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Scions of the cursed blood main guild is now open. The guild is about half-blooded dhamphirs who use their innate blood abilities on combat for various purposes. There are two branches in the guild; Ilyuktyev bloodline which uses their natural weapons in combat similarly to gaesati or monks meaning they will not need any weapon. They also employ variety of magical diseases to lay waste on their enemies. Swaizzone bloodline on the other hand is all about swordmanship and becoming the greatest swordman in the existence. They can use their weapon two-handed or one-handed which ever you choose to be better for yourself. Both of these ways have their own benefits.

The guild works mostly through combat momentums meaning that majority of skills and spells come through them and there are multitude of things that require reacting to things happening in combat, like for example putrefy disease maybe only invoked on target when he has wounds, necrosis disease gets applified by gangrenous eviscerate, ruinous touch causes all the diseases erupt simultaneously and to make things more complicated you don't need to follow just your own things but also other player's actions as for example gangrenous eviscerate works with covens by amplifying their scourges. In addition to this whole soul collecting requires you to pay attention to monster's health. This all means the guild requires very careful attention to play by design. If you don't play to your fullest you aren't going to get much out of the guild. Also the guild is not the cheapest one around and might require you to spend a lot of money and have decent amount of experience to work. Asking around before fucking up your reincarnation is advicable.

As the guild cannot be reached if you aren't already a member of the guild or level 1 and suitable race here is some vital information about joining the guild.

Allowed races are elf, human, dark elf, derro, orc and shadowperson but only elf, human and dark elf may join the Swaizzone bloodline and all the above can join Ilyuktyev bloodline.

You must be either from Graemor or Cenedoiss to join the guild. Ilyuktyev bloodline requires you to be from Graemor but Swaizzone allows both.

Joining the Swaizzone bloodline also requires you to have a surname. Ilyuktyev bloodline does not have this requirement.

There is a dark servant near the entrance of the Old Graemor which can guide you forward.
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