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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 14:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Suggesting a new addition to 'who' command.

who parties

Would check the online players who are in parties of 2 or more, organize the results under the party names and display them as a list:


who parties
Found 2 parties:
***(6) Nobsquad
+<16> Raj Al-Tutt, skeleton bard <Nobsquad> (2,2)
+{25} Boz, kobold chaos warlord <Nobsquad> (1,2)
+[22] Ripper, lizardman summoner <Nobsquad> (1,1)
+<8> Harhash, gnoll ranger <Nobsquad> (1,3)
+<11> Arkhippos, minotaur illusionist <Nobsquad> (2,3)
+(15) Conrad Jr, ghoul rogue <Nobsquad> (2,1)

***(4) .
+{100} Roowy Maycell, dark elf dhamphir <.> (1,1)
+[100] Watu Pussy, b'rogh grand weaponmaster <.> (1,2)
+<100> Vanne Sahá, reed Savior of Nymphs <.> (1,3)
+<100> Hyoma ConÉ™, leprechaun follower of mercy <.> (2,2)


***(X) YYYYYYYYY => *** is just a graphical means of stating that the party entry starts here, X is number of members and YYYYY party name

initial + is the graphic element that ties the members in a table-like manner under the party they are all members of. Could be something else, like
***(2) test
|--{1} Solartest, human newborn <test> (1,1)
\--<1> Solartestest, human newborn <test> (1,2)

<NNN> is level of the member
{NNN} level and leader of the party
(NNN) level and flanker of the party
[NNN] level and vice-leader of the party

(n,n) is party position of the member

Member format is partyrole(level), playershortdesc (pretitle, firstname, surname, prerace title, race, afterracetitles, <partyname>) party position

So, basically a detailed 'pwho all' command.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 14:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yeah, this would be a lot more useful than then current who partying command.

Great idea
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