects future versions
    [Fire Priest] (Fri Mar 18 21:42) Belannaer: Decree of annihilation now works in large parties even while not in combat.
    [Items] (Sat Mar 19 16:52) Moraq: Slightly improved some of banshee's items that aren't considered to be very useful.
    [Earth Priest] (Sun Mar 20 23:52) Belannaer: Haunt now halves casting time of all earthpriest offensive spells in addition to its other effects.
    [Water Priest] (Mon Mar 21 00:20) Belannaer: Vessel of divinity should now properly give bonus spell damage to party members.
    [Army] (Mon Mar 21 00:20) Zaltaiz: Few changes to army stupfh: 2h natural ac bonus potential is slightly lower, but masteries affect more, in addition to battle valor, now combat endurance and expertize of mitlitary warfare function with it too, and with all maxed it is rather suffeli. Also strike chain potential was slightly lowered.
    [Items] (Mon Mar 21 00:31) Belannaer: Damage type shards should now work properly after reboot.
    [Monster] (Tue Mar 22 20:40) Zaltaiz: Ye olde friend, Ariaxum C'haracour now behaves slightly differently, his strength now depends of which foot and/or hand he gets up from his bed and which items he picks up from his bedside.

    [Combat] (Fri Apr 1 19:56) Moraq: Fixed a couple of issues with strike. End result: strikes shouldn't hit backrow nearly as often anymore.
    [Monk] (Fri Apr 1 22:28) Belannaer: Fixed feet of focus and hands of fluency skill maxes for monks from 95% to 100%
    [Earth Priest] (Sun Apr 3 18:02) Belannaer: Fixed haunt casting time reduction.
    [Scion/Combat] (Fri Apr 8 23:02) Belannaer: Scions can now act as flankers in parties.
    [Shapeshifter] (Sat Apr 9 00:25) Belannaer: Furious assault now makes a lot more wounds, items with +damage for shifter natural weapons are now a bit less effective, increased base damage of shifter natural weapons that are based on skills, shifters are now able to utilize special hits of weapons via rapid shapeshifting.
    [Monk] (Sat Apr 9 01:55) Belannaer: Monks have now 4 new runes: flameheart, frostcore, resonance of soul and arc flash nexus. Requires relog to work for monks.
    [Monk] (Sat Apr 9 02:44) Belannaer: Sonic leggings now change 40% of monk's physical damage into sonic damage (also for fists) and works properly with new runes.
    [Shapeshifter] (Sat Apr 9 19:48) Belannaer: Removed gaesati kinship masteries and added 3 new ones "Kindred of the ever-changing", "Lord of the forest" and "Primal instincts". Kindred mastery now functions as kinship for every form. Your highest kinship mastery is converted into kindred mastery when you do some exp.
    [Monk] (Tue Apr 12 20:37) Belannaer: Hand of gods should now properly choose type against prestige monsters.
    [Sorcerer] (Tue Apr 12 21:38) Zaltaiz: Due to popular demand and the foolish notions of mortals the spell "energy vortex" can now identify resistances more distincly, also those resistances which make monsters completely invulnerable to damage. As a result, there is slightly more random in the effect for those with low skills and masteries.
    [Mage] (Thu Apr 14 15:33) Moraq: Changed the mages' areaspells not to award storm gathering mastery in certain conditions.
    [Shapeshifter secondary] (Fri Apr 15 11:21) Belannaer: Changing form in shifter sec now doesn't use any ep or sp. Effective after reboot/relog.
    [Area/Quest] (Sat Apr 16 16:25) Belannaer: Cenobium quest should now properly give credit to completed quests after reboot.
    [Shapeshifter] (Sat Apr 16 18:11) Belannaer: Fixed bug in furious assault that caused double ep cost.
    [Ranger] (Sun Apr 17 16:01) Belannaer: High improvised combinations is now much more effective at negating fumbles with whirling blades.
    [Items] (Fri Apr 22 19:52) Belannaer: Fixed an ancient bug with random armours and weapons that made them sometimes once lose 5% of their damage/armour. Affected items should auto-fix themselves over time after some use.
    [Items] (Fri Apr 22 21:04) Belannaer: After reboot it should be possible to upgrade stats in items with shards and skill/spell stats are now ignored when imbueing other stats so they shouldn't interfere anymore.
    [Items] (Fri Apr 22 21:46) Belannaer: Magical stats cannot be upgraded if item already has high enough combined total of stats.
    [Items/Monster] (Fri Apr 22 22:12) Belannaer: Monsters can now drop a new type of shard.
    [Items] (Sat Apr 23 17:22) Belannaer: Yaudric now has recipe for a new potion.
    [Items] (Fri Apr 29 22:01) Belannaer: New gameinfo about how shards will work when I add the new code for them in game. (Revamped shard system) []

    [Items] (Sun May 1 16:28) Belannaer: Shards should start working after reboot. Check the latest gameinfo for information how they will function. There are now also two new shards: light and darkness. They belong to general shards category.
    [Items] (Sun May 1 17:00) Belannaer: Imbue now asks for comfirmation before imbueing the item. E.g. "Do you really want to imbue minor shard of crystallized fire spell magic on titanium tziraan?" typing yes or y will imbue the item with the shard, anything else stops it.
    [Items] (Sat May 14 17:50) Belannaer: There is now a low chance of getting skill shards with 2 skills on it. For example "shard of crystallized dodge and avoid hits skill essence". If the shards is for example minor shard it will be +2 to both of the skills, considerable being the highest possible power in the shard. They cannot be imbued on items that already have skills and they cannot be upgraded after imbueing. The skills are divited in offensive, defensive and casting categories so that the skills at least try to match each other although it is still quite possible to get dumb combos.
    [Items] (Mon May 16 18:14) Belannaer: Fixed a bug in dragonscale crafted items that made them not lose glow at all, except blue dragonscale items, which weren't supposed to lose glow. Oops.
    [Items] (Mon May 16 18:46) Belannaer: Spell dam shards can now be applied on cloaks also like they can be on rings, amulets, earrings, clothes and miscellaneous items. Effective after reboot.
    [General skills] (Tue May 17 09:12) Belannaer: Situation awareness is now learnable by doing up to 50% by using combat momentums.
    [Items] (Tue May 17 17:29) Zaltaiz: Rescaled masteries in one specific trident once more, wider scale and also different damage potential, also masteries now gain +weapon damage +speed, which scale with masteries too, rather than previous bulk +dam it gave. Potential is higher, might take few more years to max it.
    [Items] (Fri May 20 14:06) Belannaer: Shooting star's special should now happen a lot more often than it used to do and the special that destroys it now also is much more common but it doesn't destroy the dagger anymore.
    [Psionicist] (Fri May 20 14:31) Belannaer: Psychic storm/ripple/maelstrom crits are a bit more common and Enforce entwined minds raises faster now. Enforce now also does psychic venom on all opponents with probe in addition to its damage when it happens.
    [General] (Mon May 23 09:28) Belannaer: Corpses should appear now properly but they are just "Corpse of Blaa" instead of for example "Stiffened yolk of blaa" until I fix that as well.
    [General] (Mon May 23 09:32) Belannaer: Fixed the corpse descriptions as well.
    [General] (Mon May 23 10:11) Belannaer: Corpses continue to be "Corpse of name" until next reboot when there will be an another short wizlock following the reboot.
    [Fire Priest] (Mon May 23 13:32) Belannaer: Fire priest mastery titles now actually check for Priests of Fire main guild instead of Priests of Water *cough*. Relog to fix.
    [Items/General] (Thu May 26 20:03) Belannaer: Updated 'help shards' with the info from gameinfos/news.
    [Ranger] (Sat May 28 22:16) Belannaer: Hide in shadows now lets you know whether you succeed or not, base chance of move silently actually working is now a bit higher, effectiness of animal lore when sneaking against animals is now considerably higher.
    [Ranger] (Sat May 28 22:24) Belannaer: Sniping is now much more effective.
    [Ranger/Hunter] (Sat May 28 22:28) Belannaer: Also move silently takes less ep now when you move.

    [Items] (Mon Jun 13 14:33) Zaltaiz: blood tziraan has now mastery (13 adjectives), also never loses glow
    [Items] (Mon Jun 13 15:06) Zaltaiz: blood tziraan masteries are now personal, but unique for each weapon
    [General] (Wed Jun 22 13:20) Belannaer: You can now list your registered surnames at the surname office.
    [Items] (Wed Jun 22 18:35) Belannaer: Added a new special shard.
    [Combat/Fire Priest] (Wed Jun 29 22:09) Belannaer: Spell casters now do not get shield rush/punch momentums instead of spell impulses if they happen to have those skills and a shield. Fire priests now will get normal spell impulses for non-firepriest spells (require quit&re-enter).

    [Ranger] (Sat Jul 2 00:25) Zaltaiz: New ranger levels are now open, new skills are trainable but effects are still missing from the game. There are other juicy bits available, though. Some slight chances otherwere in the guild too.
    [Ranger] (Sat Jul 2 01:31) Zaltaiz: Fixed aaaaancient bug that caused ranger ow bonuses to boost ungettable, old skills. Expect more parries now. Slight chances to other ow bonuses, nothing major though.
    [Ranger] (Sat Jul 2 01:52) Zaltaiz: Extended vision now lasts for noticeably longer, and also costs more and takes longer time to acst
    [Ranger] (Sat Jul 2 02:10) Zaltaiz: Rangers with perfect and above ability at 'Good berry' found a way to conjure berries which, rather than heal, also rejuvenates the eater's energy.
    [Items/Weapons/Shapeshifter/Combat] (Sat Jul 2 08:58) Belannaer: Cannot be parried and dodged specials from weapons now work while shapeshifted. They work for all melee attacks regardless of in which hand the weapon is wielded but the chance for it to work is halved.
    [General] (Wed Jul 6 23:10) Belannaer: Lowered minimum price of reincban purge from 500k to 50k.
    [General skills/Combat/Ranger] (Thu Jul 7 13:26) Belannaer: Reduced effect of carried bulk and mass on move silently. Single target spells now have a check if target is hiding or invisible. If target is invisible and caster doesn't have see invisible the spell will not hit. If target is hiding there is a check against the target's hiding skills whether the spell will hit or not. Prestigious monsters don't care about your attempts to hide yourself and will nuke you to nether. Effects on spells are effective after reboot.
    [Ranger] (Thu Jul 7 13:49) Belannaer: Faerie fire: if caster has high enough spell % and wisdom and the target is casting you will see something else instead of (engulfed by multihued flames) in the target's short desc.
    [Ranger] (Thu Jul 7 18:58) Belannaer: Improvised combinations over 100% now actually has an effect and isn't just capped to 100%.
    [Coven/Items] (Tue Jul 26 01:34) Zaltaiz: Tiny coven news item: fixed equipment spell damages to actually work for you, had sort of typoed it in the code before. Note: ALL covenite spells are boosted by POISON, let me repeat, POISON SPELL DAMAGE, no other spell damage items have effect as far as I know. Effect boosts CRITICAL damage, repeat, CRITICAL damage and is very noticeable.
    [Coven] (Tue Jul 26 02:06) Zaltaiz: Yet another good news for the bastard brigade of covenites! Yay, yay, yay! Some new 6th and 7th tier crits are available. Probably definetely maybe need reboot though, like the previous tunes do.
    [Coven] (Tue Jul 26 02:30) Zaltaiz: lots of new caw birds for poor old covenites
    [Coven] (Tue Jul 26 02:48) Zaltaiz: removed casting time from allure, tinkered a bit with effect, noticed that it does quite many other things than help says, but find them out yourself
    [Coven] (Sat Jul 30 21:36) Zaltaiz: Fixed a bug and revisited some tunes with venom ward, single target is more funcional and now picks targets properly and at enemies has slightly lower base but greater progression for more enemies.
    [Coven] (Sat Jul 30 22:25) Zaltaiz: Covenite tune spree vol 66.6 1/6, increased effectiviness of "find weakness" skill when calculating crit rate a lot, increased effectiviness of "enhance criticals" skill when calculating crit damage a bit more, crits might work slightly better against biggest mobs, probably needs boot.
    [Items] (Sun Aug 7 15:11) Zaltaiz: The most abusable equipment of all time, Silver mace of the Leech was tuned to suitable levels, it's now about 1/100 as efficient as it was before. No full heals for every hit anymore.
    [General skills/Ranger/Survival/Hunter] (Tue Aug 30 12:42) Belannaer: Added new skill "scouting". This skill increases the amount of creatures you encounter while roaming in the wilderness. Available at ranger and survival/hunting guild.

    [Shadowdancer] (Thu Sep 1 15:37) Belannaer: Strength now affects uncanny throws same way it affects normal throws.
    [Monster] (Fri Sep 2 16:02) Zaltaiz: Our favourite devilish lich got new items for the drop, doesn't show with look, though.
    [Monster] (Fri Sep 2 22:40) Zaltaiz: Certain slightly chaotic eight-legged monstrous monster got a revamp in dropped items, some new ones, some old ones are ungettable, some old ones were tinkered with, some were not. Happy hunting.
    [Combat/Monster] (Sun Sep 4 00:34) Belannaer: Couple of melee tunes: fixed combat sense etc. for all prestigious monsters and increased effectiness of combat sense for prestigious monsters against people in first row of the party, flankers aren't affected.
    [Combat/Monster/General] (Sun Sep 4 01:38) Belannaer: Added way for wizards to easily distinguish between prestige monsters and eq monsters. Further tunes will specify if it affects all prestigious monsters or just eq monsters. The new melee tune now affects just eq monsters and not all prestigious monsters.
    [Shadowdancer] (Sun Sep 4 15:23) Zaltaiz: Some slight changes for the guild of dancing wussies: revamped skill and spell progression thorough the guild to make it more linear and midbie-friendly, in some cases it results in higher skill maxes, sometimes a lot higher than previously. Also some modifications to shadow strike: it now uses a bit less ep, is sometimes a bit slower, and brute strength helps with dealing damage, especially when kicks and headbutts are considered.
    [Coven] (Sat Sep 10 02:05) Zaltaiz: Scourge-spells, aka 'blight', 'decay', 'woe' got a ranged effect. It uses somewhat more sp and has somewhat lower crit rate as touch version, stacking mechanisms were changed a bit, also touch version costs a tiny bit less sp. Decay now does portionally much more acid damage and much less physical damage as it did before, same for woe, it does mostly cold damage and tiny bit poison damage. Few other minor balance changes too.
    [Coven] (Sat Sep 10 02:05) Zaltaiz: also, general crit rate for touch versions was raised somewhat
    [Coven] (Sat Sep 10 02:11) Zaltaiz: ranged blights only work for mainguild covenites
    [Water Priest] (Mon Sep 12 20:29) Belannaer: Water priests now do not require free hand to channel while they are out of combat. Relog etc.
    [Combat/General skills] (Tue Sep 13 02:05) Belannaer: Elemental infusions now work properly with melee attacks. Each attack has a small chance of dealing infusion damage on your target. This chance is increased by the amount of different infusions you have. Random infusion type is chosen to be dealt on the target. The other types increase damage of the chosen type a bit. In addition there is a new learnable by doing skill called "vicarious agony". Every time you deal infusion damage you have a chance of learning this skill. With the skill you have a chance to deal the damage type against your target which he is most susceptible.
    [Items/Weapons/Combat] (Tue Sep 13 02:10) Belannaer: All iceron weapons now add cold infusion damage when you hit with them in melee provided that you already have some infusions (doesn't have to be cold).
    [Templar secondary] (Tue Sep 13 02:28) Belannaer: Templar secondary now offers teaching in the ubermost spell of all "element sequencer".
    [Templar] (Tue Sep 13 02:38) Belannaer: Armourplate no longer reduces dexterity.
    [Earth Priest] (Tue Sep 13 04:29) Belannaer: Casting "haunt" spell now stores the amount of exp your minion had. If you summon a new minion of the same type what you previously had while having the haunt spell effect on the stored experience will be moved to the new minion.
    [Mage] (Tue Sep 13 20:13) Zaltaiz: Increased spcost of 'Breaching' modifier in spells.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Tue Sep 13 21:42) Zaltaiz: Bows made with 'Bowery' -skill are less efficient, and closer in values to pre-uptuned and then again uptuned and uptuned and uptuned bows of ye olden days. It will be balanced elsewhere.
    [Items] (Tue Sep 13 21:43) Zaltaiz: in subsequent meaning, non-player made bows are now more leet
    [Items] (Tue Sep 13 21:52) Zaltaiz: "Sizzling bow" is now more juicy, affects new versions, you can spot a new version from the description. Also it's acid slime is now much more potent, affects all versions.
    [Items] (Tue Sep 13 22:00) Zaltaiz: caster bows are now more punchy, but the old ones still rock too
    [Ranger/Archer] (Tue Sep 13 22:07) Zaltaiz: Changed many thing in archery code, effects vary, but overall result should be a huge damage boost, additional damage boost against undeads compared to previous, a lot bigger damage with bigger crits and some other nifty and spectacular things. ARCHERS RULE THE WORLD!!!
    [Items] (Tue Sep 13 22:29) Zaltaiz: kraken bow now breaks very, very slowly
    [Combat/General skills] (Fri Sep 16 12:45) Belannaer: Enhance criticals over 100% is now throttled in battle code.
    [Items] (Fri Sep 16 12:58) Belannaer: Infusions can now be imbued on weapons and hand/arm/feet slot armours if they do not already have one (works same way as resistance on head/torso). Effective after reboot.
    [Items] (Fri Sep 16 13:54) Belannaer: New vendor inside Sky sanctum now sells holy symbols of air.
    [Shapeshifter] (Fri Sep 16 14:49) Belannaer: Furious assault now does same damage type as your spectral claws against eq monsters unless their physical resistance is lower then the claw damage type.
    [Archer/Ranger/Combat] (Fri Sep 16 14:55) Zaltaiz: archer 'wound damage bonus' is now noticeably smaller, corresponding to previous increase in base damage, crit damage and sniping damage, base damage was slighly balanced to take this in view.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Fri Sep 16 15:06) Zaltaiz: skill 'focus of a marksman' has more effect in archery damage, point-blank bonus can be slightly larger depending of the party
    [Monster] (Fri Sep 16 21:06) Zaltaiz: Ye olde faithfulle, high priest of the temple of elemental magic got a brush to his items to make him more suitable to this decade. New stats, new specials, new gimmicks. Not much more uumph in the monster so midbies and above, rape at will!
    [Air Priest] (Tue Sep 20 15:32) Zaltaiz: Majority of healing effects were downgraded by a great deal, including all Air Priest healing spells, effect of spell 'weave dreams', effect of 'presence of the dark master'. Effect of spell 'life boost' was cut noticeably, constitution boosting effect of spell 'power of earth' was removed (still gives +str +hpmax). Coven special racial boost effects were downgraded (avan and the horsie). Some other changes which I already forgot. Effect will be monitored for a while and further balancing may commence. Some things require boot, some work straight away.
    [Air Priest] (Tue Sep 20 16:37) Zaltaiz: Changed the way airpriest healing amounts are calculated a bit, it means that low-midbie players get a bit more boost compared to ultra-high-stat highbies.
    [Items/Air Priest] (Tue Sep 20 17:10) Zaltaiz: Healing shards now affect air priest healing amounts more directly.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 20 17:33) Zaltaiz: Scion abilities 'haunter of the dark', 'transfixing glare', 'ghostflame' and 'necrosis' now some drain some endurance while used.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 20 22:42) Zaltaiz: Add 'kiss of death' to that list of scion abilities that drain ep.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 20 22:55) Belannaer: Kiss of death now does the casted effect on undeads etc. when used as a momentum against them.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 20 23:07) Belannaer: Necrosis now works properly on mobs without species.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 20 23:22) Belannaer: Atrophy from haunter of the dark should now work properly.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 00:11) Belannaer: Earthpriest with haunt spell on can now change the type of the haunting undead with "eps_haunt" command. You can use all of them even if you can't actually summon one yet. This will NOT change the type of the stored miniontype and if you still want the saved minion exp to carry on to your new minion you will have conjure up the same one you previously had. Requires quit&relog.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 00:13) Belannaer: Also it works only for the main guild and not for the secondary guild.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 00:38) Belannaer: Dhubr's care can now be casted on players while haunted. It allows the target to escape death if an attack is going to kill him, although it doesn't work on 100% chance and some damage and effects might be carried over that can still kill you. It also works only against eq and prestigious monsters. The caster must have a valid earthbind location set for the effect to work. The player who escapes the death will be spirited away to this location.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 00:59) Belannaer: While haunted spirit nexus casted on yourself no longer drains sp over time and the spirits will not be able to flee from your spirit nexus.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 01:07) Belannaer: Spirit nexus on players now deals damage slightly slower but does double damage damage compared to minions. Both nether and magical spell damage now increases the damage also.
    [Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 21 01:18) Belannaer: Haunt bonus damage to earth priest spells is now static instead of changing based on the minion type. It uses the old ethereal's bonus damage which was highest. Minion type now mainly has effect on the damage type of the spells and what resistances and specials you gain from the haunting.
    [Combat/General] (Wed Sep 21 02:01) Belannaer: You are now able to see if other player's or monsters wound gets worse (ie. new wound hits an already wounded slot).
    [Combat/General] (Wed Sep 21 10:52) Zaltaiz: Offensive provess by idling characters is cut by a great deal (you more or less can't crit, you hit less). Defensive capabilities of idling characters was cut (you parry and dodge much less).
    [Monk] (Wed Sep 21 10:55) Belannaer: Hand of gods and Order of the ever-yielding willow are now combined into a single sub called "Order of the unyielding hand", allowing monks to master both staff maneuvers and elemental energies. Monks can ask me or other wizards for free reinc.
    [Scion] (Wed Sep 21 18:32) Zaltaiz: Some adjusting to yesterdays Scions' changes: some ep costs were turned into sp costs, some costs were raised slightly, some lowered. Haunter of the dark now also drains sp per tick. Re-adjustments may ensue.
    [Ranger] (Wed Sep 21 20:38) Zaltaiz: a bulk of the reiver guild abilities involving archery were added to the game, check post on forums about them
    [General skills/Ranger] (Wed Sep 21 20:50) Zaltaiz: larger (or are they big boned?) races receive less penalty to move silently, prowling mastery effect for rangers was increased
    [General skills/Ranger] (Wed Sep 21 20:53) Zaltaiz: you can now sneak by slightly bigger mobs than before, without suffering crushing penalties
    [Scion] (Thu Sep 22 22:18) Zaltaiz: Some alterations to scion guild structure, a lot of branch-specific skill percentages were moved to lower levels in guild structure (lvl 40+). The emphasis of stat bonuses is on lower levels. There is more stat bonuses overall in guild structure.
    [Shadowdancer] (Thu Sep 22 22:58) Zaltaiz: You can now use backstab in combat. Combat backstabs have greatly shorter cooldown than non-combat variants but there still is one. Experimental tune, if it annihilates the world, it might revert. Have fun until then!
    [Coven] (Fri Sep 23 12:49) Zaltaiz: Covenites of the Derelicti can now use consider to find out monster resistances. Also, there are more adjectives and they are somewhat more precise.
    [Coven] (Fri Sep 23 12:54) Zaltaiz: Sweet dreams functions with full efficiency on covens, nerf for others.
    [General skills] (Fri Sep 23 13:04) Zaltaiz: Consider is slightly easier to learn by doing.
    [General skills] (Fri Sep 23 13:20) Zaltaiz: You can now train 'consider' up to 70% at survival guild.
    [General skills] (Fri Sep 23 13:42) Zaltaiz: Scrap that last chance, as there is a npc that can teach it, and now teaches up to 70%
    [Items/Combat/Shapeshifter] (Fri Sep 23 16:14) Belannaer: Infusions should now work properly with shifters and with other unarmed guilds
    [General/Race] (Fri Sep 23 19:22) Belannaer: Chitines woke up this morning to notice that they have evolved! They lost their additional pair of arms but instead now have 3 pairs of legs. Chitinous plating covers now most of their body, offering protection against physical attacks and they are able to use a bite attack. Chitines who feel that their life is now over in the new body can contact higher powers for a free reincarnation.
    [Items/Fishing] (Fri Sep 23 19:36) Belannaer: It is now possible to get up to exceptional quality +fishing shards from fishing. +2 and +3 are now a bit more common.
    [Mage] (Fri Sep 23 20:01) Belannaer: Strength increase from behemoth's might no longer affects wielding.
    [Monk] (Fri Sep 23 20:33) Belannaer: Against eq monsters motion of combat now uses the same type damage as your currently active damage type rune is. In addition +spell damage effects increase this damage if you happen to have some (for example from infusions).
    [Scion] (Fri Sep 23 20:44) Belannaer: Scions with high enough paragon of dark arts can now invoke shadowleap.
    [Shadowdancer] (Sat Sep 24 18:50) Zaltaiz: Combat backstab duration is only shorter for mainguild shadowdancers.
    [Scion] (Sat Sep 24 23:19) Zaltaiz: Slight alterations to Scion drains based on how players have contrived, changes should be in game now.
    [General/Race] (Sun Sep 25 17:55) Belannaer: Reed merge now affects sp regen.
    [Scion] (Tue Sep 27 12:43) Zaltaiz: Haunter sp drain / tick is now once more ep drain / tick, some costs were altered based on testing and feedback (some up, some down).

    [Shadowdancer] (Sat Oct 1 21:24) Zaltaiz: Cooldown on combat backstabs is now dependant on opponent's level, so longer on stronger players and monsters.
    [Thrower/Archer/General skills/Combat] (Sat Oct 1 22:45) Belannaer: Throw and shoot now use same infusion code as melee.
    [Items] (Sat Oct 1 23:02) Belannaer: Infusion shards can now have bonus between 1-5 instead of just 1-3. Also there is now a totally new (rare) shard available from mobs.
    [Items] (Mon Oct 3 17:55) Belannaer: Random items can now have all the new stats.
    [Items] (Tue Oct 4 03:42) Belannaer: Random items with new stats will get new short descs. Items with +infusion are for example "fire infused leather leggings", +spell damage is "of acid power" and alacrity etc. is just "of alacrity".
    [Items] (Wed Oct 12 22:55) Zaltaiz: Sword of thousand cuts is now considerably rarer, also, some of its many, many specials behave slightly differently and are available more quickly.
    [Items] (Thu Oct 13 18:38) Zaltaiz: thousand cuts got one more upgrade and is even more rarer. Should show with id after the usual lockkering procedure.
    [Army] (Tue Oct 25 22:24) Zaltaiz: After some years of waiting army duuds finally got hold of the magnificent whirlwind strike maneuver (well not quite, let's call it a scything strike special). It is available for light infantry members who use a weapon and a shield, and are battling offensively. Rejoice or despair.
    [Army] (Tue Oct 25 22:24) Zaltaiz: forgot, some other things are more juicier for s/s army dudes too
    [Scion] (Sat Oct 29 01:56) Zaltaiz: due to the most annoying whine of the century, scion masteries "paragon of dark arts" and "reign over darkness" now greatly effect the momentum sp/ep costs for scions, with exceptionally high masteries.
    [Scion secondary] (Sun Oct 30 00:43) Belannaer: Scion sec momentums should now work with spell impulses.
    [Combat/General] (Tue Nov 15 00:43) Belannaer: Flanking is now possible as long as party has 4+ members. Whole party doesn't have to be in the same room also for it to work.
    [Combat/General] (Tue Nov 15 00:49) Belannaer: Ignore previous news. Flanking is now always possible if your guild is suitable for it and you are in the right place in the party.
    [Army/Combat] (Wed Nov 16 02:14) Belannaer: Protect the weaklings and sigil of the mage council now protect properly against monster casted arrows, darts, blasts etc.
    [Templar] (Tue Nov 29 10:52) Belannaer: New templar sub that combines avatars, archknights and preceptors is now in game. Templars with old guild can ask for free reinc from me or other wizards.
    [Area/Quest] (Tue Nov 29 11:04) Belannaer: Adroal quest no longer requires about 1 million df to complete for some players.
    [Items] (Fri Dec 9 22:57) Belannaer: Demonfire regalia has now additonal chances of triggering its effect for fire priests.
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    [Other] (Sat Jan 1 10:26) Ginjeet: Some experimental changes were added into the game. Let us know if you notice something working oddly with lights, monsters, battle, etc.
    [Other] (Sat Jan 1 12:52) Vivian: Jää ry (Icesus Association) had 72 supporting members last year, which is two more than the year before. The membership fee for the year 2011 is 50 euros. Hopefully many of you are willing to support the game also this year. More information about Association can be found from the website: []
    [Other] (Thu Feb 10 23:38) Zaltaiz: Fixed some items which have been causing errors at quit function, which in itself has been causing some eq losses and similar side-effects. This includes popular item "temporal spellblade", and some more rarer pieces, so if you are using that, put it into a locker for few secs and it should reload the item. Misc item "Page torn from a notebook" can still cause catastrophic fails, and its not advised to have one on you when leaving game or on boot.
    [Player] (Mon Feb 14 02:37) Moraq: Xylon got 14 days for illegal playerkill(s).
    [Other] (Wed Feb 23 15:08) Moraq: Association membership bonuses, such as the finger title and more lines in channel lasts, now are only active for 2011 members.
    [Performance/Other] (Sat Feb 26 11:42) Belannaer: Server rebooted for currently unknown reason. If you lost something let a wizard know. Booths etc. will be restored in a bit.
    [Other] (Wed Mar 9 18:32) Moraq: New gameinfo (Apartment sales info) []
    [Player] (Mon Apr 11 22:32) Belannaer: Robot boys Kraven and Dragone earned some ban time and also cannot use combat momentums ever again anymore.
    [Performance/Other] (Sat Apr 23 03:41) Belannaer: Server booted itself for some currently unknown reason. If you lost some items etc. mail Fimvar about it. I'll handle booths and huts etc. tomorrow.
    [Player] (Sat May 14 21:38) Belannaer: Gave Gumbei some summer holiday time.
    [Other] (Sat May 21 19:31) Belannaer: There will be a wizlock next week, likely on monday, starting after daily reboot to introduce some new features. Expect it to last max 1h if everything goes according to plan.
    [Other] (Sun May 22 21:03) Belannaer: Wizlock tomorrow starting around 6:00 server time and will last about an hour after daily reboot.
    [Other] (Mon May 23 09:16) Belannaer: Made some changes for future features. Let me know if something seems odd, especially on damage related things.
    [Other] (Mon Jul 11 11:33) Belannaer: I'll be away starting from 15th till start of next month. If you have something urgent that you need my help with let me know before friday.
    [Performance/Other] (Mon Jul 25 09:54) Ginjeet: Server crashed at 2 AM tonight, the mud seems to have recovered, report any problems etc to your nearest friendly wizard
    [Other] (Mon Aug 1 20:14) Belannaer: I'll be at Assembly Summer on 4-5th (thursday/friday) of this month. If you are participating in the event and want to meet a real life wizard let me know. (no quarantees that I will actually want to meet you though.)
    [Ascension] (Thu Sep 15 01:39) Belannaer: "Ascension preview: Fay heritage" in gameinfo []
    [Ascension] (Fri Sep 16 12:16) Belannaer: "Ascension preview: Feral child heritage" in gameinfo. []
    [Event] (Wed Dec 7 12:18) Belannaer: Go vote when you want the marathons to be: []
    [Event] (Thu Dec 8 00:48) Belannaer: Go vote when you want the marathons: []
    [Event] (Fri Dec 9 22:04) Belannaer: Christmas event times in gameinfo. []
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