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Game News 2012

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 17:33 pm    Post subject: Game News 2012 Reply with quote

    Gameplay Changes and Tunes

    [Shapeshifter] (Thu Mar 8 02:38) Belannaer: Drop all now works while shapeshifted and hopefully also got rid of some odd cases of people managing to remove and lose their pants while being shapeshifted.
    [Items] (Tue Mar 20 15:15) Zaltaiz: adjusted troll specific effects on crescent maul of trolls, consider it a slight uptune, also tinkered with ariaxum and manshadowbitch shields
    [Ranger/Archer] (Tue Mar 20 15:35) Zaltaiz: increased base epcost of archery slightly, masteries help to negate that somewhat
    [General] (Tue Mar 20 15:51) Belannaer: Jää ry membership benefits for 2012 should now work properly and they now also work for secondary characters.
    [General/Combat] (Thu Mar 22 15:30) Belannaer: Elemental infusions are now listed in score -e.
    [Sorcerer] (Sun Mar 25 16:11) Zaltaiz: Lowered drain on sorcerer malevolent and benevolent spells by a great deal, rebalanced seize the day a bit, drain is now somewhat lowered at low levels and damage base on smaller bastardos related to big ones is more balanced. Probably requires reboot to function 100% though it should more or less work now.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Sun Mar 25 16:51) Zaltaiz: Increased reloading epcost quite a bit, ranger -epcost feature is tiny bit more effective.
    [Ranger] (Sun Mar 25 16:58) Zaltaiz: Some whirl things are slightly less effective.
    [Army] (Sun Mar 25 17:00) Zaltaiz: Scything strike now gains hugely more damage with dextrous and lithe, preferably sleak individuals.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Sun Mar 25 17:25) Zaltaiz: Having more that two wieldable limbs can cause a lot of fumbling and failing, thus making reload more strenous.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Sun Mar 25 20:40) Zaltaiz: Moved emphasis of archery ep consumption from reload to shoot -> so easier to reload, harder to shoot.
    [Army] (Sun Mar 25 23:06) Zaltaiz: Grurg got some tricks in his sleeve, and finally he's been teaching them to the youngsters, as a consequence, army members are now more comfortable with shield use, and can train some 'sword and board' at elite infantry.
    [Items] (Sun Mar 25 23:54) Zaltaiz: Scaled 'blood tziraans' bonuses slightly better.
    [Scion] (Sun Mar 25 23:55) Zaltaiz: Made slight changes in 'instrument of oblivion', how it calculcates things etc, should make the guild scale slightly better at low levels.
    [Coven] (Sun Mar 25 23:59) Zaltaiz: Added slightly more uumph to entropic and necrotic fields.
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 26 00:03) Zaltaiz: Soulcatcher's jar now gets increased damage according to mastery level.
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 26 00:07) Zaltaiz: Rancorous caw of the covenites is now more beastly.
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 26 00:09) Zaltaiz: Uber super lich mode is now more devastating.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Mon Mar 26 17:48) Zaltaiz: Made some adjustments to archery damage formulas and how things are calculated there. Will probably adjust it more after I get some feedback.
    [Templar] (Mon Mar 26 17:53) Zaltaiz: Lowered the maximum damage type conversion in 'tool of elemental justice'.
    [Ranger] (Mon Mar 26 17:56) Zaltaiz: Decreased 'Giant Killer' bonuses slightly.
    [Templar] (Mon Mar 26 18:04) Zaltaiz: Increased effectiviness of 'Globe of Vengeance'.
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 26 21:33) Zaltaiz: Zeal is now noticeably stronger, downside is that things affected by zeal take greatly more damage from all sources.
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Mar 26 21:43) Zaltaiz: A group of devilish mold men have acquired a power shift in sorcerer guild hierarchy, as a result, their renegade race members are allowed into guild "Guardians in Obsidian".
    [Coven] (Tue Mar 27 12:23) Zaltaiz: Zeal additional damage effect is greatly smaller when the zeal is on a mainguild coven.
    [Air Priest] (Fri Mar 30 14:40) Zaltaiz: Spell 'bladed wind' uses less sp, takes shorter time to cast and makes a lot more damage.
    [Air Priest] (Fri Mar 30 15:06) Zaltaiz: Some new combo functionalies to 'call lightning' and 'gravensong'. You can now cast call lightning indoors if there is a gravensong active, also any active gravensong causes call lightning to fork and cause additional damage to all targets in the room. Also lightning bolt damage was somewhat increased. Downside is that it costs a bit more to cast.
    [Air Priest] (Fri Mar 30 15:14) Zaltaiz: Spell 'gravensong' costs somewhat less to cast.
    [Air Priest] (Fri Mar 30 15:25) Zaltaiz: Two new airpriest spells coming in next few hours probably, one named 'shelter' of which you can possibly guess how it might work, and one yet unnamed, which works in conjunction with minor and major suffocation. So hold your reinc-horses yet.
    [Air Priest] (Sat Mar 31 00:33) Zaltaiz: Spell 'amber cradle' works slightly differently now, it only heals if player is below certain level of hp, also if player is above that and is sheltered at same time, rather than heal, the spell drains some health from the player and converts it to spell points to the upkeeper. Extremely experimental atm.
    [Air Priest] (Sat Mar 31 01:24) Zaltaiz: Constant, quick casting of vitae-based healing spells causes their efficiency to drop very quickly and it will take a short while for them to cooldown for full power. Affects all vitae spells.
    [Air Priest] (Sat Mar 31 01:27) Zaltaiz: Players under level 30 get no penalty.
    [Air Priest secondary] (Sat Mar 31 02:09) Zaltaiz: New spell for secondary airpriests: 'mend wounds' introduces healing over time element for the guild.

    [Monk] (Sun Apr 1 19:21) Belannaer: Added new hand and feet messages for better scaling.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 1 21:17) Zaltaiz: Spell 'shelter' is now available for public in tempest harbringers, also it is slightly more costefficient than one that was being playertested, also you can use in on yourself (experimental). Bladed wind backlash damage is lower and mend wounds is more efficient.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 1 21:41) Zaltaiz: Casting spell 'major suffocation' at target protected with 'shelter' causes it to explode with devastating consequences. This combination can be used on monster, player, or the caster himself.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 1 22:19) Zaltaiz: Casting 'call lightning' at sheltered target causes it to overload with devastating consequences.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 1 22:28) Zaltaiz: Using call lightning in combo with gravensong, causes the fork effect to overload all sheltered targets.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 1 23:25) Zaltaiz: Casting 'call lightning' when an 'electric whirlwind' is present can conjure up a great electric thunderstorm.
    [Shapeshifter] (Tue Apr 3 20:33) Belannaer: "Strength in numbers" mastery now raises for shifters while in party of 3+ members. It gives an additional random pack tactic whenever you perform a pack tactic and a chance for second bonus random pack tactic while in large parties.
    [Ranger/Archer] (Fri Apr 13 17:45) Zaltaiz: Slight changes to archery damage formulas, also rangers' damage to undead bonus is again damage to undead penalty, some of these changes have been incorporated during past week, but I bet you haven't noticed any of them. (But why would you have as players rarely notice anything unless you say something on channels and then its all doom and gloom...)
    [Items] (Wed Apr 25 13:57) Zaltaiz: Due to eternal puzzlement about "sword of thousand cuts", the previously hidden masteries are now visible. Only downside is they are back to zero as they were rescaled. Might require boot or leave game/reconnect to work.
    [Psionicist secondary] (Wed Apr 25 22:17) Belannaer: Added concentrated casting skill to infecti secondary.
    [Fire Priest/Fire Priest secondary] (Wed Apr 25 23:06) Belannaer: Throwing/spellblade from secondary guild member does not trigger fire priest spell effects if he is in a party with a main guild fire priest who is present in the room.
    [Items] (Fri Apr 27 18:05) Belannaer: Enhancement shard now affects bow damage.
    [Air Priest] (Sun Apr 29 15:12) Belannaer: Mend spells now can give karma while healing in party. Chance is based on the size of the party. Also changed the mend spell healing ranges so that they overlap now by about 10%.
    [Wilder] (Sun Apr 29 21:10) Belannaer: Wilder momentums shouldn't take extra ep now, mortal blow momentum and grapple now properly target monsters, grapples now properly set attacker, totems are now be wearable even if your size changes, bind power now doesn't work on monsters and you can bind all stats on yourself, not just charisma and fixed also few other bugs
    [Air Priest] (Mon Apr 30 00:41) Belannaer: Healing now has a low chance of giving karma when used outside of parties too.
    [General skills/Combat] (Mon Apr 30 00:44) Belannaer: Headbutt is now learnable to 100%.
    [General skills/Combat] (Mon Apr 30 00:45) Belannaer: Kick is now learnable to 100%.
    [Army] (Mon Apr 30 00:46) Belannaer: Grandmaster of shields is now properly learned through parrying. Requires quit&re-enter.
    [General skills/Combat] (Mon Apr 30 01:13) Belannaer: Added parry momentums. If you use a shield and know shield bash/rush/punch you will get those momentums from your parries. In addition you will no longer get those momentums from attacking.
    [Items] (Mon Apr 30 01:19) Belannaer: Uptuned damage of specials in Ashul weapons to be more in line with other high end weapons.
    [General skills/Combat] (Mon Apr 30 01:23) Belannaer: Shield bash/parry now increases the chance of gaining parry momentums.
    [Templar] (Mon Apr 30 02:17) Belannaer: Shield of faith's natural armor bonus now gets a bonus based on conductivity of metal shields.
    [Monster] (Mon Apr 30 13:42) Belannaer: Yellhayari's room is no longer a saferoom.
    [Shadowdancer] (Mon Apr 30 13:58) Belannaer: Removed some old and useless masteries from shadowdancer mastery list.
    [Shadowdancer] (Mon Apr 30 19:34) Belannaer: Shadowdancers with high devotion can turn their guild weapon into shortsword and those with very high devotion can turn it into rapier.
    [Psionicist] (Mon Apr 30 22:11) Belannaer: Multistrata thought processing mastery now gives telekinetic thrust momentum instead of other momentums if you don't have any probes while using telekinetic thrust/shockwave.
    [Psionicist] (Mon Apr 30 22:32) Belannaer: Changed psi crits to be more in line with other caster guilds and increased crit chance, especially on enforce entwined minds.
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Apr 30 23:53) Belannaer: Seize the day is now able to have spell impulses.

    [Sorcerer] (Tue May 1 00:30) Belannaer: Seize the day is now affected by magic spell damage stat, which will now be the choice of spell damage flavour for sorcerers.
    [Sorcerer] (Tue May 1 00:40) Belannaer: Correction: make that magic + nether and minor bonus from corresponding elemental type.
    [Sorcerer] (Tue May 1 00:49) Belannaer: Rest of the sorcerer offensive spells are also now affected by nether & magic spell damage.
    [Sorcerer] (Tue May 1 01:55) Belannaer: All sorcerer offensive spells now have their own spell impulses. The previous default reversed vortex impulse is now disabled.
    [Ranger] (Tue May 1 20:07) Belannaer: Joining rangers now automatically converts your old masteries to the new system. If you are already in the guild ask me to change them to you so you don't need to reinc.
    [Water Priest/Sorcerer] (Tue May 1 20:58) Belannaer: Elemental funnel now works on sorcerers but only gives the spell damage benefits and not the double spell effect.
    [Earth Priest] (Thu May 3 23:26) Belannaer: Essence of the nether and power of earth should now be refreshable.
    [Earth Priest] (Sun May 6 13:12) Belannaer: Unarming a weapon from earthpriest minion now drops the weapon on ground instead of destroying it. If you lose your minion the weapon will still be destroyed. Requires relog.
    [Shadowdancer] (Sun May 6 13:44) Belannaer: Shadowdancer sec now auto-slices after combat. Requires relog.
    [General] (Sun May 6 18:34) Belannaer: Undeads from player corpses shouldn't use player's weapons anymore.
    [General/Items] (Mon May 7 01:06) Belannaer: After reboot you will now automatically throw away torches when they burn out.
    [Shadowdancer/Shadowdancer secondary] (Mon May 7 13:57) Belannaer: Both main and secondary guild Shadowdancers can now manually slice. Requires relog.
    [General spells] (Tue May 8 15:59) Belannaer: Reincarnation should now get rid of more or less all spell effects on you. If you still have some on after reinc let me know.
    [Psionicist secondary] (Tue May 8 17:04) Belannaer: Combat assign changing part of telekinetic celerity can now be toggled on and off by secondary guild members. Requires relog.
    [Combat] (Tue May 8 17:06) Belannaer: You can now only gain benefits from one shield for your defensive pool in combat.
    [General skills/Combat] (Tue May 8 17:43) Belannaer: Weapon parry should now work better when using shield + weapon.
    [Race] (Tue May 8 18:03) Belannaer: Fixed a bug in ciloss bodyparts that caused 2 of the tentacles be unprotected by armour. Relog to fix.
    [General skills] (Tue May 8 18:39) Belannaer: First and and chirurgy now can give karma when used on other people.
    [Fire Priest] (Tue May 8 18:44) Belannaer: Cauterize wound can now also give karma.
    [Items] (Thu May 10 19:36) Belannaer: Staves are now easier to wield.
    [Ranger] (Thu May 10 22:33) Belannaer: Changed ranger spell lore skill from magic lore to animal/plant lore, etc.
    [General skills] (Thu May 17 22:12) Belannaer: Most of the buff spells that take decade and half to cast should now be considerably faster.
    [Air Priest] (Sat May 19 22:26) Belannaer: Mend spells are now affected by mastery of curing. They now have a chance of fully healing the target and another chance that the healing energy rebounds back to the priest, healing him also. The rebounded energy can remove diseases/poison/harmful effects/etc. from the healer if his secret of cleansing is high enough (same effect that mend spells have on normally on targets).
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 17:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 28 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 17:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    [Player] (Wed Jan 4 16:03) Belannaer: Agnes earned some vacation because of hunt botting.
    [Performance/Other] (Wed Jan 18 11:25) Belannaer: Server booted for unknown reason (blame SOPA). Let me know if you lost something. Restored all booths in Vaerlon that I could find.
    [Other] (Wed Jan 18 18:50) Icesus Association []
    [Performance/Other] (Wed Jan 25 22:12) Belannaer: Server booted. Restored booths.
    [Performance/Other] (Wed Jan 25 23:08) Belannaer: New gameinfo about new server and reimburses. (New server and reimburses) []
    [Other] (Mon Feb 6 16:58) Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Jää ry []
    [Player] (Thu Apr 5 12:02) Belannaer: Agnes got perma banned for hunt botting.

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