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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 21:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

(April Fool's! Read more at:
It has sadly come to our attention that one of our Wizard has been involved in a major car crash, and wrecked his car.
Due to his wife being very salty about it, he was not allowed to use their holiday funds to get a new one. Hence we at
Icesus have come to rescue!

Unfortunately the bank account of Icesus doesn't hold that much of a cash, (Year 2015 Ferrari) so we needed to find out
new ways to increase it. After numerous of different options that we debated for a very long time, we ended up with this
kind of suggested model:

First of all, we are proud to present to you all....... We are going P2P (Pay-to-Play) and will have different kind of ways
to improve your gameplay. Naturally those who are members and have paid their membership fee, can continue to play
as normal and receive some Icemon! These Icemons you can use to buy all kinds of different kinds of boosts, or even if
you have lots of them, +3 all (stat, skill, spell, resist, etc. *ALL*) or 'karma' command alike features like experience boosts.
+50% experience rate for a mere 15 Icemons!

All this is hopefully very curiosity raising, and will be estimated to be fully launched first of May. More information will be
pouring as we get the final product done. (Like payment options etc)

+ Terces

Ps. The Wizard has been released from hospital and is in good recovery state.

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