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New changes to mages are now in game. Ask Belannaer for a free reinc if you are currently in the guild.

Here is the list of changes:

Damage type sub guilds are combined into one 6 level sub 'Elementalists'.
New 18 level sub guild called 'Gathering of war mages' added.
Uptuned lightning special considerably.
Some skills and spells changed to make room for new stuff.
* X focusing skills -> Elemental focusing
* Mastery of X skills -> Mastery of elements
* Elementalist's armor uses cast skills now to scale and directly absorbs elemental damage instead of resistances.

New spells:
* Behemoth's might
* Mana shield
* Return of Conjure food and water

New modifiers:
* Breaching: Allows the spell to pass partly through resistances.
* Lingering: Adds damage over time component to the spell.
* Consuming: Increases spell damage based on the spell's damage type.
* Debilitating: Lowers defences of the target.

New skills:
* Master of defensive magic
* Mirrorblade army
* Rite of incitation

New masteries:
* Storm gathering: Area spell mastery.
* Ameliorative enchantment: non-offensive spell mastery.
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