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Game News 2010

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 23:52 pm    Post subject: Game News 2010 Reply with quote

    Gameplay Changes and Tunes

    [Items] (Fri Jan 22 13:03) Belannaer: You should be now able to re-imbue defiance and spell damage over previous spell damage of same type. Effective after reboot.
    [General] (Mon Feb 8 05:44) Misrobo: The coachman is 80% less annoying now, knows a few more stops, and charges newbies less to ride.
    [Items] (Mon Feb 8 05:45) Misrobo: Oil sacks are slightly less annoying now. (drop all empty oil sack), but the messages are also slightly different, watch those hilights.
    [General] (Mon Feb 8 06:03) Misrobo: The coachman knows how to go to more far flung places now.
    [General/Items] (Mon Feb 22 22:36) Misrobo: Lots of shops are repaired. You can now buy salted puffin meat again.
    [Mage] (Tue Feb 23 15:07) Belannaer: Mages now have a combat momentum called 'elemental blast' that does damage based on types that the caster knows (randomly takes one). Applies to secondary guild also.
    [Thrower] (Wed Feb 24 11:03) Belannaer: Throwing is now slightly faster, does more damage and it's easier to hit the spot you are aiming at.
    [Thrower] (Wed Feb 24 11:13) Belannaer: Throwing at wounded slots now increases the damage same way as in archery.
    [Thrower] (Wed Feb 24 11:34) Belannaer: Throwing any burning object or weapon with fire damage has a chance of setting the target in flames.
    [Scion] (Wed Feb 24 13:44) Belannaer: Downtuned atrophy, gangrenous eviscerate, putrefy, necrosis, mantle, haunter of the dark, blood regen, pain tolerance, fleshcraft base damage, clutch of the undeath, reave defences and increased some invoke costs.
    [Water Priest] (Wed Feb 24 13:56) Belannaer: Capped the maximum heals from waterpriest blood heals and spellbinding skill now caps at 100%.
    [Shapeshifter] (Wed Feb 24 14:39) Belannaer: Fixed bug in shifter natural armor that made you lose about 33% of its effect. Also changed it a bit so that masteries affect more and gives some more natural armor than before.
    [Psionicist] (Wed Feb 24 15:29) Belannaer: Infecti now have spell momentums that come from most of the offensive spells in guild. Affects both branches and secondary guild and there is a new mastery linked to them.
    [Psionicist] (Wed Feb 24 15:38) Belannaer: Telekinetic celerity is now a momentum instead of just happening automatically.
    [Combat] (Wed Feb 24 18:08) Belannaer: Wounds are now considerably less hazardous for prestigious monsters.
    [Water Priest/Thrower] (Thu Feb 25 12:13) Belannaer: Absolute grace now affects throwing also.
    [Psionicist] (Thu Feb 25 12:55) Belannaer: Lowered casting time of psychokinetic prison a lot.
    [Thrower] (Thu Feb 25 23:01) Belannaer: Crit chance for throwing is now a slightly higher than 0.66% with maximum skills.
    [Thrower] (Thu Feb 25 23:09) Belannaer: Throwing has a chance of increasing wounding skill. Wounding skill now increases chance of wounding with throwing. Chance of wounding in general is higher now and also higher with piercing hurl.

    [Thrower] (Mon Mar 1 11:46) Belannaer: Added new skill throw blades.
    [Thrower] (Mon Mar 1 12:14) Belannaer: It is now always possible to miss with throw regardless of skill and highly skilled monsters now always have a chance of dodging the throw.
    [Thrower] (Mon Mar 1 12:55) Belannaer: Re-wrote majority of throwing's hit chance and damage code with emphasis on skills and stats (especially dex).
    [General skills] (Mon Mar 1 20:24) Misrobo: "wield" now remembers which slots you like your weapons to be in.
    [Coven] (Sun Mar 7 14:54) Zaltaiz: juicied up some coven crits a lot, effective after reboot etcz
    [Coven] (Mon Mar 8 16:24) Zaltaiz: made some quickfixes to withering, I'll revamp it at some point though
    [General skills/Combat] (Wed Mar 10 18:03) Belannaer: Berserk combat style has now somewhat less negative impact on your defence than before. Effective after reboot.
    [General skills/Combat] (Wed Mar 10 18:31) Belannaer: Sword and board should now have considerable effect on your amount of parries.
    [Weapons] (Wed Mar 10 19:27) Belannaer: Spears and javelins now require less size and strenght to wield in 1 hand.
    [General] (Wed Mar 10 21:27) Misrobo: Added "wield XXX in best" and "wield XXX in both hands"
    [Combat] (Thu Mar 11 11:31) Belannaer: Fixed a bug in combat code that multiplied parry pool and parry chance bonuses for each shield wielded.
    [General skills/Combat] (Thu Mar 11 22:54) Belannaer: Sword and board now increases hit speed and damage with the weapon.
    [Templar] (Thu Mar 11 23:04) Belannaer: Templars can now train contact reflexes and combat sense.
    [Thrower] (Thu Mar 11 23:44) Belannaer: Re-enabled the front row throwing check that reduces throwing damage from front row. Does not apply on throwing daggers and darts.
    [Templar] (Fri Mar 12 14:38) Belannaer: Templar piety should now properly increase.
    [Sorcerer] (Fri Mar 12 18:20) Belannaer: Wielding sorcerer scepter is considered as a free hand for channeling now.
    [Psionicist] (Tue Mar 16 13:06) Belannaer: Re-wrote displacement spell effect. It now directly avoids combat hits and spells instead of just making you avoid the actual damage. This on the other hand does not make you avoid other damage sources such as maneuvers etc. anymore though but it will now prevent non-damaging harmful spells also and multi-damage type attacks. Changed the sp cost for the effect also.
    [Shapeshifter] (Tue Mar 16 15:17) Belannaer: Some of the requirements and skill percentages in shifter subs were changed to make life easier for smaller players.
    [Mage] (Tue Mar 16 17:31) Belannaer: Re-wrote elemental blast so that it takes all your damage type spells (ice, frost, chill etc.) and counts them together for the damage and randomly takes one of the damage types you know. Should result in higher damage for the secondary and main guild. Also changed the magic type to do a bit more damage on default.
    [Combat/General skills/Shapeshifter] (Tue Mar 16 17:46) Belannaer: Kick, headbutt, shield punch, shield rush and primalist's fury momentums don't cost ep to use anymore.
    [Shapeshifter] (Tue Mar 16 22:21) Belannaer: Gaesatis have now a new skill called "Swerving motion" that greatly increases their ability to avoid hits. Reinc very likely required to be able to train.
    [Items] (Tue Mar 16 23:17) Zaltaiz: uptuned certain silvery cage with a living organ inside it thingie, fully functions after boot probably definetely maybe
    [General/Thrower] (Wed Mar 17 10:39) Belannaer: Infravision should now work with throwing.
    [Combat/General] (Sun Mar 21 15:39) Zaltaiz: combat might suffer a bit, expect more oddities or crashed unless I can magically figure out what did happen or bellu comes and saves us

    [General] (Mon Apr 5 17:19) Zaltaiz: for future references, cases in which you have reinc tax stuck at 99% are well reported and known, and even if the message stays in 99% the actual negative effect is gone, in some far future, someone might even fix that, but in the meantime, fyi...
    [Fire Priest] (Wed Apr 7 12:30) Belannaer: Decree of tranquility is now only effective while there is a campfire around or consecrated ground.
    [General] (Wed Apr 7 13:14) Belannaer: Hpmax stat now scales. Higher stat bonuses now give less hp per point.
    [Items] (Mon Apr 19 22:01) Belannaer: Cincture now ticks faster and gives less hp and ep per tick.
    [General] (Thu Apr 22 15:02) Belannaer: Spell weavers are no longer vulnerable to physical damage.
    [Ranger] (Thu Apr 22 15:10) Belannaer: Bladesinging now uses considerably less spell points.
    [Ranger] (Thu Apr 22 15:24) Belannaer: Bladesinging is now also more effective.
    [General/General skills] (Mon Apr 26 12:38) Belannaer: All time skill & spell lists were reseted.
    [Templar] (Wed Apr 28 16:30) Belannaer: Blow of justice is now usable while riding.
    [Monk] (Wed Apr 28 16:39) Belannaer: Monk guild item now goes to misc. slot.
    [Monk] (Wed Apr 28 16:42) Belannaer: Monks may now join Militia.

    [Thrower/Shadowdancer] (Sun May 2 23:58) Belannaer: You should be able to now throw normally if your uncanny adroitness cooldown is up.
    [General] (Sun May 30 04:39) Misrobo: You can now "look at right arm"... because I know that completes you.

    [General/Psionicist secondary] (Wed Jun 2 16:51) Belannaer: Thri-kreens and cancuns with hivemind receptor may now join psi secondary guild.
    [General skills/Weapons] (Sat Jun 12 13:52) Belannaer: Sword and board no longer works with two-handed swords, greatswords, mauls, flails and staves.
    [General skills/Weapons] (Sat Jun 12 14:03) Belannaer: and after a second of re-thinking it again affects mauls and flails. I'll remove the flails again after I'll do some tuning on flails in general (turn them into two-handed swords of bludgeoning weapons).
    [Weapons] (Sat Jun 12 15:43) Belannaer: Flails may behave oddly after boot (read: destory worlds with their ungodly high damage).
    [Weapons] (Sun Jun 13 09:32) Belannaer: Flails should now do noticably more damage.
    [Items] (Sun Jun 13 09:41) Belannaer: Death blades are now more deadly.

    [Water Priest] (Wed Jul 14 21:37) Belannaer: Channeling should now properly stop when unconscious, stunned, etc.
    [General] (Thu Jul 15 16:05) Ginjeet: The reporting commands bug, typo, idea and praise work a little differently now. If you notice problems or your recently entered report has disappeared, then contact me.
    [Monster] (Tue Jul 20 21:38) Belannaer: Frost beast blizzard now hits the cave also.
    [General] (Sun Jul 25 14:39) Belannaer: Killing an another player no longer gives nether effects to the killer.

    [General] (Wed Aug 4 20:42) Belannaer: Player killing nethers are back. If you kill a party member you will not get nether effects. Effective after reboot/relog.
    [Monk secondary] (Mon Aug 9 20:19) Belannaer: Monk secondary now gives +20% concentrated defence and defensive battle strategy.
    [Water Priest secondary] (Mon Aug 9 21:07) Belannaer: Water priest secondary now gives some of the generic skills as +X% to your previous skill maxes.
    [Air Priest secondary] (Mon Aug 9 21:22) Belannaer: Air priest secondary now gives +60% concentrated casting.
    [Monk] (Thu Aug 12 21:59) Belannaer: Monks now gain rune load every time they use a momentum in a party with 2+ present members. Effective after reboot.

    [Monster] (Thu Sep 16 10:18) Tumi: Repost to here too: Bishop Yellhayari unkillable for now.
    [Air Priest] (Mon Sep 20 21:06) Belannaer: Life boost now can be cast on multiple targets at the same time using AND in the target.
    [Combat/General] (Mon Sep 20 21:25) Belannaer: You can now cast spells that require somatic component outside of combat even if you wield something. Effective after reboot.
    [Fire Priest] (Mon Sep 27 16:49) Belannaer: Vessel of sacred flame now requires 40% of lance of the goddess skill for the throwing returning feature to work.

    [Mage] (Sun Oct 3 18:40) Belannaer: Spell damage from items and other effects is now about 2.5 times more effective on mage spells than it was. Fully effective after reboot.
    [Mage] (Mon Oct 11 12:39) Belannaer: Mages no longer get elemental blast momentums. They might return after some retuning and hammering. Effective after relog or reboot.
    [Sorcerer] (Mon Oct 11 13:59) Zaltaiz: a bloke came to me at a bar and said: "Psst! Did you hear that Sorcerers of Aegic got a great big boost to their critical and mastery effects! Also for some spells! Hooray, especially for seize and unleash!", and fell over, dead drunk.
    [Sorcerer/Earth Priest] (Mon Oct 11 13:59) Zaltaiz: not to mention that phantasmal shroud is now replenishable and should work, or on the other hand, might not work at all, in that case, balls to that!
    [General] (Mon Oct 11 14:27) Belannaer: Sp cost masteries now reduce sp cost of the spell to 0 instead of reducing it some when they happen. They will now always reduce some from every spell casted as well. Sp cost of spell that are casted on prestigious monsters are halved.
    [Coven] (Mon Oct 11 14:30) Zaltaiz: curious covenites spell 'deathwatch' can now be cast from backrow using a target, it is more costly to do that than from frontrow, though (of which is even cheaper now)
    [Items] (Mon Oct 11 14:49) Zaltaiz: certain wave-inspired great axe has now new improved wield requirements, rather than human race, it allows all followers of water element to wield it
    [Items] (Mon Oct 11 15:36) Zaltaiz: certain sliverish pointy thing got uptune, affecting future versions and special effects in all versions
    [Fisher/General] (Tue Oct 12 12:28) Belannaer: There are now 29 new fish species swimming in the waters to be caught.
    [Psionicist] (Tue Oct 12 13:02) Belannaer: Added new mastery for infecti called "Brainstorm" that functions same way as all other sp cost reducing masteries in other guilds but it affects both sp and psp costs of spells.
    [Coven] (Tue Oct 12 13:07) Zaltaiz: Empire strikes back! Added new mastery "arc annihilation" for covenites, which causes very, very rare, but very powerful critical spell casts, also lowers sp costs.
    [Coven] (Tue Oct 12 13:21) Zaltaiz: Made some changes to coven spell damage, skills now matter more, as does enhance criticals when critical hits are considered, maximum damage potential is now higher and stronges race bonuses are now even stronger.
    [Scion] (Tue Oct 12 13:27) Belannaer: Epidemic invoke should now work, requires relog.
    [Psionicist/Monster] (Wed Oct 13 11:01) Belannaer: Prestigious undeads are now probeable.
    [Sorcerer] (Wed Oct 13 14:17) Zaltaiz: fixed a bug in torment spells that caused them to sometimes drop wrong types, affected burn's torment, tainted's torment, and souls sacrifice
    [Coven] (Wed Oct 13 15:21) Zaltaiz: note: arc annihilation raises only for mainguild covens
    [Fisher/General skills] (Thu Oct 14 12:34) Belannaer: Craft lures should now supports new fishes.
    [Psionicist/Fire Priest/General] (Sat Oct 16 13:30) Belannaer: Mental confidence now works on fire priests and does not lower skills if they are already over the cap. Psychic venom now has more ticks, does more damage and is affected by spell damage, Enforce entwined minds has been changed to hit all opponents instead of probed targets and got some bug fixing also. General psionic resistance will be at same level as all other resistances after reboot.
    [Sorcerer] (Sun Oct 17 15:08) Zaltaiz: Sorc flowerpower works a bit differently now, in essence: flower, no, power, yes. Fully functions after boot.
    [Coven] (Sun Oct 17 23:14) Zaltaiz: venom ward now does noticeably less damage as a single target spell
    [Coven] (Sun Oct 17 23:19) Zaltaiz: and takes longer time to cast
    [Psionicist] (Wed Oct 20 11:20) Belannaer: Infecti now have mastery titles, psychic venom can crit and thought lash has ending message.
    [Monk] (Wed Oct 20 12:19) Belannaer: Monks may now train swerving motion from warrior monks subguild. Requires reinc. Ask me for free reinc.
    [Monk/Shapeshifter] (Wed Oct 20 12:31) Belannaer: Swerving motion has been changed to work as an unarmed parry for Gaesati shapeshifters and Monks in addition to its previous effect (increased chance to dodge).
    [Combat/Weapons] (Wed Oct 20 13:05) Belannaer: Further changes to parrying: Combat now takes shields first and adds parry chance from them. If you have more than 2 shields only the 2 first are added. If you have 2+ shields wielded your weapon parry is ignored. After that it takes the weapons. It also adds bonus only from up to 2 weapons minus the amount of shields you are wielding. If you are wielding more than 2 of any combination of shields and weapons sword and board does not work. In short possible combinations are 2 shields, 1 shield + 1 weapon or 2 weapons and rest is ignored for parrying purposes.
    [Monk] (Wed Oct 20 13:29) Belannaer: Acupuncture is again usable on other players but with lessened effect.
    [Shadowdancer] (Wed Oct 20 13:39) Belannaer: Tuned shadowdancer defensive sub back to the level where it was before conversion.
    [Shapeshifter] (Wed Oct 20 15:27) Belannaer: Increased max percentage of enhance criticals and find weakness in shifters.
    [Air Priest/Scion] (Wed Oct 20 17:21) Belannaer: Added mastery titles to air priests and fixed scion titles.
    [Shapeshifter/Monk/Combat] (Thu Oct 21 11:26) Belannaer: As an experimental tune shifters and monks can now melee from second row in a party with 6 or more members.
    [Shapeshifter] (Thu Oct 21 11:53) Belannaer: Pack tactics no longer require you to be leader or vice leader to be usable. Changed fur gnarl to make wounds instead of trying to disarm opponents.
    [Combat/General] (Thu Oct 21 23:36) Belannaer: It is now possible to set a party member as a flanking attacker (flanker) in a party. This member (with suitable guild/skills/etc.) may attack from second row of the party if the party is large enough and fighting a prestigious monster.
    [Shapeshifter] (Fri Oct 22 15:42) Belannaer: You can now choose damage type for spectral claws.
    [Combat] (Fri Oct 22 16:11) Belannaer: Flankers may now use combat maneuvers from second row.
    [Coven secondary] (Sat Oct 23 19:44) Belannaer: Coven secondary guild item now ignores wearing limitations in monks and shifters. Effective after relog.
    [Monk] (Sun Oct 24 16:44) Belannaer: Motion of combat doesn't drain glow from the gem anymore when used on prestigious monsters.
    [Monk] (Sun Oct 24 17:05) Belannaer: Hand of gods now targets lowest resistances from the 5 types it can make against prestigious monsters instead of going with element phases.
    [General/Combat/Sorcerer/Psionicist] (Sun Oct 24 22:38) Belannaer: Changed how resistance penalties work. Instead of altering monster's real resistances they apply direct penalty to that resistance in damage code. Because of this change if you look at the monsters resistances you do not see any difference in them anymore. Affects sorcerers and infecti spells at the moment but others will change also.
    [Shadowdancer] (Sun Oct 24 23:03) Belannaer: Shadowdancers can now use flanker spot.
    [General] (Mon Oct 25 01:51) Belannaer: Your true size is now always used to determine your hp max. If some effect alters your size it won't affect your hp max anymore.
    [General skills] (Thu Oct 28 12:06) Belannaer: Training craft lure shouldn't bug in fishing guild anymore.
    [Psionicist] (Thu Oct 28 18:38) Belannaer: High enough force of will mastery will now prevent fumbles from happening with psionic disciplines.
    [Weapons] (Fri Oct 29 11:21) Belannaer: Increased damage of bearded axes, maces, ball'n'chain and morningstars. Effectice after reboot.

    [General] (Wed Nov 3 20:01) Belannaer: Educe doesn't have level requirements anymore.
    [Fisher/General/Items] (Wed Nov 3 20:22) Belannaer: Fishes now have a small chance of having a fishing skill shard inside them.
    [Fisher/General/Items] (Wed Nov 3 20:25) Belannaer: and they maybe caught only with lures.
    [General/Wilder] (Thu Nov 4 13:34) Belannaer: Masteries command now defaults to your main guild when used without any argument. Changed wilder mastery command to wilder_masteries so it doesn't conflict with the new command.
    [General] (Thu Nov 4 13:51) Belannaer: Added new option to masteries command called "general". It will list masteries that are not tied to any one guild. Also fishing masteries!
    [Shapeshifter/Fire Priest] (Thu Nov 4 14:54) Belannaer: Added new mastery to shifters and fire priests now get special spell impulse instead of normal spell impulses.
    [Sorcerer] (Thu Nov 4 15:16) Belannaer: Sorcerers now also have a special spell impulse instead of normal ones. Requires quit&re-enter.
    [Templar] (Fri Nov 5 16:04) Belannaer: Templar masteries should now work with masteries command.
    [Weapons] (Fri Nov 5 22:55) Belannaer: Uptuned damage of pernats, dabuses and warhammers. Effective after reboot.
    [Monster/Items] (Fri Nov 5 23:49) Belannaer: Uptuned frost beast and added new items and uptuned some of the old items.
    [Items] (Sun Nov 7 07:07) Zaltaiz: changed some inherited aspects of a certain blue-glow axe, it could be considered as a slight uptune perhaps
    [Coven] (Sun Nov 7 07:16) Zaltaiz: made some balance changes to coven spells: thornblast now takes slightly longer time to cast, illusory doom uses less sp but more psp, also its peak damage is slightly lower than before, silent scream is a lot faster than it was and necrotic is much, much more juicy
    [General/Combat] (Sun Nov 7 12:20) Belannaer: Damage type special of lightning should work again properly.
    [Mage] (Tue Nov 9 13:38) Belannaer: Mages with high consider skill can now glimpse at the resistances of the monster when considering it. High skill reduces some randomness of it when considering strong monsters.
    [General skills] (Tue Nov 9 13:48) Belannaer: Consider learnable max is now 100%.
    [Templar] (Tue Nov 9 22:16) Belannaer: Globe of vengeance now changes the target of a spell back to its caster instead of you taking the spell in the face and then doing the same effect on the caster. It should now also work on offensive spells that do not do damage. I also reduced the chance a bit and the chance is also lower when its casted on someone else than yourself.
    [General] (Thu Nov 11 10:03) Ginjeet: You can now "youreit" distant players.
    [Earth Priest] (Thu Nov 11 12:07) Belannaer: Minions are require ~25% less exp to level.
    [Items] (Fri Nov 12 16:25) Zaltaiz: Some balance changes to existing equipment: "citadel bp" got lowered quality and armour and new set of stats, while "reflective bp" got a lot more juice, consider it a swap more or less. Affects all versions of the first and future versions of the second, works fully after reboot.
    [Items] (Sat Nov 13 13:36) Belannaer: Head and torso slot items can now be imbued with resistance stats if they do not have one yet. Effective after reboot. Old shards might have some problems with this so if they do let me know. Also I tinkered a bit with shards in general so if something seems odd let me also know.
    [Items] (Wed Nov 17 16:14) Belannaer: Forgot to mention when I changed resistance shards that the resistance in torso and head slots may also be upgraded (and downgraded) with same type.
    [Mage] (Thu Nov 18 16:13) Belannaer: Ameliorative enchantment mastery now raises for mages. At the moment it can double the amount of mirrors you conjure, it makes your elementalist's armor some times absorb all incoming damage and whenever you use a spell impulse you also do an instant elemental blast (the one that was removed).
    [Monster/Items] (Thu Nov 18 18:35) Belannaer: Monsters may now drop at a very low chance a totally new type of shard.
    [Mage] (Fri Nov 19 18:39) Belannaer: Dorwyan dagger now gets +intelligence based on the spell percentage, +spell damage per percentage of strongest type spell in each damage type and +thaumaturgy based on ameliorative enchantment mastery.
    [Weapons] (Fri Nov 19 23:00) Belannaer: Doubled damage of staves. Effective after reboot.
    [General] (Sat Nov 20 14:10) Belannaer: Added 'effects party'.
    [General] (Sun Nov 21 00:06) Belannaer: Spell damage bonuses are now visible in score -e.
    [General] (Sun Nov 21 13:20) Belannaer: Wear should now always use player's true size to determine if you can wear something.
    [Mage] (Sun Nov 21 13:39) Belannaer: Mirror image can be now casted while in combat if you have high enough ameliorative enchantment mastery.
    [General] (Sun Nov 21 20:05) Belannaer: Celerity, prowess, thaumaturgy, defiance and alacrity are now shown in score -e.
    [General] (Sun Nov 21 22:47) Belannaer: Removed beneficial/harmful effects from score -e.
    [Mage] (Mon Nov 22 12:50) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (Uptune to Mages) []
    [General] (Mon Nov 22 13:56) Belannaer: Score -e messages for spell damages should scale a bit better now.
    [Items] (Mon Nov 22 15:21) Belannaer: X focusing and Mastery of X skill shards should turn into new skill shards after relog/boot/etc.
    [General/Combat] (Mon Nov 29 17:49) Belannaer: Area spells will not create spell impulses anymore after boot.
    [Items/Combat] (Mon Nov 29 19:44) Belannaer: Disabled eq damage until a better system is implemented.
    [Items] (Mon Nov 29 19:47) Belannaer: Damaged equipment should return to max quality after boot.
    [Items/General] (Mon Nov 29 20:12) Belannaer: Changed look messages for eq damage (effective after boot).
    [Items/General] (Tue Nov 30 14:21) Belannaer: All equipment have now a new value to determine their condition. It is shown in the look message of items after quality (10 adjectives). New eq damage, once it is introduced, will lower this value. After getting more damaged than just having few slight marks and dents on it the equipment's prot/damage will start to drop until they become nearly useless. A new open subguild will be introduced that are able to mend damaged equipment and there will also be a more expensive way to fix them by having npc to do it.
    [Items/Combat/General] (Tue Nov 30 16:57) Belannaer: New eq damage code is now in game although it doesn't actually damage your equipment yet. You might get some messages related to it but they are there just for testing purposes.
    [Water Priest] (Tue Nov 30 21:27) Belannaer: Thaumaturgy now affects channeling (spellbinding).

    [Fire Priest] (Mon Dec 6 01:00) Belannaer: Juxtaposed barrage now raises also when throwing from front row but the effect only works from backrow.
    [Wilder] (Sat Dec 11 01:20) Belannaer: Shrines outside kingdom borders are now unbreakable. Shrines that are inside kingdom borders work like they used to and can be broken. Some shrines are at the moment unbreakable but will get fixed in boot.
    [Items] (Sat Dec 11 16:38) Belannaer: Ashul breastplate now doesn't lose glow anymore.
    [Items] (Sat Dec 11 16:47) Belannaer: Cinctures also won't lose glow now and fixed ancient chains of magic to not lose also.
    [General] (Thu Dec 16 02:07) Belannaer: Added "score explore".
    [Items/Monster] (Thu Dec 30 00:10) Zaltaiz: upgraded vorkul shield's special by a great deal (even existing ones), upgraded vorkul apron a lot (new ones), upgraded vorkul himself somewhat
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 23:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


    [Other] (Sun Mar 7 16:37) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (Lost property office) []
    [Guild] (Wed Mar 17 11:07) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (New guild: Priest of Fire) []
    [Command] (Mon May 10 22:28) Misrobo: Added the "again" command.
    [Command] (Mon May 10 22:36) Misrobo: ... and evoke
    [Guild] (Mon Aug 9 20:42) Belannaer: Fire priest secondary is now open and located in Mahrack.
    [Other] (Mon Oct 11 13:54) Belannaer: New gameinfo about the spell momentums. They will start working after reboot. (Spell momentums) []
    [Monster] (Mon Oct 11 21:39) Zaltaiz: There is now a new inhabitant that wandered in the coven guild room, it might stay there or move to an another area if I find a better candidate. But for a while at least you can test your strength against it there. Be warned, it might be a bit... different than what you've used to and might still be undergo some changes.
    [Other] (Wed Oct 20 18:05) Belannaer: Added new feature. (finger toxir)
    [Guild] (Tue Oct 26 21:31) Belannaer: New gameinfo. (New secondary guild: Duelists []
    [Command] (Wed Nov 3 23:24) Belannaer: Added masteries command.
    [Other] (Sat Nov 6 01:04) Belannaer: Made fishers channel.
    [Command] (Wed Nov 10 20:19) Belannaer: Added new command "effects". This command lists you beneficial and harmful effects on a monster or player. When used without target it lists effects on you. It is very likely missing many effects so let me know if something doesn't show up properly, although not all effects are going to be visible.
    [Other] (Tue Nov 30 15:07) Belannaer: Added a new pdf blessing called 'Unyielding armaments' that reduces the chance of getting your equipment damaged. Effective after reboot although it doesn't do anything until new eq damage is introduced.

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    [Performance] (Sat Jan 2 19:09) New year, new hard drive []
    [Other] (Tue Jan 5 13:08) Belannaer: Login monitoring should be now less pain in the ass than it used to be.
    [Other] (Thu Jan 7 18:53) Information about Annual General Meeting of Jää ry []
    [Other] (Sat Feb 20 16:46) Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Jää ry []
    [Other] (Sun Feb 21 13:10) Belannaer: Two testers for fire priests needed, one for melee, one for throwers. Loads of exp, suitable gear, activity, patience and brains required. Apply with mudmail.
    [Other] (Tue Mar 16 16:41) Belannaer: Looking for couple of low level players to test fire priests. Apply with mudmail.
    [Coding] (Wed Mar 17 09:07) Icesus area contest 2010 []
    [Performance/Other] (Thu Mar 18 09:44) Belannaer: Icesus CRASHED on: Thu Mar 18 01:42:18 2010. If you have some items etc. missing contact Fimvar. If you are missing mount/booth/shrine/hut/whatever let me know.
    [Other] (Fri Mar 19 17:59) Game locked []
    [Performance] (Sat Mar 20 06:50) Game restored from yesterday 19.3.2010 10:58 reboot []
    [Other] (Sat Mar 20 11:06) Belannaer: Daily reboot is now at 06.00 EET.
    [Performance/Other] (Tue Apr 20 10:46) Belannaer: Reboot (crash or whatever) of the machine in the morning caused outworld data to be not restored properly in boot and needs to be restored which will hopefully happen later today (evening or so probably).
    [Other] (Tue Apr 20 12:27) Belannaer: Ginjeet restored outworld data. Some of the stuff that is missing (like exits) should pop back when the rooms reset. I'll fix booths and stuff later today.
    [Performance/Other] (Wed Jun 2 08:45) Belannaer: Server crashed/rebooted for currently unknown reason at some point during the night. Restoring the usual stuff later today/tomorrow.
    [Player] (Sat Jun 5 00:31) Moraq: Banned Xylon for a couple of days due to his chromosome defiency (resulting in illegal playerkilling).
    [Player] (Thu Jun 24 09:21) Belannaer: Gave Cinn a week of time to learn some manners.
    [Player] (Mon Jul 5 14:38) Belannaer: Gave Cinn some vacation for stealing other player's stuff.
    [Coding] (Fri Jul 23 23:25) Belannaer: End date of area contest has been moved to 30.9.
    [Player] (Wed Aug 4 00:08) Zaltaiz: psy and cinn gained a weeks break for pkilling
    [Player] (Wed Aug 4 00:08) Zaltaiz: make that 30 days for cinn
    [Player] (Wed Aug 4 00:22) Zaltaiz: Cinn and all his lovely secondaries have been sitebanned for aeons to come, and will be released when hell finally reaches sub-zero. Re-evaluation might take place sometime, definetely maybe.
    [Other] (Sat Sep 11 10:39) Ginjeet: The world map at was updated. We hope you like it!
    [Player] (Sat Oct 30 23:13) Belannaer: Gave Gumbei some vacation time.
    [Player] (Sat Nov 20 23:56) Belannaer: Gave Xerces some free time to learn some patience and manners.
    [Other] (Sun Nov 21 12:40) Belannaer: I need few players to test the new mages, apply with mudmail.
    [Event] (Wed Dec 1 00:57) Belannaer: Going to decide marathon times tomorrow so if you still want to vote do so now
    [Event] (Wed Dec 1 17:43) Belannaer: Posted event times to gameinfo. (Christmas events) []
    [Other] (Fri Dec 10 15:48) Belannaer: Joulu pugi is now at the Central Park of Vaerlon. It has found a security hole in the code that allows it to give a free reincarnation to each player until wizards find out about it.
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