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Game News 2009

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 15:17 pm    Post subject: Game News 2009 Reply with quote

    Gameplay Changes and Tunes

    [Items] (Tue Feb 17 08:23) Moraq: fixed air priest censer
    [Mage/Scion/Items/General skills] (Tue Feb 17 11:08) Belannaer: Elementalist's armor now stacks properly with other natural armor giving effects, reave defences now makes more damage based on how much you have assigned on defence, downtuned vampire blade's vitae drain, you can now invoke with 2 hander, hunt now properly requires your mount to have hunt feat, increased base dam of daggers and knives.
    [Monster/Mage] (Thu Feb 19 21:51) Belannaer: Prestigious monsters now have relatively high chance of seeing through your invisibility if you are still hazy from previous invisibility.
    [Items] (Sun Feb 22 13:36) Moraq: Downtuned certain hollow sword's damage gain a bit and reduced its weight
    [General] (Mon Feb 23 12:44) Moraq: Disabled the harass command and added an emote
    [Wilder] (Tue Feb 24 12:42) Moraq: Fixed a mistake with wilder skill maxes and eased level requirements a bit.
    [Items] (Thu Feb 26 13:36) Moraq: Changed bishop stone to misc item

    [General] (Sun Mar 1 23:33) Belannaer: You can have reinctax in prompt after daily boot.
    [Monster] (Tue Mar 3 19:26) Moraq: Disabled dafur spawning for some rework in the near future
    [Earth Priest/Sorcerer] (Wed Mar 4 16:27) Zaltaiz: did some work with phantasmal shroud, now it might work... or on the other hand it might not.
    [Coven] (Wed Mar 11 22:13) Zaltaiz: guild of ye olde warlockke and wytches is closed for rebalance and other suffelish thingies, shouldn't take more than a day or two. If you are affected, freereincs are available starting in 5min.
    [Coven] (Fri Mar 13 07:30) Zaltaiz: coven guild is back up, changelog can be found in forums (in a couple of min)
    [Coven] (Sat Mar 14 02:39) Zaltaiz: since I've got gazillion of queries, yes, coven dreams were fixed, now you actually get true effect with normal spell and crit effect with crit spell. Also the effect were changed a bit, now main covenites spells rock a lot more than noobster seccies.
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 16 09:07) Zaltaiz: coven crits have been remade, majority of messages remain the same, but the innards have been mauled furiously into a new shape, affects seccies too
    [Items] (Mon Mar 16 17:04) Belannaer: Charges on flail of shadows now last for short time after removing it. If you wield it fast enough the previous charges will be returned.
    [Items] (Fri Mar 20 21:25) Belannaer: Skill shards can be now used to replace old skill bonuses from your item as long as the item has same skill bonus as the shard would give. For example if you have an item with +1 to dodge and you have a shard that gives +2 dodge you can replace the +1 bonus with the +2 bonus.
    [Items] (Sun Mar 22 14:13) Belannaer: Treasures can now have shards in them.
    [Combat/Weapons] (Mon Mar 23 11:39) Belannaer: Non-swords now have higher parry chance and reduced penalty large weapons get to block and parry.
    [Psionicist] (Tue Mar 24 15:12) Belannaer: Infecti spell 'disintegration' no longer destroyes items or whole mobs. It also has a crit now and deals more damage in general but deals less damage on targets who are more vulnerable for psionic attacks than to magical.
    [Psionicist] (Tue Mar 24 21:45) Belannaer: Caster infecti have a new spell 'psychokinetic annihilation'.
    [Psionicist] (Tue Mar 24 22:12) Belannaer: Psychic venom now ticks faster and when target with a psychic venom is hit by psychic ripple/psychic storm/psionic maelstrom it causes one of the ticks to be expended instantly.
    [Coven] (Sat Mar 28 00:08) Zaltaiz: magically masterfully uber covenites gained some new (for them) weapon type influencing skills
    [Items] (Sun Mar 29 22:00) Belannaer: You can now apply stat shards on items that already have magic stats if that stat is only bonus to some skill and nothing else. Requires reboot and also might not work old shards. If you want to add a shard to some item and it's not working let me know.

    [Items] (Wed Apr 1 16:21) Belannaer: Damage type shards can now be applied to weapons that do only physical damage at the moment regardless if they already have some magical stats. If a weapon already has damage type stat it can be replaced by same type of shard if you want to make it stronger later when you get better shard.
    [Wilder] (Wed Apr 1 20:17) Belannaer: Wilders can now train two-handed weapons skill from savages. Might require a reinc.
    [General] (Wed Apr 1 23:49) Belannaer: Prompt can now have colour. See 'help prompt' for more information. Requires quit&re-enter to work.
    [General] (Thu Apr 2 16:55) Belannaer: Added help file for shards.
    [Items] (Sun Apr 5 16:41) Belannaer: Saga of the ever-changing shards continues: shards affecting spell damage can now be imbued on already magical armours that take ear/finger/amulet slots if they don't already have spell damage stat on them
    [Shapeshifter] (Mon Apr 6 00:39) Belannaer: Pack tactics now work with any party members, not just other shifters.
    [Hive] (Mon Apr 6 16:13) Belannaer: Downtuned natural armour from hive to same level as other similar things give. Bugs with hive levels and races with natural armor get lessened effect from shifter secondary's natural armor.
    [Wilder] (Mon Apr 6 17:24) Belannaer: Reduced sp drain from wilder markings a lot, requires quit/re-enter. Increased offensive battle strategy max, requires reboot and possibly a reinc.
    [General ] (Tue Apr 7 14:47) Belannaer: New players are now limited to newbie channel and their tells are limited just to wizards until certain time has passed or they have gained levels.
    [General] (Tue Apr 7 15:19) Belannaer: New players may also use tells to newbie helpers and people who have them in their friends list now.
    [Monk] (Wed Apr 8 16:10) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (Revised monks) []
    [Items] (Thu Apr 9 20:20) Belannaer: Shards that give both damage type and resist at the same time like "shard of crystallized asphyxiation magic" won't drop anymore.
    [Thrower] (Mon Apr 13 22:00) Belannaer: Uptuned throwing damage.
    [General] (Tue Apr 14 19:50) Belannaer <news>: Added help file for profession levels. Thanks to Cyrik for writing it.
    [Items] (Wed Apr 15 09:01) Belannaer: Spell damage shards can be now imbued on clothes and miscellaneous items too even if they already are magical (like it was already possible to rings, amulets and earrings).
    [General] (Wed Apr 15 09:15) Belannaer: Doubled max amount of aliases.
    [Thrower] (Wed Apr 15 14:58) Belannaer: Upped shocking throw, vital points and piercing hurl learnable max to 100%.
    [Monster] (Sun Apr 19 20:17) Ginjeet: New gameinfo. (Eq monster reinstated) []
    [General/Items] (Mon Apr 20 18:12) Belannaer: There are now a lot more quality adjectives for items for both identify and when looking at the item (uses same adjectives now). Fully effective after reboot.
    [Air Priest/Earth Priest/Water Priest/Fire Priest] (Wed Apr 22 20:32) Belannaer: All priest guilds are now able to join monks.
    [Monster] (Thu Apr 23 18:39) Belannaer: Chaos worm has some new stuff.
    [Air Priest/Earth Priest/Water Priest/Fire Priest] (Sat Apr 25 18:51) Belannaer: Priests with monk levels now get motion of combat as momentum and can use it even while wielding weapons. Wielding change only applies to using it as a momentum and not when using it in the normal way.
    [Archer] (Mon Apr 27 17:48) Belannaer: Reloading a bow now takes a lot less ep with proper skills. Shooting now also drains less ep in certain cases.
    [General skills] (Mon Apr 27 18:33) Belannaer: Effectiness of essence of true ritual now caps to 2 * your current casting points.
    [Sorcerer] (Tue Apr 28 22:14) Belannaer: Chitine and ciloss may not join sorcerers anymore.

    [Coven] (Tue May 5 22:03) Zaltaiz: Whole coven guild's spell damage calculator structure got a slight change, raceboosts, hatred levels, proper stats etc have now a slightly different effect (yes, it is an uptune for most of you). Rest of new races got their racebonuses, some were missing. Might require boot to function fully.
    [Monster] (Wed May 13 14:00) Moraq: Banshee is back.
    [General skills] (Thu May 21 21:10) Belannaer: Fletchery can be now used to make multiple arrows at the same time, amount is based on your fletchery skill. Example: 'use fletchery at 25 sheaf arrow with broad arrowhead'. Duration of the making is scaled by the amount made but it is always faster to make them in bulk than making single arrows one by one. Craftsmanship has a chance of improving per arrows made, not by per skill usage now.
    [General] (Thu May 21 21:11) Belannaer: Help triggers has changed, in particular the rule "repeat skills/spells while in combat when they go off/fail" now includes the "while in combat" clause.
    [Water Priest] (Fri May 29 20:02) Belannaer: Karmic justice now gives additional natural armor when there are 6 or more present party members around.
    [Templar] (Fri May 29 20:28) Belannaer: Shield of faith now gives additional natural armor if you are wielding a shield.
    [Water Priest] (Sat May 30 09:51) Belannaer: Few changes to karmic justice tune. Instead of requiring 6+ party members to give the natural armor bonus it now gains effectiness from other "tanks" in the front row but does not count other water priests. The bonus also now scales with the amount of blood you currently have like the damage reduction ability of karmic justice already does. Also it should now give proper amount of natural armor (was ~3x what it was supposed to be).

    [Monster] (Tue Jun 2 16:02) Zaltaiz: ghost thingies at frozen valley area should be now nice exp, and won't flee if you damage them enough (during day, during night they shouldn't flee anyways...), also now they give positive vorlon reputation. If they disappear completely at some point during boot, nudge me and I'll try to kludge a new fix
    [Monster] (Tue Jun 2 16:08) Zaltaiz: some specific stone-faced mob at some area's balcony gained new iivil iivil abilities and changes
    [Monster] (Tue Jun 2 16:14) Zaltaiz: some specific burning man with a nice trinket on his neck is now a lot fatter than before
    [Items] (Tue Jun 2 16:22) Belannaer: Special on Black locust bow should now work properly. Requires reboot.
    [Monster] (Tue Jun 2 16:32) Zaltaiz: that peculiar burning man now respawns, and his trinket has now... versions
    [Items] (Wed Jun 3 01:29) Zaltaiz: The legendary weapon "behestar" is now fixed... sort of. All those who possess the current weapon can change it to a working one, but not of the same weapon type or even style. Nudge me if you want one.
    [Monster] (Tue Jun 9 16:14) Zaltaiz: ye olde ghosts in frozen valley are even nicer exp now, no more offensive spells, so gogo kill kill them you noobsters (fully func after boot)
    [Items] (Wed Jun 10 22:03) Moraq: Players who completed the Cradle but did not receive a reward can send me a mudmail and I'll process them in a day or two.
    [Items] (Fri Jun 12 11:58) Moraq: Adjusted armour class rating on blademaster's black gloves.
    [Mage] (Sun Jun 28 11:18) Belannaer: Mana well no longer loses effectiness over time.

    [Items] (Thu Jul 9 20:27) Zaltaiz: One specific, fairly hungry item worn on finger phaps, no longer rocks so much on undead players. Still rules though.
    [General] (Mon Jul 20 20:15) Belannaer: Prestige can be gained at any level now, not just 50+. Old level limit still applies to secondary characters. Fully effective after boot.

    [General/Earth Priest/Mage] (Wed Aug 12 12:01) Moraq: Fixed the infinite haste abuse bug, should nuke anyone who used it without reporting. Also, earth priest quest wand no longer accepts a faerie dragon's corpse and finally rite of replication now gives a message when it ends.
    [Coven] (Wed Aug 12 15:27) Zaltaiz: Coven's no longer gain increased insight over their abilities, when they are directed against opponents that are completely invulnerable to them.
    [Items] (Fri Aug 21 20:54) Moraq: Balanced the armour class on black demonhide cuirass a bit

    [Wilder] (Fri Sep 11 14:14) Moraq: Storm skill now helps to lower the endurance point cost of wilder storm a lot
    [Water Priest/Air Priest/Mage/Coven/shapeshifter/Psionicist/army/Earth Priest] (Wed Sep 16 10:37) Belannaer: Water priests, air priests, mages, covens, shifters, infecti, army and earthpriests now inform when your mastery increases.
    [General/Items/Ranger] (Thu Sep 17 22:37) Moraq: Hopefully fixed the issue of some monsters not leaving a corpse behind unintendedly. Furthermore, the proc rates of stun powder now depend very, very heavily on the wielder's plant lore skill. Except if you're a ranger, in which case you can disregard one 'very'.
    [General/Items] (Fri Sep 18 13:15) Moraq: People who have in their possession flasks that appear broken (infinite, negative weight) are suggested to get rid of said flasks before the flask gets rid of the player. I know what's wrong with them and will be fixing them soonish.
    [General/Items] (Mon Sep 21 12:36) Moraq: If someone manages to make their flask infinite again as of this boot, let me know asap.
    [Wilder/Chronomancer] (Fri Sep 25 20:09) Moraq: Haste now affects wilders as much as other melee guilds, they were a bit behind.
    [Chronomancer] (Sat Sep 26 13:43) Moraq: Lowered effectiveness of haste on melee classes (yesterday actually), somewhat experimental.
    [Merchant] (Sun Sep 27 16:40) Moraq: Appraise gives an "estimate" of df value now at a minimum of 50 skill.
    [Items] (Mon Sep 28 14:28) Belannaer: Temporal spellblade now only works in combat and does not prevent casting.
    [Combat/Weapons] (Wed Sep 30 18:45) Zaltaiz: Due to popular demand, stat bonus calculations for two-handed swords as a type were revisited and changed (back) to par with similar weapons. Note, this doesn't mean weapons wielded in two hands, but only two-handed swords. They still probably rock, though. Might need reboot to function fully.

    [General] (Thu Oct 1 21:14) Moraq: Beholders use a lot less psp for object handling now. Beholder of the world [sic] rejoice.
    [Army] (Sun Oct 4 18:53) Zaltaiz: made army light infantry's requirements a bit more sensible at lower levels, also, moved part of the two-handed wepz skill to lower levels too
    [Mage] (Mon Oct 5 22:04) Moraq: mirror image is replenishable now
    [Templar/Earth Priest] (Tue Oct 13 13:42) Belannaer: Strength of one and power of earth now stack.
    [Templar] (Wed Oct 21 15:00) Moraq: Chromatic barrier activates a lot faster in combat now
    [Genral skills] (Wed Oct 21 15:10) Moraq: First aid doesn't let you use guild items or other special stuff as bandages anymore
    [Army] (Wed Oct 21 16:23) Zaltaiz: btw, the stupid underlapping bug in strike messages that was causing most devastating strikes to come out as UNEARTLY's was fixed, all hail Moraq who had the endurance to alter that one critical number! If your messages went down (as some are already whining), you just suck and you sucked just as much before. Only difference is that now you know it.
    [Monster] (Wed Oct 21 17:13) Belannaer: Najass now rewards 3 items instead of 2 from killing certain beast. New dragon masks are now always much higher quality than before.
    [General/Combat] (Wed Oct 21 18:44) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (New resistance system) []
    [Items] (Wed Oct 21 22:02) Belannaer: Imbueing new stats: defiance can be imbued on any item that doesn't have it yet. The other 4 maybe imbued on already magical items that don't have one of them already. If you are planning on imbueing some other stats on the same item you might want to imbue those first before the new stats as they might still have some conflicting cases where you cannot imbue the other stats you wanted because of the new stats.
    [Templar] (Wed Oct 21 23:02) Belannaer: Templars may now train axes.
    [Monk secondary] (Sat Oct 24 15:30) Moraq: applied a temporaryish fix to monk secondary item, it will work after a relog. the rune data was tragically lost for the time being, and everyone will have all the runes for free at least for some time
    [Items] (Sun Oct 25 01:08) Belannaer: New stats and spell damages now are considered as offensive powers and thus give red glow to eqs. This probably changes glows on some of your items to different than they are now. Fully effective after reboot.

    [Items/Weapons] (Sun Nov 15 19:34) Moraq: Certain weapon(s) that get better as they are used don't do so anymore after their wielder has been idle for a while
    [Monster] (Wed Dec 16 10:06) Moraq: Changed outworld beholders and wyverns to be considered as animals for all combat purposes

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 15:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


    [Other] (Tue Feb 17 22:29) Belannaer: New donation boxes at main guilds. Players with lower than 5M totals can take an item once per day from his main guild's box. Armours will be resized automatically to fit the player. Players may donate items to the boxes and receive some divine favours in return based on item's worth. Donating an item makes it worthless and it cannot be sold or sacrificed anymore.
    [Other] (Wed Mar 4 16:56) Moraq: New gameinfo (Newbie helpers) []
    [Other] (Sun Mar 15 17:28) Belannaer: A fairly rare new type of loot may now drop from any monster. Higher level and prestigious monsters have higher chance to drop these items. Fully effective after daily reboot.
    [Other] (Tue Mar 17 15:42) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (New loots) []
    [Area] (Sat Apr 4 12:24) Vivian: please check new gameinfo :) (New area) []
    [Area] (Mon Oct 5 18:22) Moraq: A couple of graemorian scouts have managed to infiltrate Kloernien and are hiding somewhere in the forest.
    [Other] (Wed Oct 21 21:32) Belannaer: Another new gameinfo. (New eq stats) []
    [Other] (Sun Oct 25 18:19) Belannaer: Added sixth new stat. More detailed info in the gameinfo post.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 15:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


    [Other] (Wed Feb 18 21:09) Belannaer: News news news, terrible things are happening! ... or not, could be just new gameinfo. (Updated announcement of annual Jää ry meeting) []
    [Other] (Fri Feb 20 14:45) Ginjeet: Hello my little ones, do let me know if gallery comments suddenly stopped working for you (minor change)
    [Other] (Mon Feb 23 18:06) Ginjeet: The Icesus Player Gallery received a major facelift. Upload limit was raised considerably, and there are many new features for your photo sharing enjoyment. Go crazy over it at [
    and report any problems to me
    [Other] (Tue Mar 3 22:14) Belannaer: Updated Jää ry meeting announcement with time and place.
    [Other] (Sat Mar 7 10:54) Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Jää ry []
    [Other] (Sun Mar 15 13:23) Ginjeet: Some more gallery related awesomeness has happened at []
    [Other] (Thu Mar 26 11:01) Belannaer: Short wizlock after boot.
    [Other] (Sun Mar 29 10:04) Things discussed in the Annual General Meeting []
    [Other] (Wed Apr 8 11:17) Belannaer: If your booth/hut/mount/whatever is missing let some wizard know about it.
    [Other] (Sun Apr 12 10:41) Belannaer: Short wizlock after boot.
    [Player] (Wed Apr 15 01:56) Zaltaiz: renba just gained a two weeks break from the game for illegal player killing
    [Player] (Thu May 21 21:54) Belannaer: Maris can now only fletch horribly made arrows.
    [Other] (Thu May 28 18:01) Belannaer: I will be away for 3 months starting on next week's friday on 5.6 and will come back around 6.9. During that time I will be busy and have limited internet access so if there is some matter or issue you want me to handle before that contact me with mudmail about the issue (and please explain it well enough) and I will try to find some time to resolve it before I leave. If you need to contact me during my absence use mudmail as I will pop in every now and then and read the mails.
    [Player] (Tue Jun 2 23:17) Zaltaiz: Xylon just gained a months break from the game. Offensive behaviour towards wizards is never accepted in any shape or form.
    [Player] (Tue Jun 2 23:23) Zaltaiz: turned into three days, since I noticed something along an apology in the next lines
    [Other] (Tue Jun 2 23:29) Belannaer: There will be a short wizlock after tomorrow's daily reboot.
    [Coding] (Thu Jun 11 19:14) Icesus Area Creation Contest 2008: Results []
    [Other] (Mon Aug 31 20:05) Belannaer: Server rebooted for currently unknown reasons. If you lost something (eq/mount/hut/etc.) let some an admin know. Booths will be restored soonish.
    [Player] (Sun Sep 13 00:31) Belannaer: Banned Akdives for 3 months because he annoyes me too much at the moment.
    [Other] (Mon Sep 21 12:43) Belannaer: There will be a wizlock lasting max one hour following tomorrow's daily reboot.
    [Other] (Wed Nov 11 14:35) Moraq: Some of the booths were restored, if there's still some missing and you're lucky enough to see an unidle wizard you need to go to your booth's place and tell them to restore it. The usual deal.
    [Player] (Mon Nov 16 09:05) Zaltaiz: Leighcheri gained two weeks break from player killing.
    [Player] (Mon Nov 16 09:07) Zaltaiz: also cinn gained 30 days to being an idiot and harassing a wizard
    [Player] (Mon Nov 16 09:10) Zaltaiz: make that sitebanned
    [Event] (Tue Dec 1 16:39) Belannaer: Christmas event times in gameinfo. (Christmas events) []
    [Event] (Fri Dec 25 02:24) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (The new year's event) []
    [Player] (Sat Dec 26 18:02) Belannaer: Perm banished Kraven's secondary.
    [Event] (Tue Dec 29 16:45) Belannaer: Moved the event to 1.1.2010.
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