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Edit: The bidding is over. Thanks everyone for the interest.

The economic downturn has hit a merchant in Vaerlon particularly hard. Unfortunately, the Bank of Vaerlon has been forced to foreclose on the merchant's apartment as a result.

One man's plight is another man's gain, as they say, and the merchant's financial troubles have freed this three room apartment in Vaerlon which the Bank now has decided to auction off.


It's been a while since I last made these. I hope to make more but we'll take it slow. The rules for the auction are the same as the last time:

* Bidder must not own an apartment in Vaerlon.
* Bidding in groups is allowed.
* Must be good for the amount bid. There will be no financing available.

This time around the bidding will be organized as follows:
* Send your bids via mudmail to Moraq. Include the name of anyone you might be bidding with in the body of the message.
* There's going to be at least a week of time to post your bids. If there are few bids or the price seems too low I might extend the bidding period.

PS: The apartment complex is located next to the wand store in Vaerlon and the Bank has kindly left the door open for the day so that potential buyers may go in and have a look around.
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