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As some of you must have seen on the news-channel
already, there's a mischievous treasure fairy that has been
going around visiting various eqmonsters of the game. After
such a visit, something relating to that eqmonster has
changed. Each case is unique, but there's some general
guidelines of what to expect.

Some (most?) equipment dropped by the eqmonster has
a chance of being an enhanced version
AKA 'mk2'-version. Mk2 versions have sometimes their
magical stats changed in addition to
having +1-5 heroism/spellcraft/ascendancy/dominion in

Furthermore, this chance is rolled separately for EACH
eligible eq dropped by the eqmonster in question.
Sometimes you have 0 mk2 items carried by the monster,
and sometimes you might just find all the eq carried by the
monster are of the mk2 variety.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Well, the treasure fairy also made it so that for each check
that passes ( = each mk2 eq carried by the eqmonster in
question), the eqmonster gets increased hpmax and

This is a placeholder tune. Eventually, hopefully, the
eqmonsters will get to have their own elite version available
for killing, and they will exclusively only drop mk2 versions
and the players will have some control over spawning the
elite version instead of the regular version.

But today is not that day.

So, if you're running a eqmonster who seems to be harder
to kill than usually - shape doesn't go down as quickly as
before, and the resistances seem to be higher, and the
monster is being healed by more than one type etc, that
might be an indication of the eqmonster in question having
good luck with random, and thus carrying more
mk2-versions of drops than usual.

For example, that green dragon that people got down to
94% hps yesterday before calling it quits had all of its
carried items spawn as mk2 versions of items, giving the
monster's resistances such a boost that only three damage
types (physical, poison, fire) were able to hurt it, with
physical being the best with 93% resistance.

So, if you wait for low resistances / easy version of the
eqmob to spawn, you might not get a single mk2 eq from it.

Are you a mouse or a hard bone?

Your call.

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