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New 'Mythbusting Icesus' was started on forums (http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?p=9915) where you can ask questions about myths and rumours of Icesus and about things and how they work. I will try to explain if they are true or not and how they exactly work so you don't need to wonder anymore.

* Cult of the devourer. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1785
* Little people's league. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1796
* Civilized city dwellers. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1800
* Slumdogs of Czardom. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1802
* 'Stat' guilds. These 6 guilds have 5 levels and do nothing else except give certain stat, 2 per level. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1799

* Added Gaesati instincts. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1801
* Added charms. See: http://www.icesus.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=1803
* Created 'wiki' channel for discussion about it and its contents.
* Added a new item that drops randomly like shards. It is called 'boon of the ancestors'. Using this item gives you 1 more point to be used in your racial guild for your current reinc. You can stack racial guild boons to up to +4 points.
* Added a special type of boon that can reset your current racial abilities and points. If you have extra points through boons it will save those.
* Added a new shard type. It works like void shard but targets specific stats in the item and leaves the rest.
* Most prestigious monster in game now have a chance to drop a special loot box with some goodies inside of it. Stronger and rarely killed monsters have higher chance to drop one.
* Defiance now works. It reduces a percentage of all damage done to you by prestigious monsters.
* Added experimental tune where daggers and knives have 50% chance for an extra attack for each normal melee attack you do.
* Added weekly karma discount that randomly rolls one of the abilities and lowers its cost by 25% for that week.
* Added archery momentums. They can happen any time after you start aiming the mob and before the shot finishes. There is 3 different momentums that each give a different bonus effect to your shot. Also added couple new damage messages.
* Situation awareness now affects archery momentums and you can now learn it by shooting also.
* Added throwing momentums. Mastery of throwing now reduces amount of misses. Throwing now raises situation awareness and the momentum chance is affected by it.
* Added help racial guilds.

* Shards now use new scale. From +1 to +5 they are tiny/small/large/huge/massive. This only applies to new shards. Old shards are still using the old scale: inferior/minor/considerable/exceptional/marvelous. New adjectives are now listed in 'help shards'.
* Tell last now shows last 50 tells intead of 20.
* Base skills for prestigious monsters are now higher.
* 'Identify item' skill can now be used identify guild items.
* Identify now includes numeric values of magical stats in your item.
* You can now see numeric values of new stats in score -e.
* Numeric value of spell's cast time is now shown in spell helps.
* Score now shows your size in centimeters.
* Antaeuns can now join monks.
* Antauen's wisdom is now better.
* Eq monsters are now immune to negative combat effects that come from being on low health.
* Chance for infusions to happen is now higher for ranged weapons.
* Throw blades skill now actually affects something.
* Gems, shards, maps and boons all now have 'treasure' id so you can just 'get all treasure'.
* Thrower guild now has no level requirements.
* Animated armours in Tavern of Winter are now prestigious.
* Increased refer time from 2 days to a week.
* Who guild now works with racial guilds.
* Leatherworking and dragonscale crafting are now considerably faster to use.
* You can now use 'fish top fishers' and 'fish [fish name]' to see the lists without going to Astug.
* Fishing can now give treasure maps.
* Score -e now shows natural armor a bit more reliably than it used to.
* Added more adjectives to natural armor scale. New scale is 'no, insignificant, minimal, poor, minor, basic, mediocre, average, moderate, adequate, considerable, good, high, exceptional, great, supeb, outstanding, excellent, awesome, marvelous, superior and unsurpassed'.
* Removed chariots. Odd races can now ride any mounts that have race tolerance feat.
* Removed guild specific news commands from various guilds.

* Everything that gives karma should now give you a message.
* Karma exp now increases your exp rate instead of giving certain amount of exp. Increased its cost also.
* Fish release <fish> now gives karma.
* Karma mastery now works for templars too.
* Break curse now gives karma.
* Uptuned karma gain for first aid/chirurgy/cauterize wound.
* Added 'karma boon <target>' which rerolls the race from your boon.
* When you gain positive reputation you now have a chance of gaining some karma. Chance of gaining karma is
based on the amount of positive reputation gained.
* Chirurgy and first aid now actually give the karma to the one doing the helping and not the target.

Air priests:
* Downtuned shelter.

* Changed how auto Death or glory works. In addition to it turning on automatically when you go below 50% it now automatically turns off and puts your previous tactic on when you go above 50% hp.
* Death or glory is now more effective with low masteries and pain tolerance skill. Mastery for it is also a bit easier to raise.
* Reduced ep cost of Call to glory and Overwhelm army orders.

* Changelings are now joinable by Hive and Cult of the devourer members but they cannot use natural armor or size changing forms if they already have racial abilities affecting those.

Earth priests:
* Herald of death now uses its special ability more often.
* Spell momentums from herald of death now don't use sp.
* Conjure undead now can be used to banish your current minion. Experience and type of the minion will bestored and next time you summon an undead of same type most of the saved experience will be applied to the new minion. Does not reset during daily reboots.
* Power of earth should be less random now.

Fire priests:
* Secondary effect from incendiary stigmata should now work properly. Mastery effect from Triumph over magic now makes all spells casted by the affected mob auto-fail.
* Fire priests can now train light and medium armours skills higher.
* Added light fire spell to priests of fire.
* Juxtaposed barrage mastery now raises considerably slower when throwing from front row or starting combat for non-fire priests. Throwing from back row now raises it somewhat faster.

* Sheltering growl roar is now available
* Removed unused 'cry of bloodlust' from the roar list.
* Weapon maintenance now helps shifters too.
* Fixed a bug in gaesati spells that made them last shorter time than what they were meant to.

* New mutation called 'corrosive virulence' that changes some of your attacks (like claw/ridges) with poison damage into acid damage. Costs 1 point to take.
* Reduced cost of several Hive mutations to be more in line with the Devourers and to allow more options to choose from. Also reseted everyone's mutations so you can re-take them.

* Celerity momentum now raises Mind over matter mastery.

* Mage guild item now has a bit more stats for non-leaders. Quit & re-enter to update.

* Monks can now use bows as staves in combat.
* Added new mastery for monks to support their new bow abilities. It some times allows you to instantly finish your shot when you start combat with a bow.

Racial guilds:
* Racial ability info now shows if the ability prevents using some changeling abilities.
* Added 'pack rat' ability to Little people's league.
* Pack rat is now static +20kg/+20l to your carrying capacity.
* Fixed a bug in devourers natural ac that caused you to lose some ac if you didn't have armour of lard.
* Undergrowth knights can now use rifts. Effective after reboot.

* Scions can now train medium armours higher.
* Scion soul 'asphyxiation' now gives bonus asphyxiation infusion instead of changing some of your weapon's damage to asphyxiation. It also now works for both branches and doesn't require instrument of oblivion.
* Scions with high enough mastery can now use blood infusion and blood empowerement invokes. Epidemic invoke now uses blood instead of sp.
* High 'Death walks among us' mastery now allows your haunter of the dark to randomly shoot ghostflame (scales from player's skills/stats) in addition to its normal effect.
* Ilyektuev can now study a new spell that causes area damage based on the total amount of your souls. If you have souls that correspond with your target's race the spell is extra effective. It also soul rends everything it hits.
* New races that can join Swaizzone: elf, human, dark elf, orc, chitine, derro, dwarf, halfling, shadowperson
* New races that can join Ilyektuev: elf, human, dark elf, derro, orc, shadowperson, chitine, dwarf, gnome,
halfling, leprechaun, reed, saerka, troll, brownie
* Ilyektuev can now train swerving motion.
* Scions can now use blood sacrifice invoke to remotely donate blood to the blood shrine.

* Shadowdancers now teach some basic throwing skills.
* Shadowdancers can now join Unification of Dhubr.
* Combat backstab is now a bit slower and has longer cooldown.
* Increasing constitution no longer reduces backstab damage.

* Upgraded effect of sorcerer 'word of command', you should now actually get the higher tier crits and effects, also upgraded rate of increase very slightly and it now works with spell damage the way it was supposed to.
* Sorcerer masteries should now properly save and not rollback some at boots.

Teaching of elements:
* Changed how air version of gift of elements works: when you heal someone who has the gift with a mend spell you will also heal everyone in the party. Effect is based on caster's gift of elements spell % and how much the mend spell healed the original target.
* Teaching of elements is now 2 levels instead of 5.

* Removed reputation requirement from templar sub 'Knightly Order of Templars'.
* Instrument of the gods now works like fire priest throwing so that instead of returning after throw it now doesn't leave your hand at all.
* Shield of faith now provides determination for templars.
* Added 80% of determination to Knightly Order of Templars.

Water priests:
* Arcane flux now works with infusions. Every time it ticks it has a chance to make infusion attack.
* Special death effect from Sanguinary dogmata no longer reduces your blood amount.
* Increased defensive skill maxes in water priests.
* Unseen manacles now has a chance to block monsters from hitting instead of lowering their hit chance.
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