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After watching the newbie channel for 3 years, and helping many new players, I have decided to write a series of guides that condense the common knowledge of the people who actually play the game. Newbies often have questions on what guilds to join, or they join a guild thinking that is similar to other games. This guide is a general overview of the guilds in Icesus, and how joining them affects your play in the game.

Before I start, I would like to bring up 3 points. First, this is your game. No matter what advice I give, choose the guild you want to play. If you want to be a fell necromancer, and are willing to be underpowered for your early game, then by all means become an Earth Priest. Second, Icesus is Icesus. This phrase means that Icesus is proud of being unique and doing things its own way. Dont expect something to work like you expect, or for a guild to play like you expect, because often things will work out diffently. Third, it is exceedingly difficult (read impossible) to become a master of every guild. Although I have played almost half the guilds in the game, I dont even know everything there is to know about MY guild. Hopefully others will post information about their guilds, but this will only be a basic overview, focusing on the "Newbie Guilds."

Main Guilds

Army - Icesus fighters (melee guild) are combat soldiers that hold the front line. Because they are usualy massively armoured with high Hp, they are called Tanks.

Strengths: Army is the guild of Juggernauts. Besides landing powerful blows, an Army soldier can stand the line by himself, protecting a party through all but the most powerful of monsters. Where other guilds would die, Army survives. Because of their high Hp and armor, Army players are one of the most reasonable solo guilds in the game.

Weaknesses: These are not warriors, they are soldiers. Although they can do great damage, an Army player who rushes in alone will be fighting an uphill battle. This is because Army is a defensive guild. They are some of the best (maybe THE best) at protecting other players behind them in battle. This also causes the second weakness, which is that if a group gets into a fight it can't handle, or if a monster gets a critical hit, it is the Army that is going to get hit, and likely killed.

Hp/Sp/Ep: Fighers have massive amounts of constitution, and the strength to wear good armor. This is good because they run through Hp like water. They also should have some Ep so they can use their powerful STRIKE skill. Sp is only (slightly) useful for Trolls, who can use it to regenerate.

Starting out: Fighers should deside if they want to enhance their offensive abilities (offtank) or their defensive abilites (deftank). Purely defensive players should seek out the most strong, heavy armor as possible, as well as a good shield. You should be able to solo for quite a while (10-15 levels), but can join parties if they wish (that early in the game, the people you will be protecting likely will not be able to cast spells worth anything.)

Special: Army is generally considered the best guild for a brand new player, because it is so easy to play and gives you time to see other players in action. Also, due to ease of play, experence is gained fairly quickly, and can be transfered to other guilds that need more of a boost at first, such as mages.

[Edit note: Although Army is considered front line tanks, many Army go full/mostly offensive, training all their weapon abilities and Strength stat. You do not have to be pure defence to be Army. You dont even have to be mostly defense, like I was saying.]

Mage Icesus mages (blaster guild) is an extremely specilized guild. Mages do one thing and one thing only... they hit the **** out of things.

Strengths: Mages are blasters, pure and simple. They can cast spells that dish out insane amount of damage, easily dealing 40% of a monsters health in damage on the first round.

Weaknesses: In other games, Mages cast powerful magic and are bad fighters. In Icesus, they cast powerful magic and can be killed by a bunny rabbit with a bad temper. Mages are incredibly easy to kill, and should be behind a defensive tank at all times. When not in parties, Mages are forced to kill monsters that can be killed in one or two shots. Otherwise they will likely die before the end of battle.

[Edit Note: at later levels (or earlier if you find the Sub-guild quickly and are willing to take levels there rather then in the other mage guilds) you gain access to various protection spells like mirror-image and invisibility. These spells help tremendiously when soloing. If I remember correctly (haven't been a mage in months/years) it is in a Sub-guild that teaches mages survival skills. (NOT the survivors Open guild)]
Hp/Sp/Ep: Although Hp is always good, and Ep is always nice, Mages should maximise their Sp. A Mage with low Sp will quickly run out of power, causing a party to stop while they regenerate. And the one thing a party loving Mage needs is to not be pissing off his group.

Starting out: The mage main guild is in town, but the others are ... elsewhere (see sharing information). A player should quickly find out where the hidden mage guild is so that they can learn the RETURN HOME spell. Although it is the weakest of delivery methods, feel free to get the ARROW spell as high as possible, since most groups will ask you to cast that during battle. Also, it is generally best to pick one element (ice, fire, acid, bolt0 and stick with it. As for equipment, you dont need anything at all for protection, so save your cash to buy magical equipment that improves your intelligence, maxsp, and spregen.

[edit note: it is not called Bolt. I was just lazy and didnt want to spell out (and possibly misspell) Lightning]

Specials: The magic system in Icesus is fairly straight forward, although you should be careful to read help magic closely. The main problem will be the way that magic is very sporadic; if you dont practice your ARROW skill, it will fail often. Get it as high as you can as quickly as possible so that, even if it does little damage, at least it will work properly.

Air_Priest These are the Priest that people will recognise, the power buffing, player healing, god worshiping players of the game.

Strengths: Oh My God. Easily the most important class in the game. A well rounded party with plenty of tanks and blasters might get 2500 experence per min. Add in an Air_Priest or two and the rate might go as high as 5000-8000 per min.

[Edit note: The previous figures are purely an example. It is entirely possible that said party would get much more then 2500 experence (per person!, not experence shared by party). Experence per min is affected by many factors, such as who is leading, where party is fighting, types of monsters, types of guilds represented in the party, even phase of the year (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, or Magic)]

Weakness: Besides being fairly boring to play, they are probably the second worst guild for soloing. Their best attack spells (which are good) fail regularly, and sometimes they even fail criticaly, harming their party rather then/as well as the enemy. Also, like mages, they have no combat ability outside of parties, although they are not quite as easy to kill as mages.

[Edit note: Yoz states that Air_priests are exelent soloist, able to take on strong enemies if they train their comat spells. Feel free to train your combat spells if you wish. As always, I causion you to be careful when fighting new monsters however. Especialy when you are a newbie and dont HAVE the experence to fully train your combat spells]

Hp/Sp/Ep: Since these are healers (Heal Guild) and mages, they dont need Hp or Ep, although Sp is manditory.

Starting out: No guild has real problems at first when playing, but within 5 levels or so, start getting away from actually fighing and get into any party you can. The wonderful thing about Air_Priests is that if it is desprate enough, groups will take even a very small priest along with them. The better you get your healing spells, the more likely you are to get into a party, until you get to the point that you will be invited by any party in the game. It is almost never a case that there is a Air_Priest that is unidle and not in a party if they want one. Another good reason to get your healing spells up: you gain experence for healing players, so you can get free experence, so you will by going to south camp or Ereldon and start healing everyone who needs it.

Specials: Get into groups, and raise your healing spells. Forget combat spells until your healing is exellent.

Ranger The Rangers are masters of the outworld, gaining tons of special abilities that allow it to do well outside of zones and in places with animals.

Strengths: Rangers have MANY abilites that allow it to perform many diffrent things. Besides being masters of the outworld, exellent when hunting or trapping, and masters of wielding two weapons at once, Rangers also make the best archers, have skills to create healing and poison salves, and have a few boost spells and even one weak healing spell. (melee guild, but also can heal, and can blast [with arrows].) Rangers are possibly the best solo guild in the game.

Weakness: Rangers fall into the category of "Master of None". They dont melee as well as Wilders, dont Tank as well as Army, dont Blast as well as Mages, dont heal and boost as well as Air_Priests... you get the picture. It is good that Rangers are a good solo guild since they are almost never asked into a party unless no one else is available. This gets better when Ranger's get to higher levels, but this brings up problem two since Rangers are only a passable newbie guild. Although newbies can play it from level 1 to 100, it is best to get to level 35-40 and then reincarnate into Rangers. Only recently have Rangers started to be given uptunes to enhance their appeal to the masses.

Hp/Sp/Ep: Rangers need all three of these. Sp is by far the most unnecessary, but you will cast spells, sometimes quite a few in a row. Hp is quite nessasary because they are defined as a melee guild and are expected to be on the front row if another tank is called for. Ep is absolutely vital because it dosen't matter if the Ranger is using WHIRLING BLADES or if they are using ARCHERY, you are going to be spending Ep constanly.

Starting out: First and foremost, Rangers are more of a offensive guild, so get two swords, preferably longswords, falchions, or sabres. Any weapon works, but slashing swords are best, as are fast weapons. Then, start getting light armor. You only get skills in light and medium armor, so start collecting it. Also, you have low Hp/constitution, so wearing armor and getting as many defensive skills as possible is a good idea.

Specials: Rangers is a good guild if you enjoy hunting or trapping, because Rangers get many bonuses during these skills. Rangers also gain many benefits when using archery, including masteries and having Royal Archers be a sub-guild rather then an open guild (see Open Guilds).

Templar These are the paladins of yore. Great defenders, users of blade and spell, these are the city guards of the land.

Strengths: Templars are both good Tanks (melee guild) and spell casters. Although dealing much less damage then mages, their spells resemble both the damage potental and area affect ablilites of an Air_Priest. Also, Templars gain many defensive bonuses in addition to heavy armor.

Weaknesses: Unknown. [Edit note: Gaining all the Templar abilites requires levels in many diffrent Sub-guilds, making it difficult/impossible for newbies to reach at first.]

Hp/Sp/Ep: As tanks, they need Hp, and they need Sp for their spells. Dont know how much they have/need or anything about their Ep use.

Starting out: Unknown.

Special: I have never been a Templar. I do know that Templars require quite a bit of positive Reputation, and they are forced to spend some of their playing time standing at the city gates, acting as guards.

[Edit note: Although I never stated that templars have healing abilities, I have been asked to make special note of the fact that evidently, Templars do not have healing spells.]

Artisans The only non-combat guild in the game, Artisans have recently become a feature of Icesus, allowing the crafting and resizing of equipment to be done by players rather then the computer.

Strengths: Supposedly, Artisans can make quite a bit of money without resorting to fighting monsters, using their skills at crafting rather then skill with swords.

Weakness: Artisans have NO combat ability, meaning that they cannot fight worth a damn. They need quite a bit of skills in order to do anything properly. They require QUITE a bit of cash as starting capital. They require quite a bit of time spent using skills that are "learning by doing" because the guilds purposely dont allow you to train the skills high enough to level up.

Hp/Sp/Ep: You dont need Hp cause you cant fight. You dont need Sp cause you dont use spells, much. You dont need Ep cause the skills generally take long enough that you will regenerate it faster then you use it, except if your a miner.

[Edit note: It seems that Ep is accualy quite a bit of a requirement for this guild.]

Starting out: It is highly recomended that you do NOT use artisan as a level one player. It is a much better idea to wait until you have at least 10 million experence, preferably closer to 50 million. A new player will not be able to use his skills, will not be able to fight in order to gain experence, and will not be able to afford the materials required in order to use the skills.

[Edit note: It has been posted that it is impossible to be an Artisan as a level one player, and that 1 million exprence is a requirement. This is an exelent thing because as I stated, going into artisans with even 1 million experence would not be advised.]

Special: Artisans are not a combat guild. Since 90% of experence in Icesus is obtained through combat, it is a guild that is best used by people who don't mind not advancing in levels much, or who has the time to use the few skills that do grant experence, and use them long enough that you become good enough to gain large amounts of it.

Wilders These wildmen are axe wielding barbarians at their finest. Much like Rangers, although with an (un)friendly riavalry, Wilders are warriors who charge into battle with little more then an axe and a warcry, depending on their animal spirits to see them through.

Strengths: Truely the class Warriors, they are the incredibly offensive, with their special skills working fast, stunning often, and dealing massive damage. Where a fighter will enter battle with an Air_priest nearby incase things go bad, a Wilder in trouble will simply grab a "bigger hammer" and smash through anything in it's path.

Weakness: The bigger hammer approach better work, because they are NOT defensive, having light armor only, and not alot of skill in that. Wilders must kill animals and bind their spirit into totems, which then wear out over time. Wilders are a new guild and may be tweaked occasionaly. Only weapon skill is axes.

Special: Never played, although the guild is very popular with newbies.

Monks Masters of the fist, Monks are unarmed, unarmored combat fighters.

Starting out: I dont believe you must be a member of the city of Graemor, but it would be a good idea since the guild is located near there.

Special: I have never played Monk, Unknown.

Shadowdancer Not much are known about these mysterious individuals. Some say they are assassins... but they dont say so for very long.

Strengths: Their backstab is an incredibly powerful attack, easily as strong as a mages DELAYED spells, but with melee abilites to back it up.

Weaknesses: ... Not very good melee abilites to back it up. Can take a reasonable hit compared to a magic user, but is not a tank, and cannot do good melee damage.

Starting out: Must be a member of the city of Graemor. Like all such members, that means it is not a guild that is suggested for Newbies.

Special: Have never been a Shadowdancer, and dont know much about it.

Earth_Priest Priest of the god of Earth, these priests control the powers of Life. Because of this, they also control the powers of Death.

Strengths: Good solo players, these priests have abilities that summon forth undead monsters that can be used for tanks, allowing them to hide behind their own creations. Also, some high level Earth_priests are able to summon corpses and reconnect the souls with the body, greatly reducing the exp lost from death.

Weakness: Like all magic users, has no melee powers. Requires high amounts of experence to properly be used.

Starting out: Must be a member of the city of Graemor.

Special: Have never played Earth_Priest

Infecti Known as psycotic excapees from a mental institution, these creatures can control their enemies minds.

Special: I have never played Infecti, but many people say it is a good guild to join.

Sorcerers Powerful magic users.

Special: Have never played Sorcerer.

Shapeshifters Humans who have gained power over their own bodies, these creatures can become many different powerful animals.

Strengths: Become some of the most powerful players in melee combat, either highly defensive or offensive. High regeneration.

Weaknesses: Forced to learn the forms of many diffrent animals, but usually stick with just one or two. Very underpowered at low levels. Unable to wear armour while shapeshifted until later levels. Must be Human, with all the penalties involved, most obviously low vision.

Special: Only played for a short time, so not much information available. Recomened high experence.

Coven Un-druids?

Special: Unknown.

Open Guilds
Guilds come in three categories: Main guilds, Sub-guilds, and Open guilds. Main guilds are all of the above. Sub-guilds are specialised guilds that enhance your abilities in your main guild. For example, Cat and Bear are Sub-guilds for shapeshifter, and Bladesingers is a Sub-guild for Rangers.

Open Guilds are guilds that provide a set of skills that are highly specific to one aspect of Icesus. For example, the Royal Archers is an Open guild that allows any player to become an expert Archer, and Merchants is an Open guild that allows players to sell items from booths.

Open guilds range from mostly useless (Survivors) to incredibly helpful (Chronomancers.) However, with very few (2?) exceptions, Open guilds are not combat guilds. Because experience is usually gained through fighting, spending levels on non-combat guilds is a "waste" of a level, causing you to fall behind in your ability to fight effectively. As such, it is recomended that no player take levels in any Open guild until at least level 40 or 50. Even the combat guilds require massive amounts of exp to master the skill set they give, which is often out of the reach of a new player.

School of Survival This school provides training in many useful skills for a beginning adventurer.

Strengths: Allows training for SWIMMING, FIRST AID, and many other usefull skills. Also allows access to the Fishers Guild and the Hunters Guild.

Weaknesses: Almost all of the skills trainable here are learnable by doing, meaning that you could just save your experence and not bother.

Useful: Not. Most of the skills can be trained by doing, and some guilds train the skills as guild skills, making the set even more useless. Only real reason for joining is if you want to join Fishers or Hunters.

Hunters Guild Allows training in many of the skills involved with hunting and trapping.

Strenghts: Quickly become a good hunter/trapper, saving time and energy. Can train Move Silently, which is a rare skill that allows you to sneak up on aggressive monsters.

Weaknesses: Most of the skills can be trained by doing, meaning that you are using up both experience and levels training here. Have to waste levels in Survivors.

Useful: Not Very. Move silently is great, but if you really want it, join Rangers. The same can be said for hunting, since a background in Hunter and a member of Ranger can be an exellent hunter indeed.

Fishers For those serious fishers, this guild allows you to train your skills.

Strengths: Allows you to quickly train up your fishing skills, and maybe others. Havent been a Fisher.

Weaknesses: Most skills can be learned by doing. Have to waste levels in survivors.

Useful: Not very. And although it can give experience, Fishing is meant to be a slow time waster, not something you would need to hurry and master.

Chronomancers Masters of Time and Space, these players can open rifts allowing them to move great distances over a short time, and allows them to greatly speed up time around them.

Strengths: Can learn the spell HASTE, RIFT, and can reincarnate players.

Weaknesses: Must be a very high level (30 or up) magic user, or have lots of training in intelligence or wisdom to join.

Useful: Extremelly. Everyone likes a Chronomancer, both for quick trips to town, and for Reincarnations after they reach level 30.

The Royal Archers Masters of the bow, they give you skills to rival magic users, all with physical weapons.

Strengths: A well established and trained Archer can deal massive damage each hit, and can fire one arrow ever 20 seconds or faster. One of the two known (to me) combat guilds. [Note: For members of the Ranger guild, this is a Sub-guild, not a Open guild.]

Weaknesses: Must be highly skilled in the guild before reasonable damage can be delt. Archers must make arrows and a bow to shoot with, both of which require skills to make correctly. When arrows run out, the Archer must make more or be made useless. Skills are massively expensive. One skill - SHARPSHOOTING - must be raised to 70% before you can reach level 5 in the guild. At that high of a %, the skill cost over 120k per %.

Useful: Reasonable to Good. Very Good for Rangers.

Guild of Merchants Designed to allow a player make money, both by getting better prices in shops, and by having a booth from which to sell things.

Useful: Some. Very high level players like this, but if you cant regularly get your hands on equipment worth at least 100k, i would not recomend it. Sub-guild for Artisans.

Alchemy Creates potions for use and selling.

Useful: Some. I dont know much about this guild. Artisans Sub-guild.

Masters of Throwing Teaches players to Throw weapons at the enemy.

Useful: Some. I dont know much about this guild, but it is popular with some people, especially those who don't like Archers. Is the other combat Open guild.

Logger's Hall, Mining Company, Refiners Hub, Geologist Corporation These Guilds are designed to be "raw material" guilds. They provide the raw materials (wood and metal) for the Carpenters and Smiths guilds.

Useful: Some. These guilds are Open for all, and (at least mine and logger) they give experence when you perform your skills well.

[Edit note: Refiners Hub and Geologist Corportation are not open guilds.]

Leathercrafters This guild teaches players how to properly skin animals and transform their skins into useful objects and light armour.

Useful: Some for all, Good for Artisans, who have it as a Sub-guild and can get all 7 levels in it. Players can train SKINNING (which is learnable by doing, but slow) and LEATHERWORKING which allows them to sometimes create magical equipment that is sold for quite a bit of money. Also allows non-artisans to eventually be able to resize their own Light armours.

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Before posting wide guides, spend some time actually finding out what the guilds are. Too many misleading informations. My eyes bleed when i read this.

ill state few here:

Army: it is NOT an defensive guild. only few subs are defensive.
Army makes propably the most brutal warriors/weapon masters there are in the game. Heavy armour is not an requirement.

Air priests are NOT weak in soloing, they do really well in soloing even bigger mobs that most of the classes can't even dream about soloing. That is only if you can spend enough exp for the spells naturally.

ice, fire, acid, bolt, wtf bolt? its not an damagetype. Replace that bolt with lightning? :C
In late-game, mage will take them all, the more damagetypes, the more eq viable will your mage be.

Templars: Here you describe templars as being some ultimate healermageoffensivetanks of doom. Again, heavy armour is not an requirement, there are 3 kind of templars, archknights (fully offensive), avatars and preceptors. They have only one offensive spell if you take element water, and they have no real means to heal. This leaves them with few defensive/melee enchanting spells.

Monks.... unarmored... *sigh*

etcetc. too drained to list more :E
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yeah have to agree with Yoz here, much of misleading information that will most likely affect the life of a newbie also (like the part in mages soloing, invisibility and mirror image gives you moderately good abilities to solo if you know how)

edit: there are easier ways to earn those pdfs than writing these stories you dont seem to know that much and without making yourself look like a _total_ noob


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Osma, indeed, there are so many things i do not agree with that it will take a few hours to reply to your post Razz.... but " A well rounded party with plenty of tanks and blasters might get 2500 experence per min." there is no need to scare newbies so much Razz one can earn exp faster.. as a solo mage, yes :p

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I also want to be mean.
Even thou you need to be human to be Shapeshifter, don't worry about your vision. In animal form you can cast spell that gives you better vision in light and darkness. d'oh!

Edit: Shapeshifter CAN wear armour even with low level, but when you get more skills, you can wear more armours.
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wow.... it is a nice try, and it is commendable to attempt, but wrong on so many levels... for my part, here are some corrections.

1.) There is a distinction between artisans and Master_Artisans. Anyone can join one of the artisan open guilds (miners, leathercrafters, loggers, etc), but only Master_Artisans can get the higher levels in those guilds. That's why there is an ingame "who guild artisan" and "who guild master_artisan"

2.) You *can't* join master_artisans at level one as there is a 1M exp requirement.

3.) You need *a lot* of ep to be any smith/miner/refiner and good epr too. Try going in to smiths without a good ep and you will find that you can't complete even one piece of equipment.

4.) Did you just tell starting players who want to be monks that it is a good idea to be a member of Graemor?

5.) Refiners and Geologists aren't open subguilds at all, you must be a Master_Artisan to join.
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I would suggest that you avoid infecti until an absolute minimum of level 5, it would be even better to join later.

you can't join shadowdancers or earth priests until you get to the 1m exp minimum to change cities.

for the gaesati shapeshifters, i would suggest level 15 as the minimum.

coven is actually a decent low level guild, it is harder in the mid levels though.

wilders would never use a hammer, get the bigger axe though and they will have fun. they also use unarmed fighting.

monks use motion of combat, i like at any level, but suggested for minimum level 10. beware of the pass along the trail, it might be safer to go through the wilderness to the guild, but it takes longer.

no newbie is going to be able to play sorcerer, there is a reason you have not played sorcerer, you don't even get the skills that mean 'sorcerer' until MAYBE level 40.

as to the open guilds, you can get into any of them that you want to, just keep in mind that reincarnation is available if needed.

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Did anyone even NOTICE that I repeatedly mentioned that most of the information is incomplete, and that I was requesting people to post about the guilds that I had low experence with? Of COURSE most of it is wrong, I have only spent time in 6 of the guilds, and I was less then level 20 for most of that time.

Feel free to post information on any guilds you have experence with, feel free to note where I was wrong. Do NOT flame me for trying to post SOMETHING on all the guilds so that there would be accessable information.

And by the way, I am writing these guides to help people, not for pdf. I haven't recieved the slightlest bit of recompensation, except for the thanks of people who I have helped.
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"Of COURSE most of it is wrong"

Why bother posting stuff at all if you already know the information is incorrect? Very Happy

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Because i dont know it is wrong, other wise i wouldnt post it. But anyone who writes a post that is that long, and which covers that many points, very likely isnt going to be correct about everything. I was counting on people to correct me where i was incorrect, so that I can edit the post. What i was not counting on was having people laugh at me and call me an idiot simply because I was wrong about something and didn't already know i was wrong.

I will be happy to change any part of this post that is incorrect, simply write a post saying which part is wrong along with a correction. Most of the information I provided was from second hand information (asking people about what they do in their guild) and from observation (not the most accurate of ways in a game this complex).

P.s.: this is a newbie forum, not the guilds or idea forum. Openly laughing at people who make mistakes is not the way to make newbies comfortable about joining us.
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i don't have a problem with this post, it generally gets the ideas across. Having played all but sorcerers and artisans, so far, i can say that you are actually pretty close on the ones you have played. I vote for some PDF for osma
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Infecti. Infecti tyros are a group of madmen who overtook their mental asylum and now accept members into their group by spreading the 'infection', giving psionic powers.

Strengths: Infecti are, in my opinion, an excellent guild. They can blast single mobs decently, but the real magic happens when you have several mobs in the same room; if an infecti can get a hold of a group of victims, they can blast through them all while using as much PP(psionic strength points) as if they were fighting a single target. This can be a bit difficult to arrange at times, but gives a massive benefit.

Weaknesses: It is very easy to make a reinc where the ppmax is too low. Most infecti have just one 'speed' of casting, evoking psychic ripple constantly, which is quite a bit different from, say, sorcerer spells. In my experience, this also doesn't make them quite as suitable for a deftank-healer-blaster party(although it's still doable). Also, infecti have some penalties against undead. At lower levels, you either trade for a weak spell or an area spell that drains pp very quickly. Also, displacement(An excellent defensive discipline) doesn't work on undead.

Hp/Sp/Ep: These depend on your reinc. If you take a 'blaster' reinc, obviously you'll most likely have a very sucky hpmax. But that doesn't matter, because you plan to be behind someone. Sp isn't used directly from psychic disciplines, but is drained whenever some of the defensive disciplines are activated; I wouldn't make an infecti reinc just for spmax. Ep is as useful for infecti as it would be for, say, a mage; it all depends on your preferences. The thing infecti use for their spells(disciplines) is pp, which is derived from int, wis, and con. Most normal infecti choose to take only backgrounds that give ppmax.

Starting out: I think that infecti wouldn't be too bad of a guild to start out in, although I can't be sure because I first reinced into it at level 14 or so. I hear that melee is the most useful way to kill rats and things at low levels. Melee is taught in the guild, though only to a small amount(It maxes at 40%). Infecti are unique in that they can use psionic disciplines while wielding any weapons, so that would probably also be useful for low levels. One thing against starting at low levels, however, is that the 'magic lore'-type skill, secrets of psyche, maxes out at a very low percentage. Int should be stressed above all when starting out, so you'll have a decent ppmax.

Specials: Infecti have several benefits for being in the same party; they can share pp, increase each others'(as well as non infectis') skills temporarily, and even join their willpower to do extra damage.

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klarh wrote:
Specials: Infecti have several benefits for being in the same party; they can share pp, increase each others'(as well as non infectis') skills temporarily, and even join their willpower to do extra damage.

in Addition: As Klarh said Psis are not the Blaster typical used for deftank-blaster-healer Combos. They are not as specialised in combat as mages, but they come with good support spells for soloing as well as for parties.

Something a player has to be aware of is that psis _have_ to come with some idle regeneration time. While casting their mind related spells they are constantly loosing their touch with reality. Mental Integrity that drops to low can have some pretty annoying results. Therefore psis often don't log off but start to regenerate so be prepared to leave your pc running over night.

Personal Opinion: Get used to the mind-kicking way of the psi cause one day we will rule the world. Bwaahahahhhahahaa!
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osma wrote:
Because i dont know it is wrong, other wise i wouldnt post it. But anyone who writes a post that is that long, and which covers that many points, very likely isnt going to be correct about everything. I was counting on people to correct me where i was incorrect, so that I can edit the post. What i was not counting on was having people laugh at me and call me an idiot simply because I was wrong about something and didn't already know i was wrong.

I will be happy to change any part of this post that is incorrect, simply write a post saying which part is wrong along with a correction. Most of the information I provided was from second hand information (asking people about what they do in their guild) and from observation (not the most accurate of ways in a game this complex).

P.s.: this is a newbie forum, not the guilds or idea forum. Openly laughing at people who make mistakes is not the way to make newbies comfortable about joining us.

Openly laughing to people who think they are being superhelpful/new messiah of icesus by trying to change everything, or get their new ideas up and running all the time, is ok.

If you are not certain about facts, then dont "publish" them.

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osma wrote:

Sorcerers Powerful magic users.

Special: Have never played Sorcerer.

You might find something about sorcerers from here:
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