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Ascension is now in game and players will be able to ascend by using the ascension command through "ascension ascend". Requirements and some more detailed information about the ascension:

General information

Ascension will reset experience but not masteries, items, prestige, etc. and there will not be any new races for ascended players. Ascended characters will start with 4000 safe experience and 1000 experience in each stat experience. When player ascends he will gain an additional ascension point for every explored room over the requirement limit. After ascension whenever the player discovers a new explore room he will gain an ascension point.

Minor features:

* Ascended characters on top of who in level order.
* Ascension information in finger and look informations.
* "Ascendant" permanent pre-title.
* Ascension plaques
o Total exp pre-ascension
o Ascension points acquired post-ascension.

Ascension points

Ascension points are points that can be used to buy different things such as abilities for the ascended character. Ascension will turn player's existing experience into ascension points, the more exp you have the more points the player will receive. 1 million experience gives 1 ascension point.

Once the player buys something the ascension points are used permanently and cannot be used again. Ascended players may gain new ascension points after ascension by buying them with free exp.

Generic ascended abilities

Abilities will have multiple levels.

Ability examples:

* Relic hunter - Increases chance of finding relics of the old.
* Outrider - Toggleable ability that greatly increases the chance of encountering a monster in outworld.
* Shard-o-mania - Increases chance of finding shards. Has chance of getting double shard.
* Favoured by gods - Additional divine favors from sacrifice.
* Cut-me-own-throat - Discount at shops and higher selling values for items.
* Champion of the people - Greatly increases reputation gain.
* How the mighty are fallen - Increases damage done to prestigious monsters. Gives defiance.
* Shard artificer - Gives a chance when sharding an equipment to get +1 stat to the shard's effect. Effect caps at marvelous effect.


Heritages are kind of modifiable sub-races. Somewhere down in character's family tree there is some odd being who is not of same race as the character's race. They will work somewhat like how hive guild works now but is more modifiable and permanent. Player must choose his heritage during reincarnation and it will last for that reinc. He can buy abilities at any point for any heritage and they must be activated. Once activated they will be on until player reincarnates and when a player reincarnates his heritage and all the abilities are disabled. You can also buy multiple heritages but only use one during a reinc.

In addition to tiered abilities there can be non-tiered abilities for some of the heritages.

Buying a heritage costs 250 ascension points and maxing all abilities in one tree costs around 2000 ascension points.

Different heritages:
* Celestial
* Fiendish
* Chaotic
* Fay
* Feral
* Pureblood

Divine offering

Divine offering is a special type of sacrifice only available for ascended players. Ascended player may sacrifice powerful equipments to gain divine offering points to up to five. Every powerful equipment suitable for this sacrifice will also have a special type. These points maybe used to boost any of the ascended abilities of corresponding type. Player must first level up the ability to its maximum level and after that he maybe add a divine offering on it that gives it extra levels over the maximum level.

In addition to having a special type some very powerful equipment will also have some special features that are added to the ascended player when he uses the divine offering point. These features range from direct bonuses on different things to usable additional abilities. Divine offerings are permanent choices and can only be removed by using ascension points that will be lost with the divine offering in the process.

Relics of the Old

Relics of the Old are lost and powerful artifacts that have been scattered around the valley in times of the legends, long, long ago. Such powerful items emit an aura that those that possess similar powers can taste and therefore most of those items have been dug up by monsters and individuals that possess great strenght.

Relics of the Old contain new tier of equipment, both item sets and individual items. These can be acquired from any of the prestigious monsters, strong enough to cause "a critical drop". Any party that makes the kill has a possibility to find any of the items, but those that have ascended have greatly increased chance to find them.

Only ascended players can use these items and they may have heritage requirements. Individual items are more difficult to find than set items and always have heritage restrictions. Set items have bonuses that increase for every item worn or wielded from that set. Individual items may gain extra feats from any completed set of that heritage.


Minimum experience required: 1,500,000,000
Minimum amount of prestige kills required: 55.
Minimum amount of exploration required: 85% of rooms (currently 190).
To ascend you must buy an item that will cost 50,000,000 silver.
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