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Merchants have grown agitated over the increased number of raids on the caravan routes between Atherton and Vekkak. At first, they spent extra money on protection in the form of additional caravan guards and mercenaries, but even these more heavily protected caravans never arrived to their destination: Vekkak.

Chati, the Grand Inquisitor of the Priesthood of Fire received a vision in fire from Zrammas, but the specifics of the vision have not been shared to general public. On the other hand, messengers were sent to the four corners of the valley and notices were placed on bulletin boards across inns both large and small that bore the inimitable wax seals of the Order of the Burning Lance imploring true heroes and experienced adventurers to attend an urgent summons in the grand cathedral of Fire in Atherton. Heroes from far and wide held a meeting and organized a specialized taskforce which was to depart at first light to Vekkak.

This was one season ago. The caravans still fail to arrive in Vekkak despite bolstered escorts, and caravan leaders are now refusing to attempt the journey no matter how much they are paid. One Quoth: "For 'tis a fool's errand. Why should we freeze our butts off in the northwest when there are better profits to be made, and more classier establishments that offer beds, fine food, fine wine and fine companionship in the more civilized areas? Nay, I shall rather enjoy a long life in the warmth, than a short one in the cold."

Yet as it stands, while this problem remains a localized phenomenon major powers of the Valley remain hesitant to act, for the problem does not concern them. In fact, increased number of caravans from Atherton mean increased profits in trade, so it actually serves them all the more if the problem were to persist. Sir Pemriel of Vaerlon, normally eager to instruct virtuous templar knights to take up arms against evil and injustice all around the valley, has surprised everyone involved by staying utterly silent regarding the trouble brewing somewhere in the tundra, he has not offered advice, which is strange for an entity who has been granted deep insight by the Elements into the goings on around the valley.

Occasionally hunting parties from Vekkak have also been reported to vanish seemingly without a trace, causing great concern to their families and next of kin.

Fenrash remains hopeful that eventually champions of good outside of Atherton will take notice and investigate and possibly even resolve the situation. Because... what else could he hope for?

Heroes who missed the original summons are instructed to contact Grand Inquisitor Chati in Atherton to receive a briefing. No official announcements have been made as to how the heroes would be compensated for their efforts, but the original summons specifically asked for heroes - not mercenaries. Sounds like charity shall be its own reward, but ages old saying goes: Good things will come to those who perform good deeds.
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